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Imagine a picnic table filled with platters of healthy, nutritious fruit and vegetables with side dishes, casseroles, appetizers and desserts all made from produce grown in Georgia.
The members of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association provide this nutritious produce to the country.
Fruit and vegetable production is almost a billion dollar industry at the farm gate in Georgia with over 170,000 acres in production.
As the state’s number two agricultural cash crop, most Georgia fruits and vegetables are grown for the fresh market to be sold and consumed in other states.  The GFVGA provides programs and services to the membership designed to increase production efficiencies, provide educational opportunities, promote new markets, monitor legislation, encourage applied research and improve communications among GFVGA members and industry suppliers. Enjoy the information available to you on this site and is you have any questions please feel free to contact us. The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association (OFVGA) has been advocating for fruit and vegetable farmers for over 150 years as a nationally recognized not-for-profit association. The edible horticulture sector supports 30,000 farm-based, non-family jobs in Ontario, as well as a further 8,700 jobs specific to horticulture and specialty crops. BFVG was established in 1948 to represent horticulture growers in the Bundaberg district on issues critical to their overall success. BFVG is a non-trading, not-for-profit, grower-based cooperative comprising a membership base of horticulture growers and industry service businesses in the Bundaberg and Wide Bay Burnett regions. The Bundaberg region alone is one of the largest Production Horticulture regions in Australia growing a diverse range of healthy nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. Queensland Treasure Curtis Pitt recently announced that concessions on transfer duty for family farms will be extended and available in more circumstances than they have to date. The Agricultural Export, Logistics & Innovation Forum was coordinated by the Bundaberg Regional Council following on from the Emerging Markets Forum. The 2016 National Horticultural and Innovation Expo will be held at the DAF Research Station on Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th July, 2016.

Join us in Bundaberg (Feb 17, 2016) or Gympie (Feb 18, 2016) with soil health experts, guest growers sharing their experiences, Q&A panel sessions and of course some good tucker! The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association offers a unique membership benefit with the Georgia Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Food Safety Program.
GFVGA’s is committed to providing safe produce for consumers which is why the Georgia GAP Food Safety Program was established. Solution: In addition to developing food and beverage brands, the BrandWerks Group has expertise in agriculture. BrandWerks GroupOur friend and client, Talon Wine Brands is gaining distribution like crazy! This picnic table would be an endless smorgasbord of delicious Georgia Grown delicacies that are tasty, wholesome, and meet both adult and children’s daily vitamin and nutritional needs. As a regional Horticulture Industry representative organisation, BFVG has evolved to become a central industry contact point for our local membership base. This region is estimated to have an annual farm gate value of more than $500 million, injects over $1 billion into the local economy and plays an integral role in the nation's food security. There has also been massive growth in value-added products and the region has the capacity to continue this industry growth. Stacey is passionate about the issues that affect the region - and the people who live here. The Main drawcard for the Expo will be the seed companies that will be showcasing their new varietys over the 2 days. We offer food safety education, mock field and packing facility audits, and assist in setting up food safety programs to GFVGA members of all shapes and sizes. During the past few years, we have been fortunate to work with growers and the State of Colorado.

It's no wonder given the quality of their wines and their exceptional sales and marketing efforts. Through USDA State Block Grant funding, GFVGA partnered with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, University of Georgia and the Georgia Crop Improvement Association to establish the GA GAP Food Safety Program.
Our projects have ranged from strategic planning to brand creation, to comprehensive, fully-integrated marketing programs like our revitalization effort for Rocky Ford Cantaloupe™. With a 40% growth rate this year, they are Colorado's leading, and premier portfolio of wine brands.
A generic food safety program was developed as well as materials for producers to implement and educate their employees.
It’s been a privilege to play a small part in the development of Colorado agriculture. The Georgia Crop Improvement Association performs all the audits and are currently certified to perform GA GAP and Primus audits. See MoreSee LessHead over to Lakewood's Bonefish Grill tonight if you have a craving for some Talon Viognier or Wingspan Red.
We're grateful to have had the opportunity to play an important role in the revitalization of the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe brand and the economic recovery of the Arkansas River Valley. The group will be honored at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, September 28.

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