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Should you come across a broken-down food truck on the side of the road, there’s a chance Larry Olmsted let the air out of its tires.
When the USA Today food columnist recently documented America’s worst culinary trends for Forbes, he placed food trucks at the top of the list, beating out such abominations as TV cooking competitions, gastropubs and restaurants named for (but rarely featuring the actual cooking of) celebrity chefs. But is there really room for Big Macs and Jumbo Jacks alongside all those organic s’mores and sustainable grilled cheese sandwiches? And yet, given its explosive popularity and intrinsic marketing value, one could hardly expect the food truck to stay trapped in such a narrowly circumscribed paradigm.
The secret formula: hot breakfast first thing in the morning for all those bleary-eyed influencers and their followers.
Aside from such promotional one-offs, it is national chains suddenly getting in the game that is reshaping food truck mania. When Sizzler rolled out its truck last year, executives at the 54-year-old steakhouse chain felt that one way they could stand out from all the culinary upstarts hustling kimchi quesadillas on the streets of Los Angeles was to emphasize service. But while reducing average waiting times is the holy grail in the world of fast-casual and quick-service restaurants, in the trendy world of food trucks, Rahder would come to realize, slow service is a feature, not a flaw.
In February, the truck played a role in a contest designed to publicize the launch of its Doritos Locos Tacos.
In the early days of the Sizzler truck, the chain experimented with product choices so aggressively that it had to resort to a digital menu that could be changed on a dime. Despite the cool factor resulting from those long lines, convenience is a selling point of many food trucks.
Some wonder whether food trucks aren’t on a similar evolutionary course to that of the cellphone. For those who think that far-fetched, consider that off-premises dining already accounts for well over two-thirds of all restaurant traffic, according to the NRA’s Riehle.
As American lifestyles continue to get more mobile, and as our love affair with the food truck seems to be growing only deeper, is it really so inconceivable that those familiar golden arches along the road may someday give way to the Big Mac Truck in your own backyard? Now operating its three brands on nine purchased and customized Isuzu NRR medium-duty trucks, Mobi Munch will be launching new trucks on other campuses in early 2013. The NRR is EPA 2010 compliant, California Air Resources Board HD-OBD compliant and 50-state clean-idle certified. The Isuzu 4H engine can run for up to 10,000 miles between oil changes and boasts a B10 durability rating of 310,000 miles, meaning that 90% of 4H engines will reach that mileage before requiring an overhaul. Other feautures include standard air conditioning and a cab that legally and comfortably seats up to three (eliminating the additional cost of transporting a third employee to and from the truck’s location).
Stay tuned for more coverage from Business Fleet on Isuzu and Mobi Munch's food truck initiatives. HiI need aqutaition in ISUZU food truck to sell Burgers and french frise also it must have a refregerator and heavy duty AC please send me the qutaition on the E mail above .. A 6- or 9-pin port in most heavy-duty vehicles that allows diagnostic information to be obtained with an appropriate scanner. Traveling bon vivant looking for the definitive food experience in all destinations.Original food and booze reporting from Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico,Brazil, and everywhere else in Latin America.

Het Rrrollend Food Truck Festival rollt deze zomer naar: Leiden, Dordrecht, Groningen, Katwijk, Nijmegen, Rotterdam en Zwolle. Nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered a long night spent in a bathroom at the hands of bad seafood, if they haven’t experienced it themselves.
What I really appreciate about Go Fish’s food truck is their lovely table assortment of sauces and condiments.
Or to Applebee’s, Taco Bell, Red Robin, Jack in the Box or any of the other national restaurant chains aiming to crack the code of food truck culture. Food trucks became hot by offering fresh, artisanal and sometimes daring fare in limited quantities at select locations—status dining for foodie elites on a Groupon budget. And these aren’t merely billboards but highly interactive ones, dispensing comestibles, aggregating customers and enlisting target audiences in their sales pitches. While well-meaning, it also served as evidence that the suits did not necessarily appreciate what had spawned the food truck rage to begin with. Indeed, a long line suggests that whatever menu items are for sale are not only in great demand, but also worth waiting for. But since 2009, when the truck got its own Twitter account, the Bell has looked to the public for its cues about when to hit the road.
Still, the vehicle functions primarily as a marketing tool, aiming to generate interest for an aging brand that might otherwise get overlooked by younger generations of consumers. That experimentation paid off, as some items designed to entice food truck patrons found their way onto the menu at Sizzler’s national brick-and-mortar locations. While food truck festivals and hip neighborhoods remain magnets for mobile gastronomy, increasingly so are zones largely bereft of food peddlers: office complexes, construction sites, residential neighborhoods, beaches and the like. 26 that nine Isuzu NRR diesel cab chassis outfitted as food trucks by Mobi Munch Inc., have been placed into service on college campuses throughout the United States. While the Grilled Swordfish Taco was tempting, this week I sampled their Fish and Chips, and I can attest to its deliciousness. Even companies that aren’t in the business of slinging hash have begun including food trucks in their marketing plans. The winning contestant, a high school senior from North Carolina, inspired 494 retweets, and was rewarded with a visit from the Taco Bell truck and 4,000 Doritos Locos Tacos eight days before their official launch. And at Sizzler, Rahder reports, they’re mulling offering food trucks to new franchisees. En daar zijn de organisatoren van Rollend Food Truck Festivals het natuurlijk niet mee eens! Last year, for example, the Gap deployed food trucks in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco as part of a two-month promotion for its 1969 apparel collection. As well, Isuzu’s N-Series trucks were the first on the market to meet the most stringent emissions standards in the world, according to the company. And this past spring, NBC’s Today show commissioned a pair of food trucks to make its presence known at the annual SXSW festival.
Coxinha(a chicken croquette in the shape of a chicken thigh) is't done very well by the Brazilian restaurants here in LA.

The best ones,at Woodspoon and Rio Brazil Cafe, are the mini-sized ones you get for birthday parties in Brazil.These are great but don't have the usual moisture. There's just something about that hefty coxinha you get from the many lanchonetes in Brazil.The only full-sized one in town is at Bossa Nova, which is tainted by a coarse, KFC flavored breading. At times there is much more business going on than great cooking, but Ta Bom is a mom and daughter operation that cares about the food and the quality of their ingredients.
I fly to Brazil and ritualistically down a a coxinha when I arrive to Brazil, and it's the last thing I taste before I board the plane.Ta Bom's coxinha is excellent. The breading is as it should be, more fine than course, which comes from using Brazilian bread crumbs, and a well seasoned filling. Coxinha qualifies as one of the many Brazilian foods that costs in labor, well more than its retail value. A labor intensive snack that is gone in seconds.Ilse serves it with a pico de gallo like salsa that is called vinagrete in Brazil. But, you can also ask for ketchup or mustard to put on it, which is how most Brailians enjoy coxinha in Brazil. Some malagueta pepper sauce, simply referred to as pimenta, will work too.Since it is so time consuming to make, it's only fitting that I drive 45 minutes to where Ta Bom parks just to partake in 5 minutes of dining from ordering to finish.
Ta Bom has savory pastels of cheese, pepper jack cheese, chicken, and beef.A pastel is a street food that should be eaten with two hands, where a light and tasty crust gives way to something special inside. One of the highlights is the pepper jack, an oozing cheese filling with a mild bite of spice.
Each pastel has a lovley flakiness, and the juicy and rich ground beef is extremely pleasurable.
South American dogs are loaded with ingredients, and Jaqueline says that this is actually a minimalist version compared to the usual Brazilian hot dog. Although I haven't tried them, I got a glimpe at another customer's plate one afternoon, and thought they looked very inviting. When I say a traditional Brazilian chicken salad, I mena to say their seasonings and little additions that make it unique. Brazilians love chicken salads, potato salads, and pasta salads, which you may have taken notice if you've ever paid attention to the salad bars at churrascarias. There's nothing dull about this cool, and well-seasoned treat.It's a fine option during this Brazilian bikini season. Sweetened condensed milk, coco powder, and butter are mixed together, a simple dessert, but after one bite, a strong salute to the airman of note is in order.Ta Bom means it's good, or everything's good in Portuguese. Ta Bom is what a truck should be, not a business model, but a model food delivery system.This is authentic Brazilian street food from a family that cooks together and cares about their customers.
The cooking and seasoning are consistent throughout the entire menu, with the balance in flavor display the mark of a real home cook, and the the food is put together 100% Brazilian.

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