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Oddly enough, these three fruits that actually have the word “berry” in their names…aren’t really berries.
Carrots are among the sweetest “vegetables,” but the one thing everyone thinks they know about carrots isn’t true.
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About UsFor the past 27 years, the Bathroom Readers' Institute has led the movement to stand up for those who sit down and read in the bathroom with the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series. Abraham Lincoln suffered from depression and never carried a knife, fearing he might kill himself.
I still have memories of a time long ago of my mom and dad trying to force me to eat broccoli. I can still vividly see myself sitting at the kitchen table in the small house next to our farm where I grew up.
Luckily for my health I eventually wizened up and after a while I even began to like eating my fruit and veggies (once they were covered in an appropriate quantity of butter of course). Now as an adult who eats a borderline Paleo diet vegetables and fruit together now constitute about half of the food on my plate for many meals. Human beings are omnivores and though there are a small percentage of us who go without eating meat you will be hard pressed to find a group that is completely carnivorous.
There are, of course, the Inuit and you can find some fascinating articles about their diet. It requires a large amount of organ meat as well as consuming almost everything as close to raw as possible in order to preserve all of the nutrients present.
As for the rest of us fruits and vegetables provide the easiest and most plentiful source of micronutrients possible. Everything from vitamin A for our eyes, to B vitamins for, well, just about everything, to folic acid for young babies’ developing brains, to iron for our blood.
Replacing some of the starchier carbohydrates on our plates, such as rice and bread, with vegetables and fruits is an easy way to dramatically increase our intake of these essential nutrients. Fruit and vegetables are high in fiber; carbohydrates that your body cannot break down into energy. This means that a large quantity of what you’re putting into your stomach when eating a healthy portion of vegetables has no calories. Therefore your stomach fills up and signals your brain to stop being hungry when you have a smaller net intake of calories than if you’d eaten a plate of pasta instead.
In fact, if you’re trying to cut back on the amount of calories you’re taking in eating more vegetables, and even fruits, is about the most painless and easy way to do it.

Another important way that fiber helps you control your weight is by lowering the GI of the foods you’re eating. You see, the water soluble fiber present in fruits and vegetables forms a kind of gel along the wall of your intestines that slows the absorption of the carbohydrates (sugars) in your food through the walls of the intestine. This in turn keeps your blood sugar from spiking and keeps your body from having to overcompensate by flooding your veins with large quantities of insulin to process all of that glucose. By keeping your insulin levels lower you are making it easier for your body to be able to burn fat as fuel. You see, your body loves carbohydrates because it’s an incredibly powerful source of energy!
This means that when you spike your blood sugar you are completely shutting down your bodies’ ability to burn fat as fuel for the duration it takes for your blood sugar to go back down again. So, to summarize the above, eating high fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables helps to keep your blood sugar more stable which in turn makes it easier for you to burn fat as fuel and maintain a healthy weight.
Fermentable and non-fermentable fiber is an often overlooked way of looking at the properties of fiber but is in fact very important.
Fermentable fibers cannot be broken down directly by our bodies own digestive system but it can be digested by our friendly bacteria that inhabit our guts. In fact, eating a healthy quantity of fermentable fiber is one of the best ways you can ensure a healthy and balanced biome of probiotics is inhabiting your gut. When these friendly bacteria chow down on these fibers they break them down into a certain kind of fatty acid that then proceeds to pass further on down through your intestines until it reaches your colon where it then becomes food for many of the cells lining the walls there.
So as you can see, eating more fruits and vegetables is one of the easiest ways to get more essential vitamins and minerals, maintain a healthy weight, and to keep a healthy and happy gut.
The next time you’re eating out and you have to choose between an appetizer of garlic bread or a salad go for the salad and just imagine your stomach smiling contentedly back up at you! LEARN HOW TO GET FIT AT HOME!Are you tired of not being able to find enough time to workout? Subscribe below to learn the methods and techniques that I use to stay in great shape working out from home less than 15 minutes a day!
I’m always trying to eat more fruit and veggies, and so I appreciate this reminder about why it’s so important! I knew that fruits and vegetables had fiber, but I didn’t know about fermentable and non-fermentable fiber.
Hi Samantha, for vegetables it really seems that the best sources all come from underground. Sign Up Here!Subscribe below to learn the methods and techniques that I use to stay in great shape working out from home! Technically speaking, a berry is a subset of fruit in which multiple viable seeds of the fruit are embedded and scattered throughout its edible flesh.

The tomato is technically a fruit because it is the fleshy product of a plant that contains seeds and is edible. It’s generally thought of as anything plant-based that can be eaten, and at least in the West, isn’t terribly sweet.
They are healthy (they’re especially rich in vitamin A) but they really don’t improve eyesight. Our staff works to year-round to bring you the most absorbing anthologies of history, humor, origins, flops, fads, quotes, puzzles, kids' books, and more. I can remember staring at the cauliflower in the bowl before me wondering how something could possibly taste that bad. It is truly possible to live off of meat only but you must eat it in a very specific manner which would be difficult for many to do. In fact it loves it so much that when your blood sugar goes up your body will completely stop all other forms of energy use in favor of using the glucose in your bloodstream first.
The waste products produced by these bacteria also go on to feed your own cells residing further down in your colon. I’m more amazed every day at all of the new information that comes out validating the health benefits of eating all natural food. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This means that the massive watermelon, with its little black and white seeds spread throughout its pink flesh, is technically speaking, a berry. The same is true for avocadoes, which means that guacamole is really just a fruit salad (or even a smoothie).
During World War II, the Royal Air Force was using radar to find Nazi war planes, but they didn’t want the Nazis to know that. All of the dried beans and peas are a good source as well making hummus a good pick for a snack. For fruits apples, blueberries, and cranberries are all good choices and packed with other vitamins and nutrients as well!

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