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Berlin, Germany-based food delivery marketplace Foodpanda, along with its affiliated brands hellofood and Delivery Club, raised an additional $60m in funding. The company intends to use the funds to strengthen and expand its position in existing countries.
Launched in 2012, the group has raised over $100m and recently acquired competitor Russian Delivery Club.
In 2013, foodpanda secured more than $20M from Phenomen Ventures and Investment AB Kinnevik, and $8m from iMENA Holdings. is giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T231, Fujifilm Instamix Mini8 & Jabong vouchers to the winners! About Latest Posts Gia KashyapSerial Blogger, Fashion writer, Graphic designer and a Happy soul!

We are living in an exciting time in the new revolution of internet where we change our behavior from offline to online, for instance, using mobile applications.
FoodPanda is a global online food delivery marketplace which was founded in May 2012, Singapore, since than its extremely growing and raised USD 20 million in fresh round of funding. Most of the restaurants are running on high fixed costs but with this opportunity FoodPanda makes low costs with no additional ones. Take a look at this video where the co-founders share the FoodPanda system and how it works online. The company concentrated to find people at the beginning to develop their website, add restaurants to it looking for the behave and their opinion about the system. It allows customers to choose their favorite meal online, and the platform sends the order directly to the restaurant, which delivers the meal to the customer.

Another $20m from a group of investors, including Phenomen Ventures, was collected in February 2014.
That is the main reason why restaurants like the site and the company as well.Their focus point was to be the leader of ordering nourishments as the Facebook is the leader in social media.
Basically the company follow up their users feedback which is still interesting for them over 2 years.

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