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But one of their finest services is the free gardening hot lines they run for local residents.
5) Local Independent Garden Centers: The professionals who run your local nurseries are experts in what grows in your region. Hi Nate: Many gardening companies send free catalogs, or charge a small fee (often applied to your purchase).
Gardening catalogues are an excellent way for gardeners to purchase anything their heart desires or anything their garden requires without ever leaving their home.
Gardening BookGardening books come in all different shapes and sizes and offer more information on gardening than can be found anywhere else. These Catalogs are also jam packed with tons of information for growing a vegetable and flower gardens!  Like what zone you are in..when to plant what and so on! Thanks for stopping by and soooo happy that you ordered some Catalogs..they are just too fun and best of all FREE!! Please Note: Most of the recipes listed on my Blog are original recipes and are copyright protected. Trained by cooperative extension services in their states, Master Gardeners do valuable work in their communities — from hosting plant sales to teaching garden classes.
Visit on a slow day, when crowds aren’t distracting the staff, and ask some questions. There are many more FREE gardening sources out there, such as blogs, pinterest and other online resources.

Lots of good free information, and often they can help you identify garden pests or pathogens too.
You are highly encouraged to link up to them whenever you want, giving proper acknowledgement to me.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In this post, Seasonal Wisdom shares six sources that provide lots of helpful information about landscape design, plant care, integrated pest management and more. They publish detailed, science-based horticultural information on various gardening issues from integrated pest management to summer-blooming bulbs. Often these shows will feature creative sample gardens just bursting with good ideas you can incorporate at home. I like to visit garden centers in early-spring to see how various deciduous plants look in winter. Thanks a lot for #2 — extension materials are something I’m going to check out! Most of them have active blogs and Twitter accounts that are a goldmine for garden inspiration! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I’ll often bring in plant ideas, so I can ask how a particular cultivar or variety grows in my area.

Plus, local gardeners can warn you about invasive plants and other potential gardening problems. Find Master Gardeners in your area on this clickable map provided by the American Horticultural Society. I’m always looking for some good ideas and nothing would be more fun than receiving a catalog in the mail every once in a while.
I picked out the sunniest spot in our yard ( a strip across the back) and we built 3 boxes to plant in! We put straw bales in the boxes, just set the bales in the box, covered with plastic, to kill any seeds in the straw, and now we are filling them with dirt! So, the leading companies invest the effort to provide solid horticultural information to the public. Raining here today, today we went to the dump yesterday,(too many fir cones everywhere) so all ready! There are a range of pruning tools available to the gardener, all have their purpose, some are designed to cut thick branches while others will only cut small stems.

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