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This edible arrangement was contributed by a fan of our site, Shannan Gates, Bakersfield, Ca. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Larger arrangements available by calling the store directly at 713-666-4400 or 800-874-3422.

You may only print it out and use it for personal purposes or as a classroom craft project if you are a teacher.
You are not permitted to post this project on any website, blog, or in any other type of publication. I used a small watermelon as the "vase" I cut about 1" off the bottom so the watermelon would sit up.

I found my strawberries would slide too far down the bamboo skewers and the skewer would poke through the top, so before I put each strawberry on, I put a grape pierced through its side as a stopper to hold the strawberry in place.

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