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About the AuthorDogs Naturally MagazineDogs Naturally Magazine is the world's best resource for natural canine health care! Copyright 2016 Dogs Naturally Magazine Inc.The information in this website is not intended to replace veterinary care. If your pet dog is anything like the pets on the team, he or she is always looking for food. Onions Research shows that onions have been known to damage the red blood cells of dogs, this may affect their energy levels, causing them to become weaker. Little Maisie Lagan was enjoying a day at the beach with her mum Fiona and her five-year-old brother Jarlath Benone beach when it was ruined by a nasty little fish. Kylie Jenner is an indisputable makeup mogul, with 26 lip kit shades that sell out every time they’re restocked under her belt. The person holding a winning Euromillions lottery ticket worth €381,863 has less than 48-hours to claim their prize. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for killing an 84-year-old priest by slitting his throat. The good food and good company that come along with Thanksgiving are nearly upon us, and the four-legged members of your family are looking forward to it, too. You may love the turkey skin and gravy—but fatty foods like those are tough for your dog to digest.

While it is fine to share some of what you eat with your furry companion, there are certain foods that can cause serious health problems for dogsa€”in some cases, it may even be fatal. Dog tag maker Doggietags has created an infographic that lists down 20 foods that you should never feed your dog. However the purpose of Dogs Naturally is to show you how important it is to work with a holistic vet. Sniffing around the kitchen table, giving you puppy eyes while you cook and barking the house down when the food is ready.
The youngest member of the Kardashian clan has been hinting for weeks about the expansion of her Kylie Cosmetics line. If the dose of Caffeine is large enough to have a bad effect to you beloved pet, Caffeine poisoning cannot be prevented.
Eric Cryan, owner and chief veterinarian of Nova Mobile Vet, joined us with a list of Thanksgiving Day foods you should never feed to your pet. Carmela Stamper, DVM, of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine says giving your dog a bone, no matter what the size, can mean a trip to the vet, and even possible surgery or death. That can cause your dog to vomit, while at the same time suffering abdominal pain and bloating.
If your dog eats mushrooms, the dog may experience vomiting, seizures, or even coma and possibly death.8.
Today is Pet Day and with that in mind, here's a list of the foods you really shouldn't feed your pup no matter how many mournful glances they throw your way.

There is no cure, and just some of the bad effects are heavy and fast breathing, heart pumping, muscle contractions and bleeding.
Plus, the batter you use for those cakes and cookies contains raw eggs, which could contain salmonella bacteria.
And if the dog has too much, it can cause a fever, rapid heartbeat, seizures, liver damage, or even death.6. Chocolate The chemicals caffeine and theobromine are found in chocolate and both of these are known to damage dogs' hearts and nervous systems.
And if you’re hosting dinner, tell your guests not to feed your dog any table food (because they might not know otherwise).
This little powerhouse has been shown to be safe and effective in treating a variety of liver diseases and other conditions.
For example, the lauric acid in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.
Bruce Fife, certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, coconut oil gently elevates the metabolism, provides a higher level of energy and vitality, protects you from illness, and speeds healing.As a bonus, coconut oil improves any dog’s skin and coat, improves digestion, and reduces allergic reactions.

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