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Crave is a TV series on Food Network in which the host, food writer Troy Johnson, travels across the country to visit restaurants, farms, and more in search of satisfying his gastronomic passions. Before hosting Crave, Troy Johnson was best known as the Senior Editor of San Diego's Riviera Magazine. The Food Network stars travel all over the United States in search of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". They were close for NC as barbecue is correct, but missed the mark as it should clearly be pulled pork (with a splash of vinegar-based sauce) and not a slab of ribs. Ok, I get the Ben & Jerry’s connection for VT, but maple syrup for New Hampshire? As a longtime Cincinnati area resident, I would have to agree with the assessment that Ohio = Cincy chili, as I’m hard pressed to find another food item that gets as much national press as that does.
The breaded pork tenderloin was invented in Huntington, Indiana at Nick’s Kitchen and Indiana has become quite proud of our pork deliciousness.
When this is updated, I strongly urge you to consider this delicacy as our regional cuisine. Having the distinction of producing the best quality peaches is something that you will not see me try to argue against .
Grapes for California is okay I guess representing fruit and wine… but I would think a big salad would be better with a side of SF Sourdough bread. Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which food-related words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other. Analysis:  The art of politics, much like sausage making, is a mildly disgusting process, much like stuffing a deboned chicken into a deboned duck into a deboned turkey (turducken). Analysis:  Louisiana is very loyal to its local food traditions, but it will steal dessert recipes from its neighbors. Analysis:  In Pennsylvania, the food pyramid is inverted, and the triangle comes in the form of a funnel you pour beer and high calorie snacks down.

Mother's Day is nearly upon us so Estately set out to see how Americans differ when it comes to Google searches related to Mother's Day, motherhood, celebrity moms, fictional moms, and all things mom-related. The King of Beers may be the brand most synonymous with America internationally, but the United States of America is 50 states strong, and each individual state deserves to be paired with a beer that best represents it. Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions a person will make, but that's because it's the most money a person will spend on one thing in their lifetime. The stereotype of Americans is we're all we're highly religious and wealthy consumers who spend our time firing guns, driving vehicles, stuffing our faces, watching reality TV, and generally avoiding traveling to or learning about anything beyond our borders.
Ease of finding quality crullers should be a top priority when choosing where to live, so we analyzed Yelp data to determine America's best and worst cities for donuts.
There are so many factors to consider when choosing where to buy a home, but here at Estately we don't want the potential zombie apocalypse to be one of them.
This is the food that Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Dean, Guy Fieri and others eat when they are not making it themselves.
Greece Jerky Club of the Month Review - Monthly Jerky Cheat Meal Hacks: Pizza, Which slice is right?
From shrimp and grits in the southeast, to New England clam chowder, to Midwestern cheese curds, food styles in this country vary as much as the people and landscapes in it. We do have the largest state fair ever, so understand about the food on the stick, but that’s only true for a few weeks around Labor Day.
I realize that’s what most people from other parts of the country think about from our state. They also play a role in our state’s economy, but I believe that was more so in the past. The food on a stick at the state fair is great, but it is only for 12 days around Labor Day.
The results weren’t entirely disturbing like our previous study of (view here) internet searches, but it did show some stark geographical differences.

Home buyers in Hawaii, where the median home value is $504,500, will spend considerably more than those in West Virginia, where the median home value is $100,200. So seriously in fact, that we combed through Yelp data to create this attractive map of America's best and worst cities for burgers.
That's why we've mapped out which states are the safest to live in should an army of the undead suddenly appear. Being a local, I would have picked salmon as our state food because that’s everywhere!
I kinda wish that the state was known for another food that it produces in greater abundance like one of the nuts that it produces. We love them, grow them, and when you get something California-style it means they added avocado to it. With its popularity growing, and more states leaning toward legalizing it, Estately set out to map which states are the best places for marijuana enthusiasts to live and buy a home. It's the ultimate guide to the country's most amazing meals, eats, and treats as told by the food networks personalities and chefs who spend their lives thinking about food.
Real Floridians love shrimp, oysters, and scallops made simply and eaten with just a squeeze of lemon or lime and eaten with ones fingers.
Regardless of your food preferences, this information will come in handy if you’re trying to decide which state to buy a home in, especially for those curious what their potential neighbors might bring to a neighborhood potluck. Somehow Estately accomplished the impossible and has successfully ranked each state from absolute worst to complete best using the following eight factors. The results on the map above are just the tip of the online search iceberg for each state’s food interests.

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