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Takeaway: As food resources continue to be needed in an ever-expanding way, the food service industry has continued to step up to the plate to provide people with alternatives that they need in order to survive. Takeaway: Unfortunately the food service industry survives on some very tight margins for the average provider.
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We can benchmark your food service business against hundreds of similar size companies within your specific NAICS code by using our proprietary database. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Development of New Equipment (cont’d)? Some large multiunit chains prepare foods in central commissaries for distribution to their individual stores. Sanitation and Nutritional Awareness? The development of sciences of microbiology and nutrition had a considerable impact on food service. Modern Cooking Styles? Two opposing forces can be seen at work throughout the history of cooking. Organization of the Modern Kitchen? The way the kitchen is organized depends on many factors. Skill Levels? Skills can be grouped into three categories ? Supervisory ? Skilled and technical ? Entry level? Starting at the entry level has been the traditional method of advancing ones food service career. Often a tough decision for many food service professionals, hidden costs and unexpected results can produce staggering results. Even blueberry muffin mix can make a great “homemade” muffin, with the addition of some simple ingredients, in this case raw sugar on top prior to baking; these muffins can be customized to your specific needs and desires. Premade foods have come a long way in the last 10 years and are often much better than most would anticipate; also when taking into consideration mixes and bases the option to customize taste and appearance remains available.
Often scratch cooking results in a wholesome quality you cannot get when purchasing a premade food product.

With the ability to instantly compare costs, nutrition, and recipes you can make quick determination on whether to make or buy your chicken noodle soup. Productivity software also lets you focus on the food by helping you better manage allergies and critical control points, as well as preferences and dislikes.
About Brimstone AllonDietary Manager is written through the eyes of food service managers, dietitians, cooks and diet aids just like you. Different from the grocery industry, food industry specialists provide people with prepared foods or ready-to-eat items that they can take with them or have served to them. People can grow their own foods at home and many do thanks to a homesteading type of lifestyle, but for the average person, they need to purchase foods that are grown by others commercially.
Total revenues generated by the food service industry in 2012, the last year information has been reported, was over $7.6 trillion.
The total value of all food service assets around the world is estimated to be at $1.3 trillion. 50% of the fish that is eaten daily by the global population is raised because of efforts of the food service industry. Sales at food service industry locations is up 3.2% over the previous year as of the time of this writing. The unemployment rate within this industry is higher than average at 10.2% as of February 2014. The largest sector of employment in this industry is waitstaff, accounting for over 2 million jobs in the US alone. The average salary of a non-management employee in the food service industry is about $11 per hour, including tips. There are over 589,000 food service industry locations generating revenues in the United States alone. Although there are plenty of individuals who can make seven figure salaries thanks to this industry, the average worker within the field takes home less than $20,000 per year while working full-time. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. One of our food service and restaurant professionals will be in touch to discuss generating your report. Name and describe four major developments that have significantly changed the modern food service industry in the twentieth century.2. They cook, cool, or freeze the foods at the peak of their quality and flavor.? Techniques of food production are changing rapidly.

In Escoffier’s day, little was known about sanitation and nutrition.? Today customers are very knowledgeable about nutrition and sanitation which makes this a very important aspect of a cook’s training. Many ask when is it more appropriate to produce a product in house, or purchase it ready made. Some extra garnishing and presentation can create a wonderful plate with little to no production expertise. Despite being made in house, an add water mix makes these relatively simple although mistakes are possible. You are rewarded with a fresh taste with fresh ingredients and an unsurpassed look that instantly identifies a product that it was created in your facility for your guests. In the case of your lasagna, you may want to use less or different cheeses to increase quality or decrease cost. The hearty taste of fresh chicken stock and vegetables is often thought to cure even the toughest of colds.
However careful analysis can help determine products which will make your operation efficient, cost effective, and fulfilling. You also have the ability to customize and standardize recipes to enhance your products taste and consistency. Because of this need, there is a massive market for products and the food service industry will always be in existence.
This discrepancy in pay has many calling for changes to compensation structures, with a movement on the West Coast growing to pay food service industry workers $15 per hour.
How skilled is your labor; how much time is currently spent on production; and what level of quality are you expecting in an end product? However these offer little to no customization, and may not always meet the expectations of the client. With a heat and serve process precise results and consistent flavor is maintained at a level most of America enjoys.
Explain how the size and type of an operation influence the organization of the modern kitchen.4. Identify eight behavioral characteristics that food service workers should develop and maintain to achieve the highest standards of professionalism.

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