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Flaxseeds actually have all 9 amino acids and it triggers the fat burning hormone called growth hormone. It’s not just a matter of triggering your fat burning hormones but, more importantly, avoiding those things that prevent fat burning and proper mineral balance. There are two basic types of problems with weight that need to be addressed: The first problem is fat, which is a problem of a failing endocrine system (glands and hormones).
It is important to take as many actions as possible to support hormone health while avoiding things that destroy hormone function. If the cause of your weight problem is a sick or failing endocrine system, then we need some nutrient-dense live food to heal it.
Fats typically do not influence fat-making hormones; however, they do have the ability to stress the liver, which indirectly affects hormone flows through the liver.

The whole myth that fat is the big culprit making everyone fat doesn’t pan out when you’re talking about hormones.
When you skip meals or do a fasting program, your blood sugars decrease, stimulating several hormones.
A very interesting yet rarely understood fact of exercise is that the calories burned during exercise are very few.
Having the correct plan for your body type is a much easier and faster and healthier way to keeping the weight off. In The 7 Principles of Fat Burning we not only tell you what to do but we change the way you look at calories, hormones and fat burning so you CAN finally succeed.
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The second one, fluid retention, is a problem of sodium and potassium imbalance, which could also be failing endocrine glands - adrenals. As you age you need to start looking at the relationship between hormones and certain foods especially the fat burning foods.
Eggs are at the top of the list because they contain hardly any carbohydrates so you won’t get an insulin spike which is a fat making hormone.

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