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Start by introducing 2-3 teaspoons of food once per day at mid-day lunch time, after nursing (or a bottle). Introduce raw fruits (which contain calories and vitamins) after nursing (or bottle) at any time of day and also after lunch (food meal) too. After your baby becomes accustomed to food add some pureed meat (which contains iron) to the mid-day meal time. At 9 months, it's like at six months but you can add foods like bread, pasta, crackers and small pieces of vegetables, fruits and other foods ( once they have 4 teeth). To avoid the risk of choking, do not give pieces of hard raw foods, such as carrots and fennel etc., finely grate them instead.
Toddlers eat a 4 course lunch at the creche (high quality subsidized french daycare), which includes a salad course, a then meat or fish with vegetables course, a cheese course and finally fresh fruit for dessert. There are two cultural factors in the US that contribute to it's high level of obesity rates: Lots of snacking and restaurants with kitchens open all day, every day.

We have just entered the phase in which our little Anton gets to experience food for the first time here in Paris. Gradually increase the amount to the point of replacing a mid-day nurse (or bottle) with food. Continue breastfeeding or you can now  offer cow's milk (or goat), up to 720ml (24oz) per day.
After a few weeks, and when your baby is ready, you can also offer whole milk yogurt (in a glass jar at the supermarket) or petits suisses 40% fat (fresh cheese comparable to a thick greek yogurt) as a snack. Whereas in France they create a schedule of strict meal times and allow two hours at lunch to take your time and not rush.
Pierre Bitoun, has created a guideline on how to approach this very exciting phase of life and I've translated it here (the best I could!) for our readers.
Restaurants in Europe are closed in between lunch and dinner service and children are used to eating on a strict schedule so all in all, they tend to not over do it.

Considering France has one of the lowest rates of child obesity in the developed world, we thought it would be worth sharing. You do not need need to use salt or sugar because there is enough in breast milk and in baby formula. Despite the fact that french food is rich and buttery (and delicious), the French are actually pretty moderate eaters.
To prevent allergies, it is good to avoid strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, egg whites and chocolate until babies are a year old.

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