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Yang sheng is a lifelong activity of various integrated practices both physical and nonphysical into one’s lifestyle in order to sustain optimum health, obtain a maximum life span (longevity), and establish physical and emotional well being without disease of any kind; in short, nourishing life. The practice of Yang sheng has been developed, guided and integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Qi practice, spiritual practices and a positive view of life and universe such as found in Daoism, Buddhism and other life philosophies. However, in reality, Yang Sheng is defined as a narrative meaning and practices in our society that is to promote health and wellbeing through non-drug related supplements, healthy diets, exercises and stress reduction by any measures. However, one of the most accepted measures as understood in the West is immediately results of “anti-aging”, “keep youth” and Wellbeing approaches.  Because of the mentality of immediately results of “anti aging”, it sparks widespread of commercialized plastic procedures, supplements and detoxification to satisfy our belief that we are going to live and look young forever.
We have to face reality and understand that aging is a natural and so far irreversible process for all living organisms. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that a more realistic approach is such that an anti-aging process should focus on the detection, prevention and treatment of aging related diseases.
TCM food therapy as a part of Yang Sheng teaches us that the most vital components for life are jing (physical body), qi (energy), and shen (spirit), also known as the “Three Treasures.” A good diet not only nourishes our physical body and our organs, giving us vital energy, but it also nourishes our spirit.
Food has different tastes, which can be classified as sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, salty, and bland. Modern-day research studies have shown that many black-colored foods promote health and prevent many diseases.  As we understand our natural food function, and we have to understand each individual physical condition such as, our different body constitution, seasonal changes that impact on our body energy, and our body condition changes according to age, then put appropriate food therapy for each individual to fit our body condition as a whole in order to practice Yang Sheng. Strengthen and nourish the body constitution Food provides fundamental nutrition to all living things through the Three Treasures, jing (essence), qi (energy), and shen (spirit).
Nourish the body essence, nourish qi, and support shen – The design of TCM food therapy is based upon the classification of each kind of food’s properties of nourishing, sedating, and balancing the condition of the body.
Nourish the essence (jing)- Some of us were born with certain organ deficiencies or different body constitutions; that is why one person may have had childhood asthma (kidney deficiency that is not in harmony with the lungs), while another may have been a child with many gastrointestinal complaints and hyperactivity due to spleen deficiency that does not properly nourish the heart. Treat, prevent disease and balance organs – TCM food therapy can help strengthen the deficient organ and balance the body’s energy, nourish the blood, and normalize metabolism.
Promote anti-aging and wellbeing (longevity) We should understand the word “longevity.” It means that while can do many things to delay the process of aging, in reality no one can stop the aging process, because aging is one of the laws of nature. This entry was posted in TCM Food Therapy and tagged body, Chinese Medicine, Colors, food, food therapy, Nutrition, Yang-Sheng. You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature. For full access to this article, log in to an existing user account, become a SIG affiliate, or purchase a short-term subscription. The 19 individual SIG Perspectives publications have been relaunched as the new, all-in-one Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. To access this pdf, log in to an existing user account, become an associate, or purchase a short-term subscription. Weight ManagementAfter many years of clinical experience, Michelle has devised a weight management program that is a as unique as you, Fresh Results. Fresh Results is about helping you achieve your goals through sensible healthy menu choices while still having a life.
About Food TherapyOur diet is responsible for so much in our day-to-day life, but it is one thing we do not spend enough time focusing on. Food Therapy is passionate about guiding people to good health through making good choices with food, and offers expert advice in weight management, child behavioural disorder, food allergies and general health and wellbeing. Food Therapy is not about going on a diet, but improving clients’ diets by allowing them to eat tasty and easy to prepare foods that everyone will enjoy and can be purchased from the local supermarket. SubscribeSubscribe to the Food Therapy newsletter for all the latest hints and tips to help you with your nutrition and lifestyle. Mix tea tree oil, manuka oil and eucalyptus oil together and apply few drops to the affected nail and skin around nail fungus 2-3 times daily. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) Food therapy is practiced by TCVM practitioners as another tool to help their patients along with acupuncture and herbal therapy.
With senior pets the goals of treatment are to improve quality of life, slow progression of disease, and  help the body break down, digest and utilize as many vital nutrients as possible. Even if you can not home cook all the time for your pet you can supplement with things like soups  and stews to help with digestion and add green supplements and vitamins to help counteract processed food. This recipe is compliments of Dr Connie DiNatalie and is for old and recovering Senior Pets.

Remove the meat from the chicken bones–the caregiver can eat this with whatever veggies you also cooked. Sign up for our newsletter and receive more articles and the latest pet health updates and special offers. Janice Huntingford, DVM, has been in veterinary practice for 28 years and has founded two veterinary clinics since receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.
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If your child has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder or is being seen by a nutritionist for picky eating or poor growth patterns, ask your child's therapist, nutritionist or physician about the possible need and benefits of food therapy and how it can help your child. Food therapy, similar to what occupational therapy or physical therapy achieves, helps children with feeding difficulties due to sensory integration issues, autism, behavioral problems and other unresolved or undiagnosed needs. Food therapy needs are typically determined once a child has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. You may notice your child's nutrition and feeding habits are a cause for concern at a very early age. Most food therapy occurs during occupational therapy as a part of the therapy process for Sensory Processing Disorder. Through occupational therapy, your child's therapist will be able to determine the trigger senses and will gather more information by asking you about your child's likes and dislikes at home. Don't be surprised if the therapist encourages your child to spit food out or allows your child to wash his or her hands multiple times during food therapy. Addressing your child's feeding problems early only benefits your child's future food associations, behaviors and physical growth. This in turn will not only promote a sense of well being but will naturally slow down the human aging process.  In addition, spirituality with strong faith and inner peace play an important role in longevity and well being.
When Chinese medicine speaks of organs, it refers more to the energetic function of each organ than to anatomy only, as in Western medicine. According to the different flavors of food, the nutrients of each flavor will nourish different organs.
Food therapy to strengthen the organs, beginning in childhood, is one of most common prevention treatments for childhood problems in TCM. Historically, TCM used fresh vegetables to treat scurvy, animal liver to treat night blindness, and kelp to treat thyroid problems. But what we can do is to live healthier lives and enjoy life more; not suffering much disease or pain or becoming dependent as we age, this whole process is Yang Sheng.
It is about promoting personal health and fitness through the natural therapies of a healthy diet, appropriate nutritional supplementation, beneficial exercise, and a healthy attitude and positive spiritual life.
Hu, originally from Beijing China, has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the age of 12.
The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or editors. If you do not have an ASHA login, you may register with us for free by creating a new account. Our aim is to provide you with realistic and sustainable nutrition solutions to help you achieve your health goals.
It thrives in warm, moist and dark places that start in nail bed and spreads to the other areas. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Until now, Chinese people insist on eating the right food at the right time according to their body constitution. For older animals, feed moderate amounts of food often–that is 2 or 3 times daily for most dogs and maybe more for cats.
It's not unusual for food therapy to be included in your child's occupational therapy services. It can also be done in a rehabilitation center, nutritionist office or in a hospital or doctor's office. Your therapist may then ask you to bring one or two things your child will eat and one or two things your child will not eat to each therapy session.

If a person has weakness in a certain organ and an imbalance between organs, as part of the treatment, the diet can be modified to reestablish balance and strength. For example, sour foods and herbs tend to correspond to the Liver, bitter foods to the Heart, pungent to the Lungs, sweet to the Spleen, and salt to the Kidneys.
It not only treats the childhood disease, but more importantly, it prevents health problems in adulthood that are related to the weak organ later in life.
At the same time, the same food was used to prevent those diseases, and maintain balanced organ health according to Yang Sheng principles.
A Cardiologist and Practitioner of integrated medicine for 9 years. She immigrated to the United States in 1991.
The focus of treatment is rehabilitation of the swallow and pro-active care to keep the infant's feeding development on track as much as possible through the critical periods of the first year of life. Hold it on the place with bandage or tape that helps to relieve itching as well as kills the fungi.
Feeding difficulties are often the first sign a child has Sensory Processing Disorder because the process of eating requires the use of multiple senses working together.
Early intervention for any therapy services is ideal, so if you have concerns, talk with your child's physician or get a second opinion if you feel like your concerns are not being heard.
From there, the therapist will work through specific steps with your child, with the goal of getting your child to try the foods on his or her own terms and without force.
As with different tastes, food also has different colors, each with corresponding tendencies to nourish different organs. At each stage of development, the infant nervous system is ready to acquire new motor skills. You can also use any one oil from above oils as all of them contain natural antifungal properties.
For example, black-colored foods tend to nourish the Kidneys, yellow foods tend to nourish the Spleen, red foods correspond to the Heart, green foods to the Liver and white foods to the Lungs. Hu passed the “United States Licensing Medical Exam” while simultaneously obtaining her Oriental Medical Degree (OMD). Dr. The medically fragile infant may not have adequate feeding exposure during these periods of development. It may be difficult to treat and reappears after some period of time.It is important to stop the progression when symptoms of infection are first seen.
Also, they cultivate the seasonal food during that specific season.This is a treasure for every Chinese people. In fact, the principle of Yang Sheng as in Chinese medicine teaches that the Kidneys are related to well-being, longevity, hair, bones, marrow, and hearing. Hu is a specialist in Herbal medicine, nationally licensed in Acupuncture and has a Philosophy of life structured around Oriental traditions. Usually doctors prescribe strong medicines to destroy the fungus; it may include oral anti fungal and topical medicines. So in order to nourish Kidney function and promote well-being and longevity, it is beneficial to eat more black-colored foods, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, black rice, and other dark-colored foods. Pre-Chaining helps the infant with dysphagia acquire skills with very minimal amounts of food and liquid. Avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as raw peppers, broccoli, kale, and processed canned foods.Vegetables need to be cooked to tender crisp or your old pet will not absorb the nutrients. Food Chaining is an individualized, multidisciplinary, home-based feeding program designed to expand food repertoire by emphasizing similar features between accepted and targeted food items. This paper will discuss Pre-Chaining and Food Chaining therapy as methods to treat dysphagia and aversive feeding disorders.

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