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You’ve probably tried new or different kinds of food, but have you ever tried food when you had no idea what it was or what was in it? Eggs are purchased in packages of 10 (metric), are individually stamped, and sold unrefrigerated. The largest grocery store in Kazan is much like a Super Walmart or Super Target except more warehouse style in layout. I do recall the borscht soup, chicken cutlets (Allen’s favorite), and the mayo-laden salads.
We look forward to comparing notes next year about what has changed (or not) from 10 years ago.
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Well, when you don’t know enough of the language to figure out what you’re really buying at the grocery store or ordering at a restaurant, that’s what happens. I’ve tried it regularly in different restaurants, but my palate can’t taste much of a difference except in the occasional meat that’s added to it.
It’s also sold unrefrigerated in one liter bags, but it’s perfectly safe because it’s been irradiated.
Three men followed me out of the market and were joined by two others who surrounded Sandra and me. The only thing I remember not particularly caring for food-wise was Russian bread–very heavy, tough, and dry.
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A wide variety of juices are consumed including orange, apricot, grape, peach, apple, and various combinations. It’s been 10 years since Allen & I were last in Russia picking up our little bundle of Russian joy, Anastasia!

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