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A Michigan doctor finds that nearly 100 percent of the patients he tests are deficient in a particular mineral. This mineral is one everyone has heard of — and you probably think you get plenty from your food.
This mineral kills off breast cancer cells without killing off normal cells in the process.
In fact, keep reading and I’ll tell you about a woman with late-stage breast cancer who saw her tumors disintegrate in less than four weeks thanks to this mineral.
Even the mainstream National Cancer Institute has confirmed this treatment’s ability to kill cancer cells. When breast tissue cells don’t contain enough of this mineral, they are more likely to be abnormal, precancerous, or cancerous. One of his patients, a 55-year-old man, suffered from depression and loss of vision for three years. After just 26 days of taking an iodine dose that would shock most conventional doctors, a woman with late-stage breast cancer found her tumors were disintegrating, as shown by PET scans.
Just four years after iodine was introduced, the number of goiter cases went down 75% and by 1951 fewer than one percent of school children had goiter. In spite of this huge success story, the medical establishment has practically forgotten iodine.
Now get this: to replace iodine, the baking industry began to use a related element — bromine — that’s actually toxic. Over the last 30 years our Iodine intake has declined 50% (removed from our food supply!), while the ingestion of toxic competing halogens (bromine, fluorine, chlorine, perchlorate) has dramatically increased in food, water, medicines and the environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has related iodine deficiency to mental retardation, cretinism, increased child and infant mortality, infertility, and socioeconomic decline — and more recently developmental delays (ADD, PDD, LD).
It was shown to make a difference of 13.5 points on IQ tests between iodine deficient and iodine sufficient areas.
According to the NHANES data iodine levels in the USA have fallen by about 50% over the last 30 years.
This is because most of the iodine resides in the sea and seashores, while most inland areas are iodine deficient. Coupled with the trend of reduced salt consumption, rates of iodine deficiency are now reaching epidemic levels. In the developed world, iodine deficiency has increased more than fourfold over the past 40 years.
Iodine is essential to life and especially crucial for brain development in children, making its deficiency the number one cause of preventable mental retardation worldwide. While goiter was relatively common a few generations ago, most middle age and younger Americans have never seen it. The health benefits of reducing salt intake have been well established.9,12,13 Millions of Americans are slashing their use of salt to protect themselves against high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. But by cutting our salt intake we are also cutting our iodine intake, which is why mean urinary iodine levels (a measure of iodine sufficiency) plummeted by more than half over a 20-year period.4,14 Additional, otherwise healthy behaviors have also contributed to inadequate iodine intake. The danger of low dietary iodine is further compounded by your body’s decreased ability to utilize it, the result of contamination by a ubiquitous environmental toxin called perchlorate.
Originally developed for explosives and rocket fuel,18 perchlorate now pervades ground water and food supplies throughout the US. By way of comparison, the average daily Japanese consumption of iodine ranges from 5,280 to 13,800 mcg of iodine, with no harmful effects and a host of benefits.18,25,26 The Japanese experience is shedding new light on the importance of iodine, not only for thyroid health, but on other body functions as well. Since thyroid function is a puzzle to many people, we’ll begin with a brief overview of that important gland and its requirements for iodine. Iodine is one of the most important minerals required for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Special Recent PostsWEATHER WARS - LADYZ DREDD - THE WESTERN DROUGHT SLAYERS: New Sky Guardians Help Fill California Lakes At Record Pace, Bring Rain To Multiple Deserts! Thyroid disease is one of the severe health related problems which requires great level of concern.
In both the cases, it is extremely important for the sufferer to follow a healthy diet plan and take appropriate rest to treat the disease. Drinking fresh fruit juices on daily basis would be of immense assistance in treating thyroid disease. Juices like apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, and pineapple juice should be drunk five to six times in a day to provide all the vital nutrients to the body, hence helping to fight against thyroid disease in an effective manner.

In order to allow the thyroid gland to carry out its functions appropriately, it is essential for the sufferers of thyroid disease to increase the intake of foods rich in iodine in their diet. Iodine is one of the most important minerals required for optimal functioning of thyroid gland. Traditional soy food products like natto, tofu, miso, and soy beans are regarded to be quite helpful for treating thyroid disease.
Apart from the above discussed natural remedies for treating thyroid disease, it is vital for an individual to stay away from certain foods and beverages like flesh foods, preservatives, white sugar, coffee, and tea to treat thyroid successfully. It is found in dairy products, seafood, kelp, eggs, bread, some vegetables and iodised salt.Iodine FoodsIt’s common knowledge now that one of the keys to good health is really a nutritious diet. It’s one of the world’s most powerful cancer cures, according to research by a scientist at the Detroit Institute of Cancer Research.
As far as I’m concerned, the real-life experiences of scores of patients are even more impressive. Millions of expectant mothers are deficient and don’t know it, putting their babies at risk.
The scientists who have actually studied iodine and the doctors who use it in their practice believe we need 83 times as much as the government’s recommended daily allowance (RDA). This dreadful mistake is because the medical profession sees iodine as a poison, even though it’s dangerous only in very large amounts.
His name is David Brownstein, and he reports amazing clinical results when his patients start supplementing with high levels of this vital mineral. David Brownstein, “I was taught in medical school that there is enough iodine in salt to supply the body’s need for iodine. Meanwhile in Japan Iodine intake is up to 100 times higher, while all of these same diseases are significantly lower!
This is why the most visible symptom of iodine deficiency is goiter—the unsightly, painful enlargement of the thyroid gland that manifests as an enormous swelling around the neck and larynx. In particular, compelling evidence is emerging about the role of iodine in maintaining breast health, a major concern for millions of American women. Then we’ll turn to the role of iodine in maintaining breast health, particularly in preventing breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. The thyroid produces two forms of thyroid hormone, both of which are derived from the amino acid tyrosine and several atoms of iodine.
People with this condition have rapid heart rates and often palpitations,29 excessive sweating, and may feel much warmer than other people do, even in a cool room. There is no life without iodine and it has been estimated that the entire population is deficient in iodine. Though, an individual may take certain medicines and drugs to get rid of the disease, however, it is best to follow the natural remedies for thyroid, as these do not have any side effects. People with thyroid disease should take proper rest during the day, and stay away from hectic activities as far as possible, so that the health gets improved soon. Not only physical, but mental relaxation is also important to treat thyroid disease naturally and effectively.
The diet should mainly consist of green vegetables and fresh fruits.Only potatoes and whole wheat products should be consumed among the starchy food products. These soy products are largely available in the Asian markets, and should be consumed in moderation as an effective cure for thyroid disease. However, it is very important for an individual to remain away from unfermented and refined soy products, which are commonly available in western countries.
Foods like pumpkin seeds and oysters are rich in zinc and should be included in the diet to allow the thyroid gland to function optimally. With the help of following the above discussed natural remedies, a sufferer of thyroid disease would be able to witness great level of improvement in his or her condition. Following is the list of just few of health benefits of drinking oxygenated water.Oxygen is also a necessary for human life. If you’re struggling with iodine deficiency or hypothyroidism, one of the most important things you should do is regularly eat healthy, iodine rich foods. And the lack of this vital nutrient is definitely a cause of breast cancer and breast cysts.
That’s according to the UN’s World Health Organization — and they’re not exactly a friend of alternative medicine. The RDA is just barely sufficient to prevent goiter, a swelling of the neck caused by a swollen thyroid gland. Before iodine was introduced into the American diet, 40 percent of the children in some communities had enlarged thyroid gland (goiter). Later, the baking industry started adding iodine to bread and other wheat products as a dough conditioner.
And just as you would expect, medical tests indicate the average American’s iodine level has plunged 50 percent.

You will discover iodine’s vital role in thyroid function and its link to obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and various forms of cancer. Its presence in soil, on the other hand, is very low in many places around the world, including the United States.
For thyroid support and to protect against forming of a goiter, only small amounts of iodine are required.
Szent-Gyorgyi, the discoverer of vitamin C, was reported to have said that they did not know what iodine did in medical terms but it did everything good and was used for almost all health conditions.
On the island of Okinawa there are a higher percentage of people over 100 than anywhere else in the world. Emotional stress can have a harmful impact on the health of an individual, and might aggravate the thyroid disease.
Thyroid disease sufferers should take the required level of protein from peas, cheese, beans, nuts, and lentils. It’s very likely a cause of prostate cancer, too — and probably a factor in many other types of cancer. After starting a supplement protocol that included iodine, he reported the difference was like “night and day. With the help of iodine supplements she was able to stop the progress of her tumors — without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Because — in yet another blunder — the medical establishment claimed the levels of iodine in bread might be unsafe.
You will also find out how iodine can help ward off breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. You can start with 6 to 12 drops a day in water for about one week and you will notice improvement. Use 3 to 6 drops in glass of water, gargle, do not drink, spit out in glass and observe what comes out. One of the classic symptoms of the iodine deficiency is an enlarged thyroid gland, known as goiter.Iodine Rich FoodsThe foods rich in iodine should be built-into our diet because of the beneficial health properties associated with this mineral. In this article we look in a list of foods that contain iodine.MilkMilk is usually the beverage preferred by anyone who’s worried about a calcium or Vitamin D deficiency. One cup of milk contains an impressive 56 micrograms of the mineral, or about 37% of the items the average person must consume each day.YogurtA natural probiotic, yogurt is a superb iodine food you should add to your diet.
Read on for tips on how to benefit from calcium at any age.Getting enough calcium is essential for your health. Other than yogurt, this is a list of probiotic foods you should think about incorporating into your diet for additional health benefits.
Even though they are not a major player, they do contain small amounts of iodine and offer other nutrients and vitamins which makes them an excellent addition to your meals.
It has many important functions in the body, but its most important role is in preventing anaemia.Iron is a mineral in the human body.
Low in calories and high in flavor, add strawberries for desert and have a strawberry protein shake and get that extra little bit of iodine they provide.Baked PotatoesIn order to get the necessary nutrients, baked potatoes are a more sensible choice than mashed potatoes. Most of the important dietary staples, such as fiber, vitamins, and potassium are contained in the skin.
Listed here are two lists of calcium supplement rich fruits and vegetables.Calcium, an essential element, plays a significant role in keeping bones healthy and regulating nerve and muscle functions.
A three-ounce serving size of cod provides your body with 99 micrograms of iodine, or 66% of the recommended amount per day.
Cod is another healthy source of protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin E.Green BeansIf you’re missing that last little bit of iodine in your diet, cook a serving of green beans with your next meal. The body does not make iodine, so it is an essential part of your diet.Iodine is an essential mineral that’s vital to the proper functioning of the thyroid. Additionally, green beans (also commonly referred to as string beans) are a great source of Vitamin C, potassium, and folate.

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