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Summer Gardening Classes 2016We offer a large range of gardening classes each year on the most current gardening trends. Class RegistrationIf you wish to attend one of our gardening classes we recommend you order online using the Buy This Class button below or call ahead as many of our classes fill to capacity. Create your own fairy garden using miniature evergreens and other mosses and plants to create your miniature garden. At one time prairies covered 85% of Iowas beautiful land but they have been greatly reduced over time.
If you are new to canning, you may be surprised to discover how easy and safe modern canning truly is. Join us for this class and learn how to can tomatoes, it is an excellent introduction to the technique.
Imagine the savings you will make by learning how to do this yourself, not to mention the opportunity you have to turn this skill into a money making venture!
You will be learning with a friendly professional mentor at your side in an intensive training programme incorporating both hands on training and classroom sessions. Once you make the wise decision to book early and secure a place on GARDEN DESIGN MAGIC you will be in with the chance to win €500 worth of beautiful plants for your garden, so you really have no excuses then! We want you to have the garden of your dreams and we will kick start this for you, by giving one of the lucky attendees €500 of free plants, just for attending the course! Our prevoius Gardening Courses were a huge success and had everyone talking about them and now this new course is set to be even better than before, so you really don´t want to miss it! Local nurseries, nonprofits and plant societies offer a continuous education in edible and ornamental gardening and design. Classes and workshops like these are offered every week at local nurseries all over the Portland area. Retail nurseries hold classes to educate gardeners and, of course, encourage potential customers to visit, so their classes are typically free or very inexpensive. Dennis Seven Dees - ornamental and edible gardening classes covering a wide range of topics.
Garden Fever Nursery - ornamental and edible gardening classes - mostly hands-on craft-related topics including terrariums, flower arranging and seasonal wreathes, etc. Livingscape Nursery - edible and native plant classes, as well as food harvest and preservation. Portland Nursery - a truly wide range of ornamental and edible gardening classes and craft demos. If your favorite nursery—say, Naomi’s Organic Farm Store or Cornell Farm—doesn’t list their upcoming workshops or classes, just give them a call and ask whether anything’s on offer. Growing Gardens - learn organic edible gardening skills from composting to sowing vegetables. Hardy Plant Society of Oregon - a wide range of classes, lectures and workshops are offered, primarily on ornamental gardening including both particular types of plants and design.

Lan Su Classical Chinese Garden - classes are often relating to Chinese culture (Feng Shui, tea, etc) but can relate to gardening, too.
Leach Botanical Garden - a wide range of classes relating to sustainability issues, gardening with children and more. Oregon Metro - learn organic, mostly edible gardening skills and gardening with native plants. Oregon Tilth’s Luscher Farm (all season-long classes on all elements of edible, sustainable gardening). Portland Community College (various locations) - classes vary every year but usually include such subjects as design, edibles and ornamentals. Zenger Farm - learn organic, sustainable gardening skills, from composting to production food farming.
Come to this class for an inspirational slideshow of gardens across the country that have added unique artwork to their gardens. Then make your garden a perfect home for the fairies by decorating it with miniature garden items such as benches, pots, stools, and other fanciful fairy items. Take this class to learn about recreating your very own Iowa prairie and the many benefits.
Our experts will show you the tricks of the trade for preserving summer tomatoes to enjoy throughout the year.
This 6 week course is all about YOU learning how to create a garden that is unique and individual to YOUR personal requirements.
You will learn all you need to know to do it like a Pro with our step by step method and take – away design templates. Due to the hands on nature of this class, places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. You’ll learn how to buy or build a compost bin, sure; but you’re also meeting other people who are interested in composting and connect with a muckety-muck at Growing Gardens who might hook you up with other resources, from where to glean or buy the materials to possible volunteer opportunities at Growing Gardens. Grab your best friends and come out for a day of fun at the garden center, you are sure to learn something new and have some fun creating a little beauty for your home! To ensure a spot in our classes we request that you order online or call to prepay for the class of your choice. Enjoy live demonstrations where our resident experts will show you the tricks of the trade. Please select your lunch from the menus listed on page 3, 4 or 5 and note your lunch choice in the comments section if registering online or when you register by phone. And given the wealth of local horticultural talent (instructors are either experienced staff from the nursery or regional experts), most class attendees are learning from a professional horticulturist or expert who knows enough to guide more sophisticated learners further on in their learning. We will talk about a modern prairie type called microprairies which you can plant in your backyard! Please call our garden center at 515-981-1075 with a credit card to reserve your spot for class.

This class will cover the types of grasses and plants most common to Iowa prairies as well as techniques to establish your own Iowa prairie.
You can go to the main Classes landing page on our website and enter the class you are looking for in the search field or peruse by subject. If your membership has lapsed or if you are not a member, the class description page will give you an option at the bottom of the page to purchase or renew your membership at checkout. The e-mail confirmation will include information on your class such as directions, special instructions and a link to the instructor's handout. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation please check your SPAM folder and confirm that the e-mail you submitted is correct before e-mailing Lilly DeHaven. These classes sometimes even have PowerPoint presentations although be sure that you dress appropriately since they are often under pavilions with no air conditioning or heat.
Here are the various reasons we would cancel a class: instructor has an emergency, severe weather like flash flooding, or the class does not meet minimum enrollment.
If we cancel a class you will have the option to wait and take the rescheduled class, use the class fee as a credit towards another class or receive a refund.
If the class is to take place in the morning we make the decision by 7am (generally two hours before the class.) We will call everyone on the roster and send an e-mail out. Please be sure that we have a current e-mail address for you and add us to your address book so that the e-mail does not end up in your SPAM folder.
For many years we struggled between offering paper handouts and also minimizing our daily consumption of reams of paper. There should be a link to your classes handout on the e-mail confirmation you receive soon after you register. In order to offer all three modules in any sequence the Permaculture Guild of Houston had to create a "mini module" SLTP 1 and SLTP 2 to insure that every permaculture registrant starts with a fundamental understanding of permaculture principles. For detailed information on how permaculture certification works please visit our, Permaculture Page. Be sure to submit the form to Diana Liga and to schedule a class at least a month in advance.
You should wear a hat, sunglasses, close-toed shoes and long pants (particularly if a class is held at a farm.) Always bring a container of water, since drinking water isn't always available. Classes located at garden centers are outdoor so be sure to wear a jacket in the winter and dress lightly in the summer.

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