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Did you watch the movie ‘Chef’ and feel like all you wanted to do was quit your job and run around making awesome food for people from a food truck?
What: Famous for their juicy burritos and crunchy nachos, youa€™ll most likely find Babarittos in the suburban area of Setapak on weekdays but they do move around during the weekends. What: Started by an ex-communications director who took up culinary classes to develop Kerbside Gourmet, ita€™s no wonder this restaurant-on-wheels has so successfully been able to communicate their delightful culinary dishes. What: If youa€™re in Bangkok near the backpackera€™s area Khao San Rd, look out for a big black truck with a big burger sign.
This tiny nomad packs a punch, especially when it comes to weekend getaways, high fashion and hunting down the best local eats and coffee spots. Food trucks are a relatively new gastronomic concept, having taken America by storm in recent years. With robust media coverage, city folk are becoming more aware of the metropolis’ mobile munching opportunities. Food truck owners are trying hard to stand out from the crowd by offering one-of-a-kind treats that can’t be found anywhere else. Ari, who used to be a chef at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, started Jakarta Food Truck with his best friend Anglia Gordyna in December 2013. Patrons also say their favourite food from Jakarta Food Truck is the sloppy joe – a sandwich containing ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun. Elsewhere, food trucks Loco Mama and Taco Truck Indonesia have decided to mix things up by cooking zesty Mexican fare at a reasonable price.
If foodies want fusion, Taco Truck Indonesia gets a little more experimental in its approach, and attempts to marry its host country with its adopted cuisine.
Andre Tenardi, Taco Truck Indonesia’s owner, says he initially wanted to jump into a culinary business that didn’t yet exist in the capital.
The Taco Truck moves from one place to another at random times, depending on popular demand from food lovers around town. But interesting food itself will not suffice in attracting customers when there are fierce and equally creative competitors afoot. Publicized locations of food trucks must be updated frequently, and many visitors have begun making orders via social media or a truck’s own website. A food truck owner might also want to consider implementing a queue management system to avoid chaos during peak hours. All in all, the food truck business is growing as Jakarta is filled with culinary enthusiasts craving the next big thing. While the food truck industry in Jakarta may have tremendous market potential, it’s not without its own set of challenges. Moreover, business owners need to obtain necessary licenses before they can legally operate food trucks.
Even though they don’t have the license for cleanliness, the ones I have seen have been far cleaner than any street food stall. Berawal dari ide tersebut, Anglia yang memang sudah berkecimpung di industri kuliner sejak dua dekade silam tidak membutuhkan waktu lama untuk langsung mewujudkan impiannya. Anglia mengatakan Jakarta Food Truck menggunakan Mobil Isuzu Elf dengan ukuran dapur 3 x 5,5 meter.

Tampaknya kelebihan itu berdampak langsung dengan omzet yang bisa diraup oleh bisnis food truck. Sedang, The Roffies yang berjualan macam-macam jenis kopi, bisa mendapat sekitar Rp 3 juta per harinya. Obviously these guys did, because they’re taking these South East Asian cities by storm one food truck at a time. Founded by a young entrepreneur whose affinity for street food translated into delivering food that’s simple, fast and affordable. Throngs of gourmands queue for their pastas (we love the cold capellini pasta tossed with spicyA mentaiko), Spanish meatballs and Pea Puree with 62-degree egg, alfalfa and olive dust. Using quality meat and ingredients, you can expect juicy tenderness accompanying all their flavours.
Wea€™re full-time nomads with a passport in one hand and laptop in the other, traversing the globe to find the best hideaways, eateries, and local scenes. Now, they are set to bring unique culinary experiences to the busy, metropolitan life of the average Jakartan. Potential customers can gauge the quality of a truck by counting the number of warm bodies queuing up in front.
Ari Galih Gumilang, owner of Jakarta Food Truck, believes maintaining the original concept of the business from the US and Europe will do just that. Inspired by food trucks in western markets, Gumilang decided to sell American and European food on the streets. The truck can be found cruising around South and Central Jakarta, targeting office workers on weekdays and families on weekends.
Originally, it served customers in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, before moving to Menteng, Central Jakarta, and then Kemang, South Jakarta. The chef, Jonaroo K., who studied at Jakarta Culinary Institute, believes street food can be healthy and clean.
Location ends up being one of the deciding factors for hungry locals who want to visit a food truck. While treats from trucks don’t need to be novel to be perfect, they do need to be delicious and reasonably priced. Difficulties inevitably include finding proper places to park due to the city’s limited space and overpopulation. While many proprietors are sure to just start shooting from the hip, legally speaking, food trucks must be registered in accordance with the nation’s Tourism Ministry. Kehadirannya bukan tanpa sengaja, pagi itu perempuan dengan nama lengkap Anglia G Auwines sedang berjualan dengan mobil semi-bus yang kini dikenal dengan istilah populer, Food Truck.
Kemudian dengan background saya yang chef, jadi tahu tata letak dapur seperti apa, jadi tidak masalah untuk saya," kata Anglia. Kemudian di belakang ada back kitchen yang memang untuk preparasi pengolahan bahan awal," kata Anglia.
Menurut Endang, untuk membuat Food Truck, The Roffie mengeluarkan kocek kira-kira sebesar Rp 500 juta.
While mobile restaurants aren’t new in the region, our top picks have gone one up from the usual hawker stands and are bringing their culinary prowess to the streets!

With a name like that, you can expect a bad*ss mealA a€“ theya€™re known for their 150g juicy burger patties nestled between freshly baked buns, topped with homemade thousand island sauce, arugula and onions for a little crunch. Try the Turkey Pepper Steak, Angus Beef Tapas and Fireballs – that is, if they haven’t all sold out yet! And wea€™re just (wander) lusting to share it all with you with our reviews, lists, guides, celeb nomad faves and interviews! According to the Indonesian Food Truck Association (IFTA), there are 70 mouth-watering food trucks rolling around in the Big Durian, a number which is expected to increase as awareness and popularity spreads. In this writer’s opinion, the best dish is a chicken burrito with all the fixings and an ice cold Bintang – or a Corona with lime, if you insist on authenticity (and you should!). The team behind Machete says they stand out because all their food is made from scratch and is served fresh. Joining an association like IFTA or the Indonesia Car Business Organization can also be helpful, as participating owners are sure to get the latest information about food truck festivals in the archipelago. Owners have to obtain and file an official registration letter with the Ministry, just like any other restaurant. Berkisar habis Rp 130 juta untuk mobil dan karoserinya Rp 430 juta, jadi sekitar Rp 560 juta," jelas Endang dalam lokasi dan kesempatan yang sama. They make the tortillas, salsa, and guacamole each morning, spending up to four hours alone on preparation.
They also create opportunities for a pumped-up evening of sales, as visitors are more likely to buy from them in a festival rather than a stand-alone truck if still unfamiliar with the concept. However, obtaining such a license is often difficult, says Jakarta Food Truck co-owner, Gordyna. Tapi terbentur modal, kemudian dulu kan belum ada, lalu di AS booming, jadilah keluar ide membuat mobil yang bisa masak di tempat," kata Anglia. Aside from Corona, authentic sangria and the Mexican favourite horchata are available on the drinks menu. Local food truck proprietors say small-bite portions or sampler menus can be simple and effective ways to attract visitors during festivals. We even once were kicked out while parking in the National Monument [Monas] by the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP),” Gordyna says.
She also admits Jakarta Food Truck has not yet been able to obtain a license from the Health Ministry, but it’s in the works. Sejauh ini lebih sering habis, kalaupun ada sisa paling 10-15%,” terang Rio yang keseluruhan menunya adalah olahan daging. Kalau suasananya enak, makan apa juga terasa enak,” komentar Suhardi yang baru saja menemani putrinya mencari city car idaman di Hall A.

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