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Established in 1995, Windsor Foodstuff Factory Limited (WFFL) is a respected manufacturer and reliable supplier of some of the Gulf’s most popular food products. Our premises located in a busy industrial estate in Sharjah, UAE, boasts manufacturing and packaging facilities with HACCP certification.
Freeze-dried soluble coffee is produced from carefully chosen coffees, roasted to perfection and processed particularly gently to conserve their aroma. Agglomerated soluble coffee produced from selected, carefully roasted coffees, gently processed, to make Melitta® Original a pure pleasure. High quality selected Arabica beans ensure aroma and rich taste of every cup of this exquisite highland roasted ground coffee in tins. Stephen Bennett, General Manager of Pulsar Foodstuff Trading describes the lucrative, but volatile, food business.
Pulsar Foodstuff Trading started its journey almost 20 years ago supplying mini bars and bar snack products to the hospitality industry in Dubai. There are currently more than 20 people either directly or indirectly employed by Pulsar Foodstuff. We serve the entire United Arab Emirates, surrounding GCC countries and exclusive hotel resorts in the Maldives and Seychelles, while we have just started delivering to Mauritius. Our vision in the coming years is to solidify our position as the leading supplier of personalised food stuff packages, minibar products and custom developed bar mixes throughout the GCC region.
Our portfolio includes mini bar products, bar snacks, fresh olives, gifts, amenities and personalised packed products. There is no one product that stands out as best-seller for the company, simply because we customise more than just the packaging, we also make-to-order its contents.
Recently, we entered the Gourmet Olive Market,which is our new business offering in the UAE and greater GCC.

Greenfield has acquired purification and distiller brands that require no installation making them ideal for home and commercial usage.
Left - Ajit Kumar Mishra, managing director of AKM Foodstuff Trading, Right - Ahmed Al Ansari, deputy chief operating officer, Dubai South.
The 7,500 square metre facility caters to the retail, wholesale, and food service sectors within the Middle East, and has a total capacity of 10,000 pallets and 35 work stations that SMEs can utilize until they achieve their own economies of scale.
The AED 28-million investment follows the set-up of AKM Shipping and Logistics LLC in 2014, and reflects the company’s commercial ambitions to expand its third party logistics (3PL) activities. AKM Logistics plans to add 50,000 pallet spaces with an investment outlay of AED 100-million by 2020, and will expand into food related value added processing facilities for food importers into GCC. The new facility in Dubai South provides secured logistical services as well as customs bonded freight forwarding services for faster transit time to target markets.
Clients can also leverage AKM Foodstuff Trading’s local know-how, strong market reputation and expertise in services such as marketing, storage, and delivery of goods for all sizes and volumes, AKM said in a release.
Regardless of where you want to trade, we strive to make it happen with ease and precision. If you are looking for an efficient support service, you can rest assured that we will deliver nothing but the best service. We are hailed to be one of the best long term investors and we are always looking to improve your scope for future growth. If you’re looking for the best business partner that can bring the right growth, there is no better choice than us.
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KG - Division Coffee - is among the biggest producers of coffee and coffee specialities worldwide.
We are also developing new sections in our company which will expand our operations and services. Some of our products also include mixed nuts and sweet jars, relief and sanitary items and high quality slow cooked crisps. We provide our buyers with advice on the various facets of the product, its contents and its packaging. The company’s products range from fish and seafood, meat and poultry to fruits, frozen vegetables and dairy products. As your trading partner, we can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and distribution of your products and services. We offer a huge variety of vacuum packed fresh ground coffee, whole beans of 100% Arabica origin as well as Cappuccino style instant drinks, soluble coffee (freeze-dried as well as agglomerated) and single portion coffee pads. We are trading company who specialize in exporting ingredients and seasoning especially for Thai food.
In operation for six years, the group has a turnover of AED 70-million and more than 500 wholesale and institutional clients. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor looking to launch or expand your products’ presence in the international trade arena, or you are searching for a particular product or service from overseas, we can assist you in achieving your mission.
The Gourmet Olive Market can supply a huge variety of stuffed, aromatised olives and antipastis throughout the UAE.

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