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Terrible news, green juice drinkers and kale fanatics everywhere -- a global kale shortage might be upon us. We don't mean to be alarmists, but what if, when we woke up tomorrow, there was no more kale left on earth?
Collard greens are a staple of southern American cooking, and are finally starting be embraced by the rest of the country.
Turnip greens are just like turnips: kind of sweet, kind of spicy, kind of bitter, occasionally smelly, but ultimately delicious. If you've never eaten raw mustard greens, be prepared for your first taste: they have a bite.

Get a great Mustard Greens recipe from Simply Recipes (she's a mustard greens lover, so trust her). If your pulse just quickened and you darted to protect your crisper, we'd like to invite you to calm the hell down. They can be shaved thinly and eaten raw as a salad, sauteed quickly with garlic for a hearty side, but can also stand up to being stewed for a really long time. Before everyone fell in love with kale, it was spinach that our parents wanted us to eat before we could have dessert. Swiss chard cooks more quickly than most other leafy greens (because of its high water content), and its crunchy stems make great pickles.

Because of their peppery bite, mustard greens are usually mixed with other greens for cooking, but we happen to like their ability to knock us out of our chairs.

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