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Andrew Selous (South West Bedfordshire) (Con): What steps the Church of England has taken to support food banks. The Second Church Estates Commissioner (Tony Baldry): The Church is heavily engaged in food banks across the country. Andrew Selous: In South West Bedfordshire, churches in Dunstable and Houghton Regis have just agreed to set up a food bank, and churches in Leighton Buzzard run a homeless service. Tony Baldry: I hope that churches across the country will seek to engage with and support their local communities whenever they can.
Tony Baldry: The Bishop of London’s leadership on that initiative is excellent, and it is an excellent initiative.

Gentleman join me in congratulating the Bishop of London on his support for the “Feeding the 5,000” event in Trafalgar square last Friday? Churches throughout the constituency are taking part in the “Let’s Stick Together” initiative run by Care for the Family. That organisation looks at how we can use the phenomenal amount of food that goes to waste in this country to feed people who are in food poverty. Food banks also offer additional support to put people in touch with relevant agencies that can offer further support. Local churches can support food banking in several ways, including through the direct giving of food donations, and through volunteering and working where necessary to step in to assist those in need.

Friend agree that that is an amazing record of achievement in contributing to our local community?

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