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Mississippi has been the top US State to have the highest percentage of obese people in the country. Previously, I saw in the Southeast US, a little girl eating an orange without peeling the skin, since she had never eaten one before, she didn't know what to do with it. Target is moving to make some of its Portland stores more convenient for shoppers by adding fresh produce and meat. View full sizeSeveral Target stores in Portland are being remodeled to feature fresh foods. The colorful women’s apparel brand Fresh Produce selects digital marketing partner Location3 Media to increase visibility and grow ecommerce business.
The team’s deep understanding of multi-channel brands and their approach to strategically shaping the path to purchase makes the digital agency a perfect fit for Fresh Produce.
Boulder, CO-based apparel company Fresh Produce needed assistance increasing the brand’s online presence.
Location3 team members will provide Fresh Produce with a complete digital brand strategy including recommendations and execution for display and pay per click advertising, digital advertising creative, search engine optimization, blogger outreach and Facebook advertising.
Location3 is a digital marketing partner built to improve the findability and performance of consumer and multi-unit retail brands through enterprise-level and local digital marketing solutions. For nearly three decades Fresh Produce has delighted women with inspiring color, vibrant prints and stylish, comfortable clothing.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Known for its refreshing color, relaxed look and everyday comfort, Fresh Produce had a loyal customer base but believed they were only scratching the surface of their potential in e-commerce.
The digital partner will also complete an extensive social and email campaign audit to provide insights and opportunities in these channels. Their well-developed brand voice is a natural fit for expanding the paid media presence, improving search coverage and increasing engagement on social media, and the bright colors and prints make creative work a pleasure,” said Location3 President Alex Porter. Husband-and-wife team Thom and Mary Ellen Vernon started silk-screening T-shirts in bright graphics at a friend’s apartment and sold them out of a booth at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Long Beach, CA. Founded in 1999 and located in the heart of Denver, Location3 has a staff of 70 full-time employees who service global, national and local brands.
Collections of tops, pants, skirts and dresses feature a signature garment dye process with more than 80 percent produced right here in the USA. Loaves and Fishes is making a similar move by dropping prepackaged and frozen food with fresh. The brand selected Location3 Media as their digital marketing agency of record to help increase revenue, support and build brand image and expand the successful plus-sized product category. The demand from consumers for their brightly colored USA-branded T-shirts soon led to the start of the Fresh Produce women's clothing brand.

Fresh Produce presents an almost endless array of seasonless looks that truly inspire women to live life and enjoy color.
It's a great stop for groceries, if you ever happen to be around Jackson (the capital of the State).
The organization says it is replacing prepackaged and frozen fruits and vegetables in its 34 dining rooms with all fresh produce beginning April 1. The move reflects demand from diners as well as changes in how the home-delivered meals are prepared. The old process required the hot portion of the meals to be sent in bulk to meal sites and then portioned into Styrofoam trays. Now Loaves and Fishes will pre-plate the food on corn-based compostable trays at a central kitchen and deliver them to meal sites ready to heat. This will free up the meal sites to focus on preparing fresh food, such as salads and grilled, steamed or stir-fried vegetables.

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