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Since April 2013, Charculor is certified ISO 22000, the international standard that aims to food security for the placing on the market of safe products, protecting the safety of consumers. This standard explains what are the means the organization must implement to demonstrate its ability to control security related hazards to ensure that any food outcome is safe. This standard includes several aspects such as the “walking forward”, the control of the cold chain, HACCP or even the health control plan. This principle is based on the idea that the food safety hazards can be either eliminated or minimized if we act on prevention rather than at final inspection. In this same sense of quality and risk management related to food security, Charculor has set up a health control plan to build and implement an effective security assurance against biological, chemical or even physical hazards.
The objective is to track the product and this at all stage of production, transformation and even commercialization.
In practice, the ISO policy has led to the development of an activity planning whose outcomes are measured by performance improvement objectives directly related to food safety. This continuous improvement that is ISO 22000 allows to respond positively to the expectations of our customers, but also to perpetuate the activity of the site. With this approach, management demonstrates its commitment to guide the development of Charculor in the objective of optimal satisfaction of its customers and deliver safe products.
It is the strict adherence to strict safety rules that allow Charculor to offer daily safe and healthy products. E-Services will be unavailable on 24 Apr 2015 (Fri ) to 26 Apr (Sun) due to infrastructure upgrading.
Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and Jiangnan University are organising a joint scientific conference from 23 to 24 September on current trends in food safety, food science and product development.
Several prominent experts and academics will be sharing their knowledge and experience on issues concerning the food industry. The 50 page publication highlights good HR and hygiene training practices for companies whose staff may be from different cultural backgrounds.
The guidelines highlight good training practice for the food manufacturing sector and is targeted particularly at chilled food and drink manufacturers who directly employ, or who use the services of a labour provided to supply, workers who may be from different cultural backgrounds.

We often get this question from workers whose primary job isn't to handling food, however occasionally they may have to do some basic food handling like make Sandwiches or handle pre-prepared foods. Food Poisoning is a killer and its worth remembering that people in the UK die from it every year.
The realism is, some fatal bacteria can be found in salads and diary products so it is of the up most importance that correct Food Safety. Although the person preparing the food is not required to hold any specific qualification, a sufficiently trained person must provide supervision and training. It is the managements responsibility to make sure that all food handlers are either trained or supervised.
They could however, chose to give you the relevant training on the job or ensure they employ people who already have a food handling certificate. Extra information can be could about our Basic Food Safety Level 2 certificate can be found here. If you'd like to see more blog articles like this, please share with other who might find it useful to support us.
Mars Inc, whose brands include M&M and Dove, is building a global food safety center in China to help further expand knowledge and understanding of effective global food safety management. Scheduled to open in the summer of 2015 in Huairou, a suburb of Beijing, the $15 million center will be the first of its kind for Mars and one of the first facilities of its kind for the region and the industry, with the purpose of conducting non-profit food safety research and training. The goals are to develop enabling science that can be translated into more robust and cost effective food safety and quality systems, to drive continuous improvement throughout the Mars supply networks. The center also aims to develop an external global network of universities and research institutions to enhance their ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, as well as to provide laboratory and technical facilities to regulators and researchers. The center will be open to internal and external audiences to enable networking and to support standard development and contribute where appropriate to government food safety systems. This entry was posted in Food Safety Policy and tagged China, food safety, mars by Doug Powell. Only internationally recognized standard, it was created to demonstrate the ability of the food chain manufacturers to identify hazards related to food safety.

The ISO standard enables structuring and organizing the company around objectives related to hygiene and food safety. In case of problem with a food, it is possible to determine as quickly as possible who provided the raw material, where it was stored, who handled the food and with what equipment. To be held at NYP’s Theatre for the Arts, this inaugural conference is the first in the region that facilitates the sharing of current issues, new developments and trends in the food and biotechnology industries of China and Singapore. Recent trends have shown that apart from meat, salmonella can also be spread through raw vegetables, nuts, whole grains and spices. The guidance outlines procedures and gives practical examples of the action employers can take to ensure their legal and moral obligations are met. You may think that because of this anyone handling food would be required by law to hold a qualification.
Under new Food Safety Legislation (first introduced in 2006), there are strict laws that apply to employers where food is prepared or handling. Most good employers fulfil this requirement by arranging for staff to take a suitably accredited course. For simplicity, ISO 22000 defines the requirements relating to a management system of food safety whose compliance with the standard can be certified.
Unfortunately this isn't the case, although any reputable employer will ensure that Food Handling employees are adequately trained and hold a minimum food safety qualification. Even small outlets must show, and have records of, what actions it is taking to ensure that food is safe eat.
They have been tasked by the PRC Central Government to map out a five-year plan of food safety initiatives for China.

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