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Guidelines on the Production of Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices In this Guideline, fresh fruit and vegetable juices refer only to those that are extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables (such as oranges, apples, carrots and celery), and are prepared and sold in the same business premises without undergoing any pasteurisation process.
The wallpapers have been divided into several categories and they are all available in minimum 1920x1080 resolution. For those of you who are contemplating a high fruits diet, or a high vegetable and fruits diet, you might have questions about what exactly does it mean when you say ‘high fruit’? Independent, government and University research has been conducted rather extensively on many health issues, with conclusive results that always point to including far more fruits and vegetables into the diet than the previously suggested number of 5 a day.
Eat as much as you can and then eat a little extra, like fresh vegetable juicing with a little apple and lemon added in.  When it comes to recommending fruit juices, personally I like to steer clear of those, simply because fruit contains too much natural sugar.
Health is waiting for you, and as a matter of fact, it will even come running to meet you when you change a few old eating habits to renegade new healthier ones with your fruit and vegetable diet. Juice is a healthy beverage that naturally contains fruits or vegetables, and the method of juicing is known to be the fastest, natural way of getting the right minerals and nutrients a body needs. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetable juices promotes lower risks of having cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cataracts, and some more associated with aging. Fruits and vegetables also contain phytochemicals or phytonutrients, these elements are known to play as antioxidants thus protecting the body’s cells and DNA from any harmful damage.
Push in your fruit and vegetable limits, make juicing fun and easy by exploring hThe Juice Suggester. Black currant – Black currant juice is great for lack of nutritional vitamins, gastritis, anemia , flu, bronchitis and angina.
Beetroot -- Beetroot juice is an excellent “fighter” against fatigue, anemia and diseases in digestive system tract. Cucumber – This vegetable juice affects blood pressure (brings it back to normal) and improves health of teeth, jaw, hair and nails.
Watermelon – Watermelon juice is excellent for treatment of diseases related to the cardiovascular system and kidney problems. Cherry – Cherry juice improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases appetite and is used in cases of cough to clear the throat.
Consuming these Natural Juices will help us improve our health, purify the body and refill it with energy.
Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations of juices, just let your taste buds be your guide. Fiber is extremely important to the human body, and your diet should contain at least 30 grams of dietary fiber a day. Not only are fruit and vegetable juices your best convenience foods, they provide thousands of substances, some of which have well-known functions, and some whose roles in the human body are not yet understood or recognized. Fruits and some vegetables contain substantial amounts of carbohydrates which supply most of the energy we use to live and perform work.

Fruits and vegetables contain minerals that are necessary for the nerve and muscle function and are the building material for some body tissue. Fruits and vegetables can protect the body from such major diseases as cancer and heart disease.
Pineapple – Pineapple juice is excellent for improving the functioning of kidneys and liver. Red currant – Red currant juice is recommended for cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, skin diseases, rheumatism and colds. Apple -- Apple juice helps with obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney disease, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones and dysentery. Cabbage – Cabbage juice is used for gastritis with low acid, stomach ulcers and diseases of the spleen and liver.
Carrot – Carrot juice improves vision, strengthens the body and helps in returning the body to normal after illness or mental and physical exhaustion.
As harmful bacteria may present in fruits and vegetables while toxins such as patulin may be found in mouldy fruits and vegetables, improper handling may lead to food poisoning, To ensure food safety, food handlers should be alert to possible food safety problems when preparing the juices and take appropriate preventive measures in their production.
Check the presence of internal mould when cutting the fruits and vegetables and discard the mouldy ones. When fruit is juiced, it’s like taking a highly concentrated dose of sugar, or fructose; and this is not very healthy for a person. Drinking vegetable and fruit juices or tea will help you get rid of toxins in your body and boost your overall health. Vegetable juices that taste "strong" such as spinach and beet, are high in compounds that should be consumed in small quantities. This is easily accomplished by substituting whole grains for refined cereals and flour, legumes for red meat, fruits for sweet desserts, and adding salads on a daily basis.
Vitamins regulate metabolism and help in the conversion of the fats and carbohydrates into energy. Some are high in substances called anti-oxidants, such as beta carotene, Vitamins C and E and selenium, which are nutrients that protect cell membranes from the damage of free radicals. For example, blueberries are an effective anti-diarrheal agent, and ginger is as effective as well-promoted motion-sickness drug, and new studies show that it also relieves nausea and stomach discomfort caused by pregnancy. In a maxim often quoted, our father of medicine, Hippocrates, said that we should let food be our medicine. They should be consumed immediately after preparation or at least one hour after preparation, because after an hour ingredients start to oxidate, which greatly reduces their nutritive values.
Juices are constructive material because they are the fastest way to enable the organism with all necessary amino acids, mineral salts, enzymes, vitamins, feed the blood and tissues and clean wasted toxic substances and discharge wasted products.

But before preparing the juice, you need to be sure that the fruit and vegetables are of quality and well washed. The ‘5 a day’ phrase was coined some years back in order to encourage people to eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Most people directly eat fresh fruits by peeling it and slicing it, but nowadays, since juicers were invented, people just love to juice them while adding other ingredients just to make it tastier.
The best way to start consuming this juice is by using small amounts (1 tablespoon) or by mixing it with carrot juice.
Mix cucumber juice and carrot juice and this will help you fight rheumatism arteriosclerosis and paradentosis. For example, a pound of carrots can be a significant source of calcium and protein, but those ten carrots may be more than your willing to eat at a single meal. Fruit and vegetable juices should not be used as a substitute for whole produce, but as supplements to them. However, we do not advocate that juice should be a substitute for medical care, but rather a valuable way to complement it. By consuming natural juices we will improve our health, purify the body and refill it with energy.
Today that phrase has been outdated, along with the previous 2005 government’s daily dietary recommendations for fruits and vegetables.
Well, in my humble opinion, it’s about time some adjustments are being recommended, although this is common sense, but let’s hope that people will take note and change their diet. Part of this influence is a synergistic effect among nutrients, which means that nutrients combined naturally in foods work together more effectively than when they are separated as a single supplement. New terminology and phrases have replaced the old, most likely in light of the serious health problems that are plaguing western nations such as the U.S. These nutrients are quickly assimilated since the body does not have to separate out of the fiber. Remember, juices provide not only the nutrients well-known functions, but also nutrients with roles that are not yet understood or recognized. Clean and sanitise all utensils and equipment including electric blenders and cutlery thoroughly at least once daily, and clean electric blenders and cutlery regularly (e.g. Cancers, diabetes and heart disease, serious illnesses that a vast majority of people living in the U.S.

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