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This touchscreen-based video game allows players to slingshot birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures. Pineapple, sugar, pineapple juice, filtered water, white wine, pectin, fresh ginger, citric acid. Choose an image and click the link which matches your screen resolution (Your current resolution is ). For the images in your folders, you may use the desktop wallpaper function provided by the photo management softwares such as ACDSee or Picasa . Technology has advanced so rapidly that individuals can now talk, text, listen to music, and even play video games. Fruit Ninja allows the player to slice fruit thrown on the screen while swiping their fingers across the screen to cut them. It is amazing how individuals can now log on to their Xbox live using SmartGlass to enhance their games and entertainment experience.
What makes this game so popular within the female world is because of its combination of addictive gameplay and comical style.

Extra points can be rewarded for slicing multiple different fruit at the same time, or hitting a special banana. However, there are other complications that can set the player back in achieving a high score.
For an example, once a player starts advancing through the game, multiple different types of birds appear with different types of special abilities. Bombs are occasionally thrown into the mix allowing the player be set back in points or ending the game completely. Cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices allow the female gamer to take their gaming to new extreme.  This is a weekly discussion on games that girls love to play through mobile apps. Females love this game because it is challenging, addicting, fun, and allows the player to play against their friends to see who gets the better score.
So if you don’t have a cell phones, go buy one because these mobile games are something that you don’t want to miss out on!
For an example, Angry Birds in Space and Angry Bird Star Wars, which are both amazing games.

This game is so popular that it is even available on the Kinect allowing the player to use their full body to become a ninja at heart. Random funny thing, I rarely run out of ice in my home (because I hate exercising without an ice cold glass of water so I always keep it stocked, it’s a must, a bare necessity) but the one time I go to take pics to blog this drink of course, no ice  =). The goal of this game is obtaining the highest score, and getting at the top of achieving five stars.
Females love playing this game because it allows them to game wherever and whenever they want, and allows them to still have fun. So men get if your female is not into Angry Birds have her download the app and see how competitive she can be. Here you will find a collection of delicious recipes all tested and approved by me, Jaclyn, creator of this food blog.

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