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If you are sending your order as a GIFT use the Shipping Form Additional Informationtext box for your GIFT CARD MESSAGE and any other special instructions. In a separate extra large bowl, mix candied fruit and raisins with the remaining cup of flour until well coated. Filled with an insane amount of fruit and nuts–that sounds perfectly delicious to me!
My step-father randomly requested I make him a fruitcake this holiday season, and since I’ve never made one before, I had no idea where to start. You know I have never made fruit cake before and a few weeks ago I think I saw Alton Brown or someone on either Food Network or Cooking Channel talking about fruit cakes and it got me thinking of making one sometime.
Can’t wait to try this fruitcake – I love the picture with all those yummy fruit and nuts!! I make one very similar to this and everyone absolutely loves it, even if they don’t like regular fruitcakes. Aw I love that you and your mother get together to make fruit cake in honor of your father during the holidays. It’s important to do this step before you place the cookies on the cake stand, because if you try to frost them while they rest on top of layers of fruit it could slide and schmoosh and be generallyA wretched. Plus it is awesome having massive amounts of fruit around… I know exactly what to give the kids when they come looking for snacks! This was better for some of my more, um, picky children, who wanted to only have specific fruit. I have only ever used my Sugar Cookie recipe when make fruit pizza’s, and I cant help but think its the BEST tasting sugar cookie you will ever have.

I debated as toA whetherA or not the orange slices would be too acidic with the sweet frosting and cookie, but they were not.
I did not give specific amounts of fruit to cut up because it can vary so greatly with how you cut it as well as the size of the fruit prior to cutting, not to mention taking the size of your cookie into account. The cake looks absolutely lovely, but am I the only one thinking that this would be hard to slice without it all crumbling into a delicious, but unattractive mess? Amanda, saw Kate’s pin at Pinterest and just had to stop by and compliment you on this sugar cookie cake with fruit endeavor! I saw your photo circulating on Pinterest, but there was no link with it….I tried my own version with pancakes! Fruitcake gets a bad rap, but my mother in law makes amazingly moist fruitcake and I love it! Now that he has passed, my mother and I get together near the holidays and make his cake in honor of him. I will say I have had some bad fruitcakes in my day, but my dad’s has always been my favorite and I love converting people every year with it! A Slice strawberries into small pieces, section oranges and dice each section into 4-5 pieces, peel and slice kiwi, and cut red grapes into halves. Patricks Day is approaching, and it seems like the trends are green, gold, beer, and rainbows. A Generally speaking, I used about 1 cup of the diced fruit and blueberries, 2 kiwi’s, and one banana. When you sign up to the I Am Baker newsletter, Ia€™ll send you a fresh roundup of recipes, stories, and more to enjoy from the convenience of your inbox.

I doubt I will ever stray away from this recipe, unless he finds some inconceivable way to improve it.
I think that because my Dad made his homemade fruitcake from scratch and put in all the fruit, nuts and love into it that the pan could hold made all us kids a lover of fruitcake.
I do love fruitcake in general, but I had a few people try this last year when I made it and converted at least two of them!
A Since I dont think I should be giving my kids beer yet and they are highly opposed to eating green foods, I thought a Rainbow would be the perfect way to incorporate a St.
A If you want to prepare it and serve later, I would recommend making your cookies extra crisp or allowing them to harden for a day or so.
It’s dense and moist like a pound cake, but filled with an insane amount of fruit and nuts. I’m going to try it again this year, using a little bit less sugar and soaked dried fruit instead of candied, just so my diabetic husband can have a larger piece. I think your dad knows his fruitcakes very well-hats of to your dad for coming up with this recipe! Our recipe has cinnamon and nutmeg along with Brazil nuts, pecans and loads of candied fruit.

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