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Possibly a study for the mural at the United Fruit Company building in New Orleans, “SS Atenas” is expected to reach $75,000 at auction. The 30-by-24-inch oil is almost identical in composition to the 15-foot round canvas mural Woodward completed in 1921 for the ceiling of the entrance rotunda at the United Fruit Company building at 321 St.

The Woodward painting – probably a finished study for the iconic 1921 United Fruit Company mural – is from a private collector who acquired it from the family of a merchant marine and U.S. Woodward, accompanied by his wife Louise, is known to have traveled aboard the “Atenas” to Havana where he made oil studies to aid him in the creation of the United Fruit Company mural. The 1921 mural made quite an impact when it was completed for the million-dollar, 11-story United Fruit Company building. By 1920, the United Fruit Company had single-handedly replaced King Cotton with Top Banana and had amassed a fleet of ships, which were dubbed the “Great White Fleet” by Teddy Roosevelt because of their heat deflecting white paint. Neal Auction Company’s lot featuring the William Woodward painting is expected to fetch upwards of $75,000 when offered Nov.
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The soil here is rich in volcanic materials and when combined with mild winters, wet springs, and sunny summers, the fruit is beyond phenomenal.

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