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How to get a simple, vegan soup with the richness of long-cooked greens -- without the long-cooking. Every week on Food52, Senior Editor Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that are nothing short of genius. The greens are almost an afterthought to get it to sit up on the plate, a thickening agent. The recipe comes from Portland chef Trent Pierce, and its name alone shows off three major attractions: miso, cream, kale. Any one of these is more than reason enough to pay attention -- but they just keep coming after that.

Making it is as simple as any other sautéed green, despite its fanciness and glowing reputation.
Where cream alone could blur, vermouth and miso lay their anchors; where butter gets rich, soy battens down. And of course, it fits right in sidled up next to a nice slab of roast beef or turkey -- you'll just need a lot less gravy.
Food52er deensiebat said it best: "I realize that it's not hard to love a dish with cream, booze, miso, and soy-cooked mushrooms. This will be your dressy topping, and will test the limits of how much umami you can use to gird a single dish.

But while we usually pigeonhole it into salads and smoothies, this is kale for the holidays.

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