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One of the most important fat soluble antioxidants and vitamins which the body needs, would be Vitamin E. Studies also suggest that Vitamin E can help boost the immune system, and also help with degenerative mental imbalances too. It is true that a cup of almonds a day would keep many diseases at bay, because the nut is loaded with Vitamin E. There are plenty of raw seeds available in the market, loaded with Vitamin E.  Some of them would be sesame, pumpkin and sunflower. If you like veggies, opt for green leafy ones such as Swiss Chard, which can be eaten almost daily. Just like the swiss chard we just mentioned, you could have mustard greens to gift the body with Vitamin E in abundance. Maybe not the favourite of the lot, but the humble spinach when made into soups would bring in alot of calcium and Vitamin E along with folate in the body.
Yes turnips are a little bitter to taste, but they bring in the much needed Vitamin E into the body as well. Cook with plant oils as much as you can, since plant oils bring in a lot of Vitamin E needed for the body. Tasty, delicious and filling, an avocado a day would bring in a lot of Vitamin E for the body today. Broccoli has a lot of healing powers, and since ancient days has been used as a detox food too. One of the best spices to have around, and it brings plenty of Vitamin E into the body too, don’t forget to add parsley to your omlettes or soups, and even if you like it dry, go ahead and use it. Fruit salads should have papaya in it, because the fruit has plenty of vitamins, such as Vitamin E and C.  it is best to have the fruit raw or if you wish, you could have it frozen or as a smoothie too.
Take a look online and you would find plenty of recipes for each of the 15 foods mentioned. The primary cause of thyroid hair loss is hormone imbalance; that is indeed the cause of thyroid as well.
If you have thyroid and you are consuming one of the medications such as blood thinners, antidepressants, and birth control pills, they affect adversely for hair loss.
It is highly recommended to first go and consult a dermatologist and first determine the cause of thyroid hair loss. If the reason for thyroid hair loss is the primary one that is if it is cause by thyroid hormone imbalance, then you need to consult an endocrinologist or medical doctor.
If thyroid hair loss is caused because of the medication, again you need to consult your doctor. If thyroid hair loss is caused by stress or nutritional deficiency, you will have to enrich your diet with proteins. It is better to consult a doctor first and know what nutrition deficiency is causing hair loss in thyroid to you and then take those nutritional supplements after prescription.
Vitamin E is responsible for building capillaries in the body and also stimulating the blood flow in the scalp that in turns promotes hair growth. Evening promise Oil is rich in antioxidants which help in getting rid of the free radicals and thus promoting hair growth. Vitamin A Medically known as Retinol, Vitamin A is the most important nutrient for healthy eyes.
Vitamin A is beneficial for the various eye related problems such as macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, eye infections and improving eyesight. Food Sources Vitamin A rich Spinach is considered as the healthiest food for eyes.  Other Foods contains vitamin A include carrot, sweet potato, butter, mangoes green leafy vegetables, yellow melons and dried apricots, Liver, Mangos, milk, Papayas, Peaches, Peas and Pumpkin. Vitamin C Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is extensively present in citrus fruits that fortify eyes against UV damage and reverse all signs of fast aging as well.
Food Sources Besides lemon, that is the richest form of Vitamin C, other substantial sources of Vitamin C are Guava, bell pepper, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, orange and strawberries. Required Dietary Intake Vitamin C is highly recommended for developing healthy eyes in kids.
Vitamin D Although exposure to Sun may lead to several disorders, but a limited sunlight is essential which produces Vitamin D for the skin. Vitamin D Benefits Vitamin D helps to rejuvenate eye aging that reduce inflammation, clearing amyloid beta and also improve visualization of eyes.
It may also reduce the number of macrophages in the retina, which is a mark of chronic inflammation.

Food Sources Although Vitamin D is rarely found in commonly consumed foods, but a good amount exists in Mushrooms.
Required Dietary Intake Dietary requirements of Vitamin D are not strictly required but kids up to age 8 years may need 50mcg of vitamin D to maintain eye health.
Vitamin E Vitamin E or Tocopherol constitutes a group of eight fat soluble compounds that control the production of reactive Oxygen species, a process that triggers when fats undergo oxidation. Vitamin E Benefits for Eyes Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which play a vital in preventing cataracts and macular degeneration. Food Sources Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds and safflower oils are the richest sources of Vitamin E.
Required Dietary Intake Everyday requirement of Vitamin E has been cited regularly in all age groups. Studies and research at this point is on to know more about the benefits of having Vitamin E in our daily diet.
This is why doctors always prescribe the consumption of Vitamin E pills and supplements to enhance brain activity, but when you can learn more of doing it the natural way, why pay money to buy expensive supplements? Sunflower oil, wheatgerm oil etc are the best ways to ensure that the body gets all the Vitamin E it needs for the day. The fruit can be had raw or applied topically too, some even mash it up and make sandwich spreads out of it, your choice at the end of the day. The fruit is even better when had raw or cooked, and it brings in all the Vitamin E your body needs as well. If you have some recipes to share or would like us to know more about Vitamin E food sources, feel free to write into us. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. The imbalance of thyroid hormone, in some cases, is also responsible for hair loss or hair fall. They usually recommend patients to take bioidentical hormones. Taking bioidentical hormones is a temporary relief and would not affect the root cause of the problem. He or she can tell you if there is an alternative for the medication you are currently taking; and if it is there, he or she will suggest you to take that alternative with some other precautions. Human body does not produce Vitamin C but it has to be taken through external sources as fruits and vegetables.
Eyes have to bear maximum burden next to brain.  It is highly recommended to take immense care of eyes because they are amongst the most sensitive organs in the body.
Highly influential and important Vitamins have shown their positive impact on eyes when consumed regularly.
It is responsible for producing pigment present in the retina, thus forms the basis of our vision strength. Vitamin A helps to reduce the risk of night blindness by forming a light sensitive pigment that basically sends and receive images to the brain. Experts have revealed that people who take rich diet with vitamin A are at lower risk of developing age related macular degeneration. According to a recent study, regular intake of vitamin is must for eyes to function properly.
It is a good habit to intake abundant Vitamin C rich fruits that usually appear in cold seasons. Adults up to 18 years may require 75 mcg, while older aged individuals may need 90 mcg of Vitamin C in diet every day.
Vitamin D is a group of Secosteroids that perform absorption of calcium and phosphate in the intestines.
Various studies have shown that people who take vitamin D supplements are at lower risk of developing age related macular degeneration. While elders up to 17 years of age require 100mcg, adults’ requirement figures hovers over 250 mcg per day. It also can be found in peanut, sunflower seeds, egg yolk, vegetable oil, whole grain products, green vegetables, pickled green olives and dried apricots.
Other important sources are almonds, spinach, Swiss chard, papaya, mustard greens, nuts, tropical fruits, wheat, bell peppers, turnip greens, collard greens.
While infants should have 200mcg every day, kids up to 10 years of age can have 400mcg of it.
While that is on, it would be good for you to know that Vitamin E has the power to fight against the havoc caused by free radicals, which if left unchecked can bring in chronic ailments such as cancers, and also cause premature ageing to the skin as well.

Hazelnuts are the best sources of Vitamin E, and if you hate chewing nuts, you could try the milk of hazelnut or maybe its flavored cream too. If not that, the imbalance of the thyroid hormone can cause the imbalance of steroid hormone and that can lead to hair loss.
Synthroid is one of the medications for thyroid that is responsible for hair loss in thyroid patients.
While we keep convincing ourselves about the care measures we take, the actual picture demands attention and makes it mandatory for us to better wake up than never.
Check out the following four Vitamins that are very helpful in ensuring strength for the beautiful pair. Also, deficiency of vitamin A leads to several eyes disorders such as Night Blindness, measles and Diarrhea.
Other sources of vitamin D include eggs, fish, tuna fish, catfish, cod liver oil, mushroom and dairy products. Other good sources include tuna fish, salmon fish, cod liver oil, eggs, catfish and cheese. It is believed to protect cells of your eyes from damage that is caused unstable molecules known as free radicals, which usually break down healthy tissue.
Diets that are low in fat and have a lot of highly processed foods can be dangerously lower in vitamin E.
Oranges, Guava, Lemon, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Papaya, Strawberry, Kiwi Pineapple are some of the rich sources of Vitamin C. Teens may easily intake up to 800-900 mcg of Vitamin A, while for pregnant women the requirement rises up to 1200mcg. Guava, bell pepper, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, orange, strawberry and papaya are some good source of vitamin C. Vitamin E is essential to our health and vitality since it performs so many important functions in our bodies. Weight fluctuations are still okay but loosing hair is the most dreadful thing that one can imagine of.
It also helps to prevent acrystallization or accumulation of foreign molecules, which result in the cloudy vision of cataracts. Vitamin E is definitely an antioxidant vitamin with the vital task of protecting cell membranes for free radical damage.It plays a part in cell communication and helps to help keep red blood cells healthy. A deficiency of vitamin E, although rare inside a healthy person, can cause nerve damage and result in balance problems, muscle weakness, and sensory changes. Additionally, it may cause a form of anemia, called hemolytic anemia, where red blood cells rupture easily.Mustard GreensThese hot tasting greens are some of the top carriers of vitamin E and contribute a great deal to a healthy meal. Although many like them best cooked, consider lighter cooking or use within salads in order to retain the most benefit.Seeds15 milligrams of vitamin E daily for adults. With vitamin E and many more antioxidants and essential nutrients, spinach can also be among the easiest foods to use.
Nuts are a good way to consume healthy on the run because they are so easy to consider anywhere and routinely eaten within their original raw state.Red PeppersThese colorful peppers are a good source of vitamin E, vitamin C, and other similar powerful antioxidants.
Again, consider how to use these vegetables fresh for any greater health value.OilsVegetable oils for example olive oil are also a good source of vitamin E along with other nutrients.
Vitamin E FoodBroccoliThis green vegetable is yet another frequent addition to the dinner plate which brings a lot of healthy substances to a meal. Consider getting these exotic foods which are increasingly easy to find at your local supermarket.
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