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Vous avez un projet de Food Truck, mais vous n’avez pas de camion, a un moment de votre elaboration de projet, la question de trouver un camion deja prepare ou de faire fabriquer le votre va se poser. If you would like to schedule private event, book a band or have suggestions about events, please fill out the form below. Hank Daddy’s food truck satisfies roaming hunger pains with a roster of smokehouse favourites.
There is a lot to like about the idea of starting a restaurant with a food truck before you dive into the idea of leasing space and opening the whole business. For a third thing, by having a successful food truck operation you increase your credibility a hundredfold in talking with investors and bankers about your ability to run a profitable restaurant operation since you are actually doing it rather than just talking about doing it. Best of all, you can build a dedicated audience to start serving the day you open your non mobile doors so that you can potentially be in the position to break even from day one which is a fantastic position to be in and also allows you to get the doors open with a lot less cash since you won’t have to fund months of negative cash flow. The owners of some of the most successful trucks are using the knowledge, fame and bankability gained from operating their mobile eateries to start sit-down restaurants. Eric Tjahyadi, who with his brother Erwin and two other partners started the Komodo Truck with its Asian-influenced food two years ago. That was in the middle of a recession, when it was tough to start any business, let alone one as notoriously vulnerable as a restaurant. But the truck, which costs far less to operate than a bricks-and-mortar establishment, was a hit, racking up good reviews and, more important, devoted fans.

Probably the most famous pioneer of the hip food truck movement is Roy Choi, whose Kogi BBQ operation has gotten international attention.
And even without a wait staff, a truck can serve a steady stream of customers who seemingly don’t mind long waits in line if the truck is popular.
One of Joe Kim’s primary aims in starting his Flying Pig truck was to test the menu before taking on the expense of a restaurant. But the vehicle drew devoted followers, and its popularity even helped persuade potential landlords to sweeten property deals. There are obvious pluses to having a restaurant, high on the list being the additional room for inventory. This entry was posted in Restaurant Business and tagged food truck to restaurant, opening a restaurant, restaurant business, restaurant food trucks, starting a restaurant.
The menu majors in traditional barbecued meats, but it’s the deceivingly savoury, pulled pork parfait that steals the show with it’s easy-to-eat-street side format that eliminates the saucy mess that’s usually the trademark of the best BBQ’d grub.
For another, it gives you a way to test the menu and concept in a way you can easily adapt and change to get it right before you commit to the whole package. In March, the Tjahyadi brothers opened their Komodo Cafe in the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles.
But back when he and his partners started rolling in 2008, the prospect of starting a restaurant seemed like a distant dream.

He had planned to keep the rolling operation open only about six months when it started in 2009. Nor does the cooking have to be done in a severely cramped kitchen, or in a rented space shared with other food truck owners. Popularity has brought competition, even from big fast-food chains that now have their own rolling operations on city streets.
The Baitong Thai Food Truck, every Friday will create Thai favorites such as: Pad Thai, Pumpkin Green Curry Chicken, Basil Noodles, Gai Yang (BBQ Chicken) and more.
Say what you liked about the food, customer service or even provide tips for future patrons & suggest areas needing improvement.
Please do not post location requests here - email, tweet or facebook message the operator directly with those requests. My hobbies revolve around food.I would like to share some of my recipes and cooking with you. Lamb was mixed in my rice and the most disturbing thing was he saturated my entire meal with the Greek sauce without asking.

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