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Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables per day is linked to better mental well-being, based on the results of a new study. For More Information on Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Whiplash, and To Sign Up For Our Daily Health Update Emails, Go To: This information should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. University of Warwick and Dartmouth College scientists used seven measures of well-being: life satisfaction, self-reported health, happiness, nervousness and feeling low, mental well-being and mental disorders in an effort to understand how diet affects mental health and happiness. Researchers found that mental well-being was greater among those who ate more fruit and vegetables daily — up to seven portions a day.
The researchers are unclear why that was the case and say randomized trials should be performed next to learn more.
Generation Next is an exciting new initiative featuring a national seminar series and supporting resources aimed at protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers. Researchers found that 35.5 % of those who rated their mental well-being as high consumed five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
Schizophrenia is usually diagnosed through assessments conducted by mental health experts; however, a new study claims a blood test may be able to determine who is at high risk of schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, naproxen, and ibuprofen may actually increase an individual’s risk for deadly blood clots.
A study that included nearly 2,000 participants found that taking nature walks with other individuals may lower stress levels and reduce an individual’s risk for depression.
A new report indicates that chiropractic care offers a protective effect for Medicare patients with spinal conditions against one year declines in functional activities such as lifting, stooping, and walking, as well as a protective effect on self-rated health. Any and all health care concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a health care professional who is familiar with your updated medical history. This entry was posted in Health & Fitness and tagged American diet, diet, fruits and vegetables, healthy foods by Richard Browne.
Any goose or for that matter parent is aware that fresh fruit and vegies is the affordable and healthy way to go with nourishment and nutrition. Conversely, only 6.8% who rated their mental well-being as high ate less than one serving of fruits and vegetables per day. Earlier detection could allow for faster treatment and better outcomes for this population of patients.

An analysis of six studies involving more that 21,000 cases of venous thromboembolism (VTE) revealed that people who used NSAIDs had an 80% higher risk for venous clots. The researchers also note that users of chiropractic had higher satisfaction with follow-up care and information provided about their condition than patients who did not receive chiropractic care. It is advisable to choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to be as natural as possible (without drugs or hormones). Happiness comes from ripping the head off a cabbage or chomping on a carrot and hearing them squeal with delight as they satisfy the hunger and emotional levels of an adolescent.

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