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I love the idea of hiring a food truck for your wedding and this inspiration shoot sent over from the insanely talented Sitting in a tree ladies is just perfect! Austin Hendrix Productions also put together a little behind the scenes video from the shoot. If you love this idea, here is a cute wedding where they met at a food truck for dinner in San Francisco and another post highlighting some food trucks around the country!
For those of you doing food trucks for rehearsal dinners – Where are you hosting the events? If your a foodie, and want to add some uniqueness to your wedding, a food truck might be the perfect thing to bring a little you into your special day. Bringing a food truck to your wedding reception does require a few extra thoughts and proper planning. When we say food trucks most people think of the ones you find at your local fair: gyros, pizza, hot dogs, elephant ears, and funnel cakes. You can use this trend in so many different ways, and make it as causal or high end as you want; but either way you will have one of the top food trends for this year! There are several food trailer parks in Austin, with many different foods represented in each.
Hello, I stumbled onto your site whilst trying to find suggestions intended for blooms for a friends marriage ceremony.
You can get everything from cupcakes to lobster rolls from a food truck here in the Washington DC area and new trucks are coming onto the scene every week! With so many amazing food truck options, consider choosing hiring two to four options (based on the amount of guests) which offer diverse selections.  Since the trucks normally offer full-size portions, inquire about smaller portions so your guests have room to sample the different fare.
If the food trucks will be serving the whole meal, think about the style of service you want to have. Packaging is everything!  Talk to your trucks about how the food will be presented and work with them to incorporate your colors or names for a personalized touch.
Your marriage license isn’t the only thing you need to have approval for on your wedding day. Since many receptions last well into the night, make sure the area that is designated for truck parking is well lit so guests can see what they are ordering, and can walk around safely after the sun goes down! As with any wedding, an inclement weather back-up plan is very important, but even more so since most venues do not allow or have the capacity for indoor access for vehicles.  Based on your venue’s location and layout, having a tent on reserve may be an appropriate back-up option. This type of meal service requires you doing more of the legwork so consider working with a planner to ensure you don’t overlook any of the important details.
Be sure to check out all of the other DC area wedding advice that we have put together for you or look through our list of the best Washington DC area wedding vendors! Using Food Trucks for wedding catering is a great way to grab a quick and tasty late night snack, that are sure to have you craving for more!
Are you looking into serving some scrumptious late night snacks for your guests to nibble on during your Big Day?

To solve the problem we found that Chicago Food Trucks are the perfect trendy way to serve these late night delights! By using this unique “food on wheels” concept, you can have an array of diverse late night snack food items to choose from. By choosing to hire a food truck to satisfy those late night craving, you are able to get everything from mouth-watering French crepes to divine Indian cuisine. Chicagoland has some impeccable food trucks to choose from, including the popular  Beavers Donuts! Or, for your more experimental guests, Beavers also serves up their mouth watering mini donuts with your choice of one of their irreplaceable toppings like s’mores, nutella, and PB&J! Beavers Donuts stated to the Visions team that they  “love catering for weddings and are very accustomed to serving large groups form our gourmet food truck” which is perfect for any Chicago wedding! All their donuts comes in an easy to carry small folding box, or fully customize-able wax paper bags! No matter what your guests are looking while they’re dancing the night away on your big day, one thing is true,  food trucks are an absolute guarantee to satisfy any late night snack  craving!
Contact Visions, your Chicago Wedding Planner to set up all your reception needs, including a customized menu concept for late night snacks. Visions Event Studio specializes in luxury events, including proposals and couture weddings. Subscribe to our weekly emails for wedding inspiration, tips and tricks, hot trends and more delivered right to your inbox.
Whether you are looking for tacos, hamburgers, cupcakes, or ice cream I guaranteeA there is a food truck out there that can help serve your wedding. With the different food trucks available to us especially here in California, this is the perfect treat to any wedding gues! You don’t want your guests having to wait outside in the hot July weather in line to get food, however nothing beats an ice cream truck in the middle of summer.
Do you want a cute retro one or the one you see on the everyday street.  If you see one somewhere and you like it, ask about rental options. However, food carts are upping their game and serving small bites of some very tasty and higher end food in your own local cities.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the popularity of food trucks crept into wedding receptions and notes a couple from Brooklyn that had 3 trucks at their reception: appetizers, coffee and dessert. I would personally try the one with tacos and sno-cones (since it gets hot in Texas during the summer) to kill two birds with one stone!
Having a food truck or two at your wedding is also a really fun and delicious treat for you and your guests.
Will the trucks be similar to stations that your guests can casually visit throughout the night or will there be wait staff to call guests table by table to the trucks, similar to a buffet?  Try to reduce waiting time in line by thinking through these scenarios.  Also, since guests will be walking between their seats and the trucks, consider providing them with a tray to carry their treats. If you are planning to incorporate eco-friendly touches, this can be an area you talk with them about green packaging and reducing waste.

Also, this post about how to do a wedding for $15,000 has some great advice about food trucks. As Chicago wedding  planners our brides want to serve late night snacks, but appetizers are sure to dwindle quickly and open buffets are bound to grow cold as the hours past? The all-inclusive “meal on wheels” creates, cooks, and serves their specialized items all within their mobilized kitchen. Beavers creates delicious mini doughnuts  that are extremely light and airy creating the perfect bite!
Jenee Allan, owner and lead visionnaire, has been an integral part of hundreds of weddings and proposals. One of my favorite wedding trends is the idea of having a food tuck show up late night at your venue or your after party spot to feed guest as they start to getA hungryA again after all that dancing.
They are perfect also for those of you throwing a backyard wedding, a wedding in a park or another location without a kitchen. Food trucks at weddings do everything from late night bites, to dessert, right down to serving your entire wedding meal. BUT, food trucks at weddings can go from fun to disaster quickly without proper planning! There are few things that are different from a typical wedding caterer or traditional food options and you need to know these things before booking any trucks.
Every food truck prizes themselves as being the best of the best in their food category, and strives to create the best “meal on the go” you’ll ever have!
Their package of half a dozen mini donuts can be coated with the simple sugars such as cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, or chocolate powered sugar. During the wedding receptions Beavers will also bring along several drinks to choose from, which includes everything from their excellent Cuban blend coffee in which they get locally here in Chicago, all the way to some simple yet tasty hot coco, water, milk, juice, and more. Think about having an ice cream food truck for late night desserts or a pizza food truck to serve your guests. One of my favorite weddings from last year was an all-food-truck-catered wedding planned by DC area wedding planner Kelley Cannon.
If you are looking for a wedding planner to help you with a food truck wedding or any wedding type, really, be sure to check out Kelley Cannon Events. Kelley graciously agreed to provide us with a few tips and things that you need to know about having food trucks at your wedding. But I would definitely recommend this idea as a late night snack after the dessert but before the night is over, or it can be after-reception food. Looking for a food truck in your area check out a few of the food truck directories.I especially love how the array of food trucks to cater your event can be so easily matched to your theme.
How about serving your guests a taste of Maine in Manhattan at a nautically themed wedding? For some of your guests, it may be the first time theya€™ve had the food truck experience since the summers of their youth, when they reached up to exchange some coins for a cool frozen treat.

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