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6% fruit juice blend.Customer rating and reviews for Roses Passion Fruit Cordial (750ml)No Yet Reviewed.12345Be the first to rate this product and be in with a chance to win a ?5 shopping voucher! We have now put all the best before dates on display on the website if there is a date before 31st January 2015. Often companies like Bluebird and Smiths stamp their products with short dates for commercial reasons rather then any accurate reflection of actual food quality. For more information and any legalities clarification visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Note: We check our stock everyday, so if you see the best before date displayed then that is what you should receive.
Fans of soft drinks will be happy to know five delicious new flavours have been added to the Belvoir Fruit Farms luxurious cordial range. Using only natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives the new Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials include Belvoir English Apple Presse, Belvoir Gingerbeer, Belvoir Organic Lemon Cordial, Belvoir Lemonade and Belvoir Raspberry and Lemon Cordial.
Belvoir Fruit Farms will also be running a number of link-ups with this years major UK events, the London Olympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

This will be seen in advertisements and a link-up with celebrity chef Valentine Wander who will be creating a range of celebratory recipes that tie-in with Belvoir Fruit Farms cordials.

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