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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The 1995 World Food Summit declared 'Food security at the individual, household,regional,national,and global levels exists when all people,at all times,have sufficient and safe nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life’. With an Act on it, food security for poor in India would be paid proper attention by the Government and civil society.
Economic & Physical access to Food Adequate supply of food does not guarantee household level food security. Food access depends on incomes, expenditure, markets & prices in achieving food security objectives Food Utilization The way the body makes the most of various nutrients in the food.
PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 34 According to the latest data on child under nutrition from 2005–10, India ranked second to last on child underweight out of 129 countries— below Ethiopia, Niger, Nepal, and Bangladesh .
3381 crore has been spent till 31 st March, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 42 Following table below shows the performance of Mission over different benchmarks. 19 Source:-Economic Survey, 2013 Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Started in 2007-08 for incentivizing states to enhance public investment to achieve 4% growth rate in agriculture and allied sectors during the 11 th five year plan . PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 44 50% of urban and 75% of rural population be covered under Act. Guarantees providing 5 kg food grain per person per month at a subsidised rate to 67% of the country's population.
FCI has already taken over facilities totalling a capacity of 7.3 million tonnes, while the rest is expected to be ready in the next couple of years.

Excluding the North East states, the proportion of households with ‘no card’ was highest in Orissa -- where 33 per cent of rural households did not possess any type of ration card. Thus the Act implies that we should not look for overall cover of a daily man’s requirement for food but it is an attempt by the Govt.
PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 58 Conclusion India will not have problem of Cereals availability in the long run (2020-21) and will have shortage of Pulse and Oilseed production if adequate steps are not taken by the Government of India.
In absence of alternatives of Public Distribution System in future, Government shall have to continue the costly PDS.
Given the inflationary tendencies in economy, Food Security Bill 2013 will increase the Real Income of the targeted beneficiaries. To ensure success of Food Security in India we have to achieve t he Food Production Targets and improve the efficiency of public distribution system. PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 59 Policy Implications Attempts should be made to increase productivity of food grain crops.
Rather than focusing more on increasing Food Production, we must focus on distribution of Food grains in an equitable manner. Public distribution system must be revamped to avoid leakage and Karnataka model should be replicated. Attempts should be made to reduce cost of transferring benefit through PDS by way of local procurement policy. Need to curb the growth of inflationary tendencies in economy and more specifically Food Inflation to improve nutritional security.

PowerPoint Presentation: 16-Oct-13 60 References ANONYMOUS, December 2011, Level and pattern of consumption expenditure 2009-10 NSS 66 th round, report no.
538 , NSSO, published by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GOI, New Delhi. ANONYMOUS, 2013, Economic Survey , published by Ministry of Finance, GOI, New Delhi: 174-191. ANONYMOUS, June 2013, Key Indicators of Household Consumer Expenditure in India, NSS report 68 th round survey (July 2011-June 2012), published by NSSO, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GOI, New Delhi. ANONYMOUS, 2013, Statistical Year Book, published by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, GOI, New Delhi. DHAWAN HIMANSHI, 2400 MT wheat rotting in govt granaries for past 2 years, Times of India, May 7, 2013. Jan 2012, Demand and Supply of Cereals in India 2010-2025, IFPRI Discussion Paper 01158, Environment and Production Technology, New Delhi Office: 17.
GULATI ASHOK, Food Security Bill could Spark grain crisis , Times of India , March 21, 2013.

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