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By-products from the oil processing (fibre, shell, sludge) can be used as fuel for the mills, making briquettes to substitute for fuel wood.
Foot trampling the cooked but cold fruits in canoes or specially constructed wooden troughs. This method result in loss of substantial amount of oil trapped in the mixture as an emulsion. The NIFOR mechanical screw-press is the latest used by the small-scale palm oil processing industry in Nigeria.
It can handle over 1 tonne Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hour with an average oil loss to fibre of 10.7%. Heat allows the oil-bearing cells to come together and flow more easily on application of pressure. Fruit cooking weakens the pulp structure, softening it and making it easier to detach the fibrous material and its contents during the digestion process.
The moisture introduced by the steam acts chemically to break down gums and resins which cause the oil to foam during frying. Sterilization (cooking) is one of the most important operations in oil processing, ensuring the success of several other phases. The screened mixture is boiled from one or two hours and then allowed to settle by gravity in the large tank so that the palm oil, being lighter than water, will separate and rise to the top. Small-scale mills simply pack the dried oil in used petroleum oil drums or plastic drums and store the drums at ambient temperature.
BelleBeirut is an online Lebanese magazine for fashion, beauty, celebrity, health, lifestyle and sexy news. Thanks to the role of Proteacol Complex, which acts on the production of new collagen fibers, combined with the Elastic Fiber Complex, which stimulates production of components essential to improving the quality of new elastic fibers, Lancaster researchers have, for the first time, developed a new approach to firmness by targeting both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of fiber production in the skin cushion. Thanks to the Exclusive Proteacol Complex, made up of a micro-algae extract, peptides and peptide extract and a soy extract, and which also significantly restores the activity of proteasomes.
With the Elastic Fiber Complex, which combines a Kigelia Africana fruit extract derived from a tree indigenous to Africa and a specific dipeptide to optimize the architecture of new elastic fibers. Encouraged by the success of this unprecedented skincare range, Lancaster Laboratories has expanded the SURACTIF VOLUME CONTOUR line with a unique new chapter. Aware of the specific needs of this very sensitive area, Lancaster Laboratories has developed a made-to-measure formula for the decollete. In the heart of the Extra Firming Decollete Cream, the KIGELIA AFRICANA fruit extract plays a major role.
Indigenous to Africa, particularly Senegal, the Kigelia Africana is a tree whose fruit and specifically fruit pulp are especially used in daily beauty treatments: among the Lebou of Cape Verde, matrons use this pulp on young women to give them a voluptuous bust.
This extract, rich in flavonoids and steroidic saponosides, is combined with a specific dipeptide and provides invisible support for the bust.
In addition to the proven performance of its active ingredients, Extra Firming Decollete Cream features an arsenal of other ingredients with immediate action to optimize results as soon as it is in contact with the skin. A lack of definition in the shape of the face is not the only problem resulting from the loss of skin firmness. To diminish wrinkles immediately, Remodeling Skin Illuminator concentrates two types of pigments. In addition to giving the face a luminous aura of beauty, Remodeling Skin Illuminator contains hyaluronic filling spheres that capture the water evaporated from the surface of the skin and swell like sponges. The  wastes generated when the fruits are processed to obtain palm oil and palm kernel have several uses.

It involves pounding (digestion) which breaks the oil-bearing mesocarp from the palm fruit. This should be expected as the operation of these presses depends on the strength of the operator.
The reception of fresh fruit bunches from the plantations: The quality standard achieved is initially dependent on the quality of bunches arriving at the mill. Threshing of bunches to free the palm fruit: This involved the removal of the fruits fr0m the spikelets growing on a main stem.
Sterilization: Sterilization or cooking means the use of high-temperature wet-heat treatment of loose fruit. Digestion of the fruit: Digestion is the process of releasing the palm oil in the fruit through breaking down of the oil-bearing cells. Pressing (Extracting the palm oil): There are two methods which can be employed in extracting oil from digested material. Oil storage: The purified oil is transferred to a tank for storage prior to dispatch from the mill.
This performance has been clinically proven to help improve firmness and praised in situ by women seeking for greater firmness .
It is much more than a mere adaptation of the SURACTIF VOLUME CONTOUR range, Extra Firming Decollete Cream benefits from a high concentration of Kigelia Africana extract on top of the action of the Proteacol Complex.
Enriched with a special complex for an immediate tensing effect, the generous texture is absorbed instantly. Over time, the surface of the skin which slackens and cannot reflect light as it did before.
Three-in-one: peel with Alpha Hydroxy Acid, exfoliate with Pumpkin Enzyme, and polish with Aluminum Oxide. While we work hard to ensure that all product information is correct, manufacturers sometimes change their packaging and products. A good facial moisturizer adds suppleness to the face and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. The sludge are useful in making traditional soaps and fertilizer and the Palm kernel cake is used widely as an input into the feed industry and for fertilizer. The process is usually conducted slowly to avoid the huge loss of oil that might result from inadequate pressing. The mill cannot improve upon this quality but can prevent or minimize further deterioration. The digester is usually made up of cylindrical vessel fitted rotating shaft carrying a number of beaters.
The decanted oil is re heated in a cooking pot and the dried oil is carefully skimmed off from any residual moisture. The stored temperature are maintained around 50°C using hot water or low-pressure steam-heating coils, to prevent solidification and fractionation. It also contains a perfecting agent that helps tighten the skin’s texture to enhance this area of the body. Aware of the difficulties faced by women who want to continue using the full range of their firming skincare, Lancaster Laboratories has developed a formula that is perfectly compatible with the rest of the SURACTIF VOLUME CONTOUR range.
The economic importance of this process was therefore long recognized and has received the greatest attention for mechanization. Iron contamination from the storage tank may occur if the tank is not lined with a suitable protective coating.

The surface of the skin in this area is particularly sensitive to photo-aging and easily folds with age. Hybrid skincare that borders makeup and can illuminate the complexion to restore the light of its youth. As a result, they no longer have to choose between a perfect makeup appearance and the performance of in-depth treatment. I love the Smart skin care products (see previous reviews of the Smart Custom-Repair Serum and Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment), as they adjust to your own skin’s needs.
Furthermore, it can be applied either to the entire face after the day cream or in subtle touches on makeup to give radiance to the complexion. The Smart SPF 15 Custom-Repair Moisturizer is an oil-free day formula which hydrates where needed and has SPF 15.
The Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer helps brighten, hydrate, repair and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. The lightly-scented formula is infused with antioxidants and nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E and cucumber. Great for mature skins, this non-greasy moisturizer has a moderately strong fragrance.Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation is a lightweight, oil-free multi-tasking moisturizer and a good choice for spring and summer.
In addition to hydration, Vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract help to brighten skin. This moisturizer helps hydrate and replenish, using a natural plant extract called MYRAMAZE, plus a triple-blend of alpha hydroxy acids and an asian fruit extract. This is a game-changer (trust me)!Those that are regular readers know that I love SkinCeuticals for it’s clinical approach to skincare.
The ratio of 2% pure ceramides, 4% natural cholesterol and 2% omega fatty acids is optimized for natural barrier restoration. Excellent as an anti-aging treatment, the lightweight, nourishing formula helps to improve skin smoothness and texture, radiance and is ideal for dehydrated skin.Another science-based skin care line I like is SkinMedica. Definitely an exciting product!For a luxury hydration option, TATCHA’s Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate is a great choice.
This is a gel-serum concentrate, with Okinawa Red Algae, Squalane, along with seven botanicals really hydrates skin.
Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate restores luminosity, improves skin tone and clarity. Great for all skin types, but I love this line for sensitive skins.Another brand to put on your radar is TULA skincare, developed with Probiotic Technology. The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a nice option for those looking to streamline their skincare regimen.
This moisturizer has a nice consistency, absorbs well into the skin, and provides nourishing, anti-aging benefits. There are no parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates or propylene glycol in the formula, and TULA products are not tested on animals.Do you switch moisturizers with the season?

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