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In unserem zweiten Teil der Reihe zu den beliebtesten YouTubern stellen wir euch unsere Top 10 der wohl kostlichsten Channels vor, die YouTube zu bieten hat. Auch wenn es sich hier um einen eher kleineren Kanal handelt, wird Geschmack hier ganz gro? geschrieben! Theresa hat nach ihrer Ausbildung bei MAGIX als festes Mitglied im Social Media Team angefangen. In Thailand, ketchup is “the epitome of Western ingredients,” Pailin Chongchitnant says in one of her popular YouTube videos. Head over to WellinLA for more details on the event AND enter to win some of this magical TEA.
When I was growing up Fondue was a staple meal in my house and typically reserved for special occasions.
Fondue is not only great for a romantic din din at home, it is SUCH a crowd pleaser if you’re throwing a party. And lastly, to steal a quote from my friend at EatDrinkLA, this place may be called little fork, but it has a great big taste! I’m lucky enough to regularly visit Chicago and I just got back from five days of running around the beautiful city enjoying fall weather, family time, drinks with friends and massive amounts of food.
As profiled in "The Streets of Heavenly Dumplings," in the June issue of Conde Nast Traveler, when Jean-Georges Vongerichten craves something local and delicious in Shanghai, he heads for the vendors in the French Concession. Anfluge von Hei?hungerattacken konnen wir in den nachsten Zeilen leider nicht ausschlie?en!
Sie entfuhren uns mit ihren Gerichten in fremde Lander, zeigen uns, wie das perfekte Steak gebraten wird oder mit welchen Kuchenkreationen man seine Freunde und Verwandten vor Neid erblassen lasst. Gerne lasst sie auch ihre philippinischen Wurzeln mit einflie?en und zeigt, wie lecker und einfach Lumpia, Lachs Sinigang oder Ph? zuzubereiten sind. Mehr als 717.000 Menschen lassen sich regelma?ig von Sally in die gro?e Welt der Tortenkunst entfuhren.
Low Carb Liebhaber kommen hier garantiert auf ihre Kosten, denn das kochhelden.TV- Team zeigt euch leckere, deftige Gerichte, die wenig Kohlenhydrate beinhalten.
Bei ehrlichesessen dreht sich alles um den perfekten Burger, leckere Pizzen und eigentlich alles, was ganz oben in der Ernahrungspyramide aufgelistet wird.
Getreu diesem Motto kochen Sandra und Stephan die leckersten Gerichte, die garantiert bei jedem ein breites Lacheln ins Gesicht zaubern. Denn es fuhrt auch noch ein Weg an Attila Hildmann vorbei.  Sophia uberzeugt uns mit ihrer gro?en Passion fur veganes Essen und zeigt, dass es auch gar nicht so schwer ist, auf tierische Produkte zu verzichten. Wenn sie nicht gerade interessante Beitrage fur euch verfasst oder Fragen beantwortet, backt und kocht sie leidenschaftlich gerne und versogt das ganze Buro mit Leckereien. It’s a clip devoted to demonstrating one of the ways Thai people prepare pasta – pad macaroni. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. If you follow me on Istagram, Twitter and FB you may remember that I visited Colorado Springs earlier this month. It’s actually one of the oldest restaurants in SM, but with recent renovations and an updated menu (that includes lots of Vegan options!) it feels sexy. When it comes to eating, I have a few staples that are mandatory (like the Chicago Diner) but otherwise I make it a point to do research and find new places, like Greek Isles in Greek Town. And you might be asking yourself, self, what is she talking about…A few weeks ago I came up with a fun way for brands to connect with key online influencers in an intimate setting and the idea of Taste N Tweet was born.
Solltet ihr also momentan ein leichtes Hungergefuhl verspuren, ware es besser, wenn ihr euch mit ein paar Snacks ausstattet, bevor ihr weiter lest.
Fur Back-Einsteiger und Hobbybacker bietet sie fantastische Rezepte, die nicht nur lecker sind, sondern auch optisch ordentlich Eindruck schinden. Jeden Tag um 16 Uhr verwohnt er uns mit einem weiteren Video, in dem er immer aufs Neue seine Kochfahigkeiten unter Beweis stellt. Wir lassen uns aber gerne verfuhren und drucken fur diese leckeren Gerichte gerne beide Augen zu. Gesunder Genuss ist ihr Motto, wobei sie uns auch mit ein paar Naschereien fur einen gelegentlichen Cheatday versorgen.  Dieses Gute-Laune-Duo steckt an! If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse.

During Oscar weekend my blogger partner-in-crime, Erin from WellinLA, and I were invited on behalf of Tea of a Kind for a lux night out on the town. I chop up apple chunks, roast potatoes, serve fresh grapes, mini French baguette bites and slices of savory vegan sausage.
Angelenos can feel me on that one!) BUT when I was recently invited to dinner in Hollywood with a group of fun ladies I jumped at the chance to venture east and explore the newly opened restaurant; LitteFork. Krista Hinkle, bartender extraordinaire from The Broadmoor, taught my girlfriend Rachel and I how to make the perfect winter cocktail.
The fresh fare is the epitome of California cuisine serving up an assortment of unique flavors perfectly fused together. For my very first TNT I invited over some of LA’s most influential ladies, (who are currently dominating cyberland) for a night of eating, drinking, tweeting and fun. Wen das noch nicht uberzeugt, der sollte sich folgende Worte durchlesen: Milchschnittentraum, Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, Blaubeertorte im Ombre-Muster… Tropft euch schon der Zahn? Von herzhaft bis su?, Joey hat es einfach drauf und lasst uns mit seinen abwechslungsreichen Rezepten genusstechnisch auf Wolke 7 schweben! But if you see someone putting ketchup in pad Thai – “that is wrong and wrong,” Chongchitnant says. It has a Mediterranean chic vibe and in addition to the killer cocktails it serves up some delish food. Since Trader Joes sells a pre made Fondue cheese, it’s an extremely easy meal to prepare, and manages to feel super fancy.
The owners of Littlefork are the same people that do A-Frame and Sunny Spot, and while I haven’t been to those locations I have heard great things.
She whipped up a handful of Sharzad friendly ingredients like Chai tea, vanilla rum, cinnamon and orange bitters to create what I like to call a mouthgasm. One of my first stops on my adventures in Colorado Springs trip was a cooking session with Executive Chef Bertrand of the beautiful Broadmoor. I highly recommend dining in the beautiful outdoor garden patio, especially during these hot fall nights and sipping a Kari Kari cocktail.
We blew up the twittershpere with entertaining chatter about Gary Farrell wine and as the night progressed our tweets got significantly more interesting. Wie bearbeitet man Fondant, woraus besteht eine typische Buttercreme und wie erstellt man Zuckerrosen? He whipped up a ridiculously tasty dish of halibut wrapped in potatoes and served on a bed of creamed leeks with a port reduction sauce. Das CookBakery auch noch mit MAGIX Video deluxe 2016 Premium schneidet, freut uns um so mehr! So if you put ketchup in pad Thai that is not authentic no matter how you look at it because ketchup is not an ingredient that is native to Thai cuisine,” she explains in an interview, emphasizing her belief that ingredients are what characterize Thai food.“If you change the noodles, and instead of using rice noodles you use glass noodles, it’s still authentic because it’s just a variation.
Next up was the hip Blind Barber in Culver City; part barber shop, part speak easy, this place was beyond cool.
Then I was off to The Charleston, a popular west side spot, with a gorgeous bartender and a very festive (and strong!) drink. Let’s talk food; the menu has a unique variety of flavors inspired by the East Coast-think creative Seafood dishes accompanied by delish small plates.
The last two spots were La Descarga and Sassafras, both in Hollywood, both have live music and both are SO F-ING COOL. She takes an educational approach with her videos, and has extended her teachings to Hot Thai Kitchen. The book isn’t simply a collection of recipes, although there are certainly plenty of those, including lesser-known dishes such as sour curry with Thai omelette (gaeng som) and nam prik, a dip that is a mainstay on many family tables in Thailand. It’s a comprehensive resource, full of information designed to arm home cooks with the cultural context necessary to understand Thai cuisine.“A cuisine is so much more than just the mere sum of its dishes.
And once you understand that, you will not be just following instructions,” Chongchitnant says.
One of her goals is that ultimately, readers will have the know-how required to improvise Thai dishes, and cook like a local. In the book, she delves into the culture of eating in Thailand, understanding Thai ingredients, equipment and tools, and the structure of Thai dishes.
Because I’ve talked to so many people from around the world, and the one thing they don’t have is confidence when they cook Thai food,” Chongchitnant says.Fresh Thai vegetables in particular can be hard to find in Canada, and Chongchitnant advises asking at your local Thai restaurant to find out where they buy their produce.
But perhaps most of all, she wants home cooks to become familiar with the flavours and how to use Thai ingredients, and feel free to make educated substitutions.

For example, she recommends using the inner stalks and leaves of celery in place of Chinese celery, or broccoli or kale in place of Chinese broccoli, if need be. So people have to adopt the same relaxed attitude that they have about cooking their own cuisine.”She breaks down ingredients into six categories, according to function. The idea is, once you understand that fermented soybean paste (tao jiew), for example, functions as a salting agent in Thai dishes, you will be able to exchange it for others in the same category. Decide whether you want to make a thick, rich curry or a light, brothy curry – so coconut milk or stock.
In Thailand we use a lot of this base paste – garlic, cilantro roots and white peppercorn – and we just need a little bit. But in a mortar and pestle, it doesn’t matter how small the amount is, you can still do it. And when it’s not doing anything, it just sits there as a kitchen decoration – it’s pretty.”Wok, preferably round bottom, carbon steel“Yes, you can get away with a large saute pan but there’s a lot of tossing and stirring, and when you’re doing it in a saute pan that’s flat, it always jumps out of the pan. With a wok, you can really toss it around aggressively and that helps with even cooking without fear of losing things. Published by Appetite by Random House, a division of Random House of Canada Ltd., a Penguin Random House Company.
Add the curry paste to the reduced coconut milk and cook over medium-low heat for 3–4 minutes, stirring constantly, until the curry paste is very thick. When the curry boils, add the cooked beef and bamboo shoots; simmer for 3–4 minutes so they absorb the curry. If we simmered the beef in the curry, the vibrant green colour would start to fade and turn yellow from prolonged heat exposure. Toast the coriander seeds by adding them to a dry saute pan and stirring constantly over medium-high heat until the seeds are aromatic and slightly darkened, about 4 minutes.
Using a mortar and pestle, grind the toasted coriander seeds, toasted cumin seeds, and white peppercorns into a fine powder. Cut 8 of the green Thai chilies in half horizontally and, with a paring knife, scrape off and discard the seeds and pith, then finely chop along with the remaining chilies. Add the chopped chilies and salt to a heavy-duty mortar and pestle; pound into a fine paste.
If the mixture feels too wet at any point, add some of the ground spices to absorb the liquid.5.
Note: We are just par-cooking the eggplants, so they should still be quite firm at this point.
Do not fry them any longer than 30 seconds as they can absorb a lot of oil if they become too soft.2.
Add the ground pork and stir until the pork is broken apart and is about 60 per cent done.4. Add the eggplants and bell peppers; keep tossing until the eggplants are fully cooked but still hold their shape. Cutting the eggplant too big will make this harder to achieve, as the outside will overcook before the inside is done. For the dressing, pound the Thai chilies into a paste in a mortar, then add the palm sugar and pound until the sugar is dissolved. If not using a mortar and pestle, you can finely mince the chilies and stir all the ingredients together in a small bowl until the sugar is dissolved.2. Crack an egg into the centre of the pan, and turn the heat down to medium; the egg white should start bubbling excitedly right away. Once the edges of the egg white are browned and crispy, and the yolk is no longer runny, remove and drain on paper towel. For the salad, cut the fried eggs into bite-sized pieces and add to a large salad bowl along with the onion, Chinese celery, grape tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro.

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