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A late 16th century portrait of Queen Elizabeth I has reveled over time and degradation that she was originally depicted holding a coiled serpent in her hand instead of the innocuous nosegay she holds now.
The portrait, painted by an unknown artist, some time in the 1580s or early 1590s, has not been on display at the National Portrait Gallery since 1921. Paint analysis shows that the snake was definitely made at the same time as the rest of the portrait. The artist repented of his creation, if you will, and now the serpent is repenting him right back.
Again the painter is unknown, but he’s definitely not the same person who would paint Elizabeth on the panel later. The serpent portrait will go on display starting on March 13th along with 3 other interestingly altered paintings of Elizabeth I in an exhibit called Concealed and Revealed: The Changing Faces of Elizabeth I. The most famous portrait of Elizabeth in the group, the Darnley portrait, originally showed the Queen with pink and rosy cheeks, so the image of the Virgin Queen always made up with white face and hands may turn out to be more of an artifact of faded paint than Elizabeth beauty standards.

Yes, as I mentioned in the blog entry, there’s a portrait of an unknown woman underneath Elizabeth, with her head higher and facing the other direction. All the above wallpapers of Jesus are widescreen ones so that they will be ideal for your widescreen monitor desktops. When an earlier image that has been painted over begins to show through, that is known as a pentimento, which means repentance in Italian.
You can clearly see the shadow of the serpent’s coming up from between her fingers and his tail coiling above her hand.
He changed his mind, though (possibly in consideration of the common association of snakes with the devil and original sin), and quickly painted it over with a strangely-shaped but perfectly inoffensive little bouquet of roses. There is no varnish between the snake and flower layers, so we know it was painted right over.
They were all modified in their time and have recently been re-examined using advanced scientific techniques of paint analysis, infrared and x-Ray photography so we can see more of what Elizabeth painters had hidden.

There are approximately 1,500 engravings and 600 paintings, dating from 15,000 BCE to 9,000 BCE. This lady is wearing a French hood, a garment fashionable from 1570 to 1580, so she might have been on the recycling heap for 10 to 20 years before getting royally repurposed. Right-click on the full size image and save it to your home computer.Nowadays, our normal monitors are getting replaced by widescreen ones at a very fast rate. If you click on the first picture at the top right of this entry, you can actually see her eye and nose in the left side of Elizabeth’s forehead and temple where the paint has chipped off. Because of the continued requests from our readers for widescreen wallpapers of Jesus Christ, we are hereby providing 24 Jesus Christ wide screen wallpapers in High Definition for free here.If your monitor resolution is still different from these wallpapers we have provided here, please let us know by commenting under this article.

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