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A flower bouquet is a collection or compilation of flowers in a creative and artistic arrangement. As time passes by, business people have come up with new and different style of making and presenting a bouquet. A fruit bouquet contains fresh fruits that are cut into a flower or leaf shape firmly stuck into sticks, then carefully arranged in a vase or gift basket. With every fruit bouquet made, you can get and make a person joyful even on an ordinary day.  Learn more on how you can start your own home-based fruit bouquet business. ProFruit offers edible sculptures that will make you the hit of the party, impress your friends and thrill your dearly belove. We're currently fruit catering  delivery service to Dallas,Texas and surrounding areas.
We will create an artistic arrangement of hand selected delicious fruit that delights to your gusts. Even parents with little picky eaters at home can “trick” their kids into enjoying a healthier snack with pretty fruit arrangements that can be eaten.
The problem with store bought fruit arrangements is that they can be quite expensive, especially if you want special additions such as chocolate dipped fruit. In an article that I posted a week or so ago, I showed photos of pretty vegetable bouquets from carved radish flowers. By the way, these radish flowers were a first attempt by Leonard and Sharron; they learned this just from watching my free lesson on how to make a radish bouquet.
As you can see, once you learn the basic techniques taught in my free lesson, the possibilities for your vegetable bouquets and fruit arrangements are endless!
This fruit bouquet by Jeanne uses a different carving technique taught in my Butterflies and Bouquet DVD lessons. Instead of paying high prices for store bought versions, you can learn to make you own delicious edible creations !
Check my previous blog post to watch videos on how to make and decorate chocolate dipped strawberries. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the go-to person for fruit arrangements among your friends, families and co-workers instead of the big chain companies. I hope you enjoy getting creative with homemade fruit arrangements and vegetable bouquets, and do share your photos and stories with me!
Nita Gill has been producing detailed, high quality, step-by-step video lessons that teach the art of fruit carving since 2009. 07977 222 332, 0161 945 6005London, UKLondon, UKAboutHello and welcome to Fruit Magic, We have been making our Edible Fruit Bouquets since 2001.
We have now developed a large range of over 150 Fruit Bouquets and our unique Stunning Edible Fruit Palm trees, Our products are hand made on the day and delivered to your door, Our Edible Fruit Bouquets and Edible Fruit Palm Trees are a Unique addition to any Celebration,Party,Event or Function.

We have just started to train new Franchisees across the UK to make our Stunning Fruity Products.
We do offer a delivery service for our Edible Fruit Bouquets and we also have our Stunning Fruit Palm Tree for hire in the following area's. We have local numbers for each of our branches listed on our main site at Fruit Magic main site. If you are planning a Party or Function please take time to view our main site and both you and your guests will be amazed by what we manufacture.
Imagine a normal buffet table at a Function, Event or Party, we have all been there, same old same old, if you were to add one of our Edible Fruit Bouquets to the centre of a buffet table it will turn it into a centrepiece and a reason for your guests to talk about your Function long after the event. On lots of Occasions we have had guests at the venue's we supply taking photo's of our products that our clients have displayed as a centrepiece, some events have even had to advise the clients to eat the bouquets as they thought they were for display purposes only,once a photograph has been taken at your event it will be there for everybody to see, again and again, these images then manage to be circulated amongst their friends and colleagues and that is word of mouth.
We can even set up a full Fruit Display for your Function or Party with your corporate Logo,s integrated into the display, there is no end to how far we will go for you. We still consider ourselves a Family Business and our main focus is customer satisfaction, our business has grown from mainly Word of mouth and referral from existing clients.
In ten years we have established ourselves in the Manchester and Cheshire area's and we have now started expand across the UK. If you are looking for a unique Gift Idea we also have smaller Fruit Bouquets starting from only ?20.00 and even for Valentine's day we have Boxes of Chocolate Coated Strawberries that we will deliver to your home or office. Christmas is around the corner right now and don't forget to order early as we cant have our products made the day before so we can only make so many. If you are looking to order one of our Stunning Fruity Products please order early as we don't like to disappoint, we need at least 24 hrs notice and on Special Occasions like Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, Yom Kippur, During and after Ramadan. We also cater for any event across the calendar and in most cases if you order with a couple of days notice we should be able to accommodate you. If you have any questions about or products our staff are always on hand to help, we give honest advise on the amount of Fruit Bouquets that will be required for Events or Functions, even if you think you need more than you do.
Our reputation is one of honest professionalism, good quality Service on time and in perfect condition every time.
Flower bouquets are usually given as a gift on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, debuts, awards, and other recognition.
Common fruit bouquet items include apples, bananas, cheese, papayas, grapes, pineapples, mangoes, lychees, oranges, strawberries and chocolates (usually depends on the dietary restrictions of the recipient). They make wonderful gifts, attractive centerpieces and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them! Read on to see photos of homemade fruit arrangements and vegetable bouquets and get some tips on how to make your own edible creation.
The basic carving technique taught for radish flowers in my free lesson can be used with your favorite fruits to make customized fruit arrangements.

I really like how they both added their own creative touches to make their arrangement unique. Najlaa applied the radish flower carving technique with strawberries, kiwis apricots and small peaches. Try it out with sections of carrots and zucchinis  and cucumbers to create vegetable arrangements. I wanted to show you this so you could get an idea of how diverse your fruit arrangements can be.
This Bouquet and Butterflies DVD can be purchased separately in my online shop or as Lesson 2 of my 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners. You can always get creative and apply this technique to any of your favorite fruits, such as kiwis, bananas or pineapple. One of them is Anetas Lekas, who learned to make fruit arrangements from my 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners . Nita has won competitions, judged competitions, appeared on TV and has even carved at the White House. Sometimes, you can also include dry goods such as bread, cookies, nuts and crackers; or non-edible items like cut flowers and stuffed dolls.
I do a lot art type things (I oil paint,woodcarver, certified ceramics teacher to name a few). She then used different colored and sized grapes for the center to create variety in her fruit arrangements bouquet. So she reversed what was taught in my lesson and used the squash for the flowers and the radish for the centers.
I’m so glad you have found motivation and confidence to add carving to your catering work. Fruit bouquets are perfect gifts for Christmas, birthday, graduation, baby showers or Valentine’s day.
You have motivated and transcended direct vision and confidence upon my entire culinary psyche. I was hooked, I love your videos because they are easy to follow and understand,the have helped me improve my skill level.

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