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Around 26 lakh people across Kolhapur will be benefited from the Union government’s food security programme set to be launched in the district on Saturday.
At present, there are five types of ration cards – Antyoday, Below Poverty Line, Keshari, Annapurna and Shubhra.
The population of Kolhapur district is close to 38 lakh, with 8.93 lakh ration card holders. The district administration has started the process to digitize data of all ration card holders.
The Telangana government has taken up district-wide distribution of rations under the National Food Security (FS) Act, though the Food Security cards. As a part of past action, of our Telangana government many changes occurred in recent days. Regarding the Telangana state government has announced for applying pensions, Food Security Card and FAST schemes.
These schemes are getting scholarships for poor students, pensions for poor old people, handicapped and supplying rice in very cheap rate to the below poverty level people.
Food Protection Card: Here all the BPL family members are eligible for the food protection card.
FAST: Family member is a student, who is eligible for FAST should apply individually for Caste, Residence and Income Certificate are needed.
So, caste, residence and Income Certificates are needed to apply for FAST scheme, But for other schemes, only a filled with white papers and along with Aadhar Card are needed for applying process. For a given food system, what are the key GEC drivers of change?  How does GEC interact with other drivers to affect food system outcomes?  How do these interactions vary across and among different scales of analysis? How can regional food systems best be understood and described?  Which are the primary actors and institutions governing food systems at the regional scale? What are the feedbacks from food system activities and outcomes on the environment?  How will they change given different adaptation options? How do the results from food system analyses help decision makers choose viable adaptation options?
The GECAFS food system concept has been increasingly adopted by a range of major international and national agencies e.g.
He said 706,296 people out of around 11 lakh population will be provided rice at subsidised rate under NFSA while the remaining households can buy eight kg rice per month at Rs.15 per kg. Assam implemented the scheme from December 24, benefiting over 2.40 crore people Economic Times reported.

NFSA allows up to 75 percent of the rural population and up to 50 percent of the urban population to get food grain at subsidised prices. Global Environmental Change (GEC) includes changes in the physical and biogeochemical environment, either caused naturally or influenced by human activities such as deforestation, fossil fuel consumption, urbanisation, land reclamation, agricultural intensification, freshwater extraction, fisheries over-exploitation and waste production. Working within this broad definition of GEC, it is clear that GECAFS is concerned with more than just climate change. The district administration has received nearly 13,000 tonnes of foodgrain from the Centre.
The administration has received the data of 26 lakh people, who will seek benefits of the scheme through the public distribution system,” said Sanjay Shinde, the district supply officer. It envisages that children aged between 6 months and 3 years should be provided with take-home ration containing 500 kilo calories and 12-15 grams of protein.
In this subject the government allotted works and responsibilities to VRO's, Panchayat Secretaries in Villages, municipalities, Corporation level for receiving of applications from the people.
For this respected family or on behalf of family members can apply for these schemes and they have to apply separately for each scheme. So we have understood that for applying pensions and Food Security Card need not any documents or formats, only we have to write the house owner name and particulars of applying person like Aadhar Card number only, but not E-Aadhar number, in this applying process no need to give photos and xeroxes. Research on this topic requires a dynamic and holistic approach, so GECAFS has integrated different concepts to develop a broad understanding of food systems.
The GECAFS food system approach allows a structured analysis of these outcomes, which enables an evaluation of the tradeoffs between food security and ecosystem services.
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GECAFS, then, is set within the contexts of Earth System science and the Earth System Science Partnership, ESSP. As part of the scheme, the beneficiaries will get wheat at Rs 2 a kg, rice at Rs 3 a kg and other foodgrains at Rs 1 a kg,” district food distribution officer Sanjay Shinde said on Friday.
Similarly, malnourished children between 6 months and 6 years of age should be provided with 800 kilo calories and 20-25 grams of protein. The holders of priority (antyoday) cards will get 35 kg of foodgrains, mainly rice and wheat, per family. We are going to cancel the registration of such ration cards to ensure that only the needy people get the benefits,” Shinde added. The Telangana government has announced to apply Pensions, Food Security Card and Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana(FAST) Scheme.

In one, food systems are conceived as a set of activities ranging from producing food through to consuming food. For pregnant and lactating mothers, the bill provides take-home ration containing 600 kilo calories and 18-20 grams of protein.
On the other hand, families with priority (other) cards will get 5 kg cereals per person, Shinde said.
The women member or the home maker in a family will be considered as the head of the family.
So the people are arguing for the T government to extend the date for applying these schemes. Firstly, they announced the last date and should apply with filled with white paper to concerned officers. Another approach considers the outcomes of these activities, and especially those which underpin food security.
Interactions between and within biogeophysical and human environments influence both the activities and the outcomes (see figure). The bill also mentions that a bar-coded ration card will be issued in her name along with her photograph. So, Telangana CM has announced that, The last date for applying these schemes is extended to October 20, 2014. Combining these two approaches offers a more holistic framework in which to analyse the impacts of GEC on food security and helps to explain why food systems do not necessarily lead to food security. Though we have not received any such directions from the state government, the digitized data will help us expedite the process,” Shinde said. But here people have to apply individually from the same family, those who are eligible for above mentioned schemes. In this situation the people are confused in applying a method because they have no knowledge in applying for the above said schemes.

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