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The 1000 Tastes of Toronto: Street Food Festival will be back on Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th, 2011. 1000 Tastes of Toronto will be in The Distillery District this year and will have beer and wine pairing options. January 24, 2013 Angela Corrias 16 Comments Among Bangkok places to visit, alongside its colorful and picturesque open markets, also the streets of Thailand‘s capital are clothed with food stalls of any kind.
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Yeah, probably the currency got stronger, prices changed a bit depending on areas, but usually street food markets were the cheapest places.

Toronto's favourite restaurants will create gourmet street food as part of Luminato and each item will run you $5 and admission is free. From fish to meat to fruits to juices, in Bangkok’s streets you can find literally everything until late night, which is a good thing given that after 7pm we struggled to find open restaurants. No wonder why this is a real tourist draw and always mentioned as one of the best things to do in Bangkok. Here I publish a small selection of my favorite shots, in the hope to give you a hint of how mouthwatering the streets of the Thai capital look from morning to night. I don’t really like them, but given their popularity they must be really appreciated.

In fairness, when I first went, it was also closer to 90 Baht to the pound, not the current 45-ish.

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