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Mutantville & Horror news, convention updates, reviews, filmmaking tips, and all things horror! Worcester Foodie Fortnight, a new campaign aimed at boosting the eating establishments in Worcester city centre is now in full swing. The campaign is built around the Worcester Foodie Festival, which attracted thousands of visitors to the city centre last weekend. Celebrity chefs Jean-Christophe Novelli and Felice Tocchini have proven to be the stars of the show with their free cookery demos at the main stage in High Street, sharing techniques for healthier cooking using less salt, sugar and saturated fats in their recipes. Practical sessions such as the free kids food lab, knife skills classes for adults and food and drink matching masterclasses have been another great draw for visitors from near and far. There was something for everyone’s taste with a great choice of delicious treats available from more than 70 stalls – from locally made cheeses and honeys, fruit liqueurs and wines to gourmet burgers, spicy curries and sweet delights including churros. Worcester BID Marketing and Events Manager, Nadja von Dahlen, said “We are delighted to see the successful expansion of the 2nd Worcester Foodie Festival with more stalls, entertainment and activities. Footfall on Saturday was up 52% on the previous Saturday and 30% up on the 2014 Foodie Festival Saturday.
Until the end of this week, residents and visitors can take advantage of mouth-watering offers at local cafes, restaurants, pubs and other food and drink related businesses as part of the Worcester Foodie Fortnight campaign – from breakfast and lunch club deals to special ?5 and ?10 menus.
This website uses cookies to improve your experience.Accept If you do not agree to our use of cookies please contact us for further information. The other night I was at a bar with my friend Sarah, enjoying a perfectly genteel conversation, when suddenly she dropped the f-bomb. As I’ve begun, as waffling politicians like to say, to evolve on this issue, I’ve found myself wondering whether we all just need to relax when it comes to gastronomic labeling—to resist that knee-jerk recoil factor.

I think the cringe response to any word that is cutesy or overused to the point of triteness is a worthy one.
Today, outdoor play faces tough competition—from electronics, overscheduling, declining recess time, and lack of access to safe play spaces. Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area.
The great participation of local businesses that are in the city all year around gave this event a different spin, as it truly showcased Worcester’s fantastic food and drink offer and literally put it on the plate. On Sunday the event led to an even bigger increase in footfall with a 91% increase on the previous Sunday and 9% up on the 2014 Foodie Festival Sunday.
Activities, live music, competitions and a food and drink trail are another great way for people to try places and food that they haven’t experienced before. Yet here I was, in prissy cringe mode, conditioned as I’ve been by the visceral hostility to that label from the, uh, edibles-enthusiast community. For starters, even foodie apologists would concede the word’s cloying cutesiness, a la yuppie or Trekkie. But I’m beginning to come around to the notion that parsing the relative ickiness of gastronome, epicure, food geek, gourmand, ’hound, troughist (I’m serious), gastronaut (ahem), and so on misses one glaring point.
We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. Night one brings us The Cue, a 12-mixologist cocktail shakedown complemented by the best BBQ in town. Indeed, do a keyword search for the verboten term on online forums and blogs like Chowhound, eGullet, and Eater and you’ll find dozens of threads devoted to railing against it.

Globe dining critic Devra First has deemed the moniker “goofy,” while the Improper’s reviewer, who writes under the nom de plume MC Slim JB, began a recent column with an extended diatribe contrasting the foodie—a “dreadfully passe” breed given to “shuddering at less-than-shiny dining rooms”—with the “food nerd,” more likely to brave fading decor in pursuit of epicurean epiphanies.
Other disparagers blame those irascible Yelpers for hijacking the label, mucking up its neutral meaning with unsavory baggage—similar, at least structurally, to the aforementioned poseur theory, but with shallower pockets (and more entitlement). Namely: It’s hard to pull off anti-elitist insouciance with an indignant look on your face.
I know way too many self-styled foodies who really believe that their love of good food makes them a special snowflake, or that they actually possess more rarified tastes than the rest of us because they watch 50 hours of Food TV programming a week.
Night two brings back Battle of the Burger for the fifth year, featuring the ultimate burger competition between the top 25 burgers in town, as voted on by the public. Food nerd, by this train of thought, implies legitimacy; foodie, then, is strictly for poseurs. As one Dallas-based writer I follow put it in a recent article on this very topic: “The word works because there is no better substitute. Too many of them aren’t very adventurous about food, in fact are quite conventional and middlebrow in their tastes.
What genuine lover of food wants to get lumped in with a bunch of mercurial snobs wielding a poison pen in pursuit of Elite status, or a comped meal?

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