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Between June 17-22, we will be celebrating summer on the BabyCenter Blog with our Summer Fun Giveaway Days. The instructions are pretty straight forward, just paint the paper plates to look like fruit. Making these fruits is a fun way to start the conversation about healthy eating and making good food choices.
Once you make a few, you can hot glue clusters of the fruits together and hang them up for a summery decoration.
Kami Bigler runs the blog: NoBiggie, a montage of her favorite things, including crafting, cooking, and celebrating holidays.

Using the white color of the paper plates, leave sections of the plates unpainted for the white space your eye craves. They would look cute on a sign for a lemonade stand or you could use them on a party sign like we did for my son’s Fruit Ninja Party. According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple might use the same custom Series 7000 aluminum alloy that it uses in its Apple Watch Sport. For the apples, strawberries and the bananas, you’ll have to cut the plate to take on that shape. Last week we made fridge magbets out of clear flat marbles and scrapbook paper, and the week before we made necklaces, but both of those projects were a bit on the challenging side for my 5 year old.

For the coconut, watermelon and citrus fruits, you won’t need to cut anything at all.

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