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NSW Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said businesses now had twelve months to appoint in-house Food Safety Supervisor to oversee food safety from the front line.
John Hart, CEO of Restaurant and Catering, said the Food Safety Supervisor initiative would be welcomed by the hospitality industry. Mr Whan said the mandatory training will only apply to certain businesses in the hospitality and retail food service sector.
Food Safety Supervisors will need to be trained by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) approved by the NSW Food Authority. More information about the Food Safety Supervisor, including a full list of NSW Food Authority approved RTOs can be found at Food Safety Supervisors.

Current NSW food laws require certain food businesses to have at least one trained food safety supervisor by 1 October 2011. All food businesses that do not meet the exemption requirements outlined by the NSW Food Authority and process and sell ready to eat potentially hazardous that is not in the suppliers’ original packaging are subject to these new laws. The food safety supervisor needs to receive accredited training from a registered training organisation recognised by the NSW Food Authority.
It is essential that your business notifies council with the details of your food safety supervisor as soon as possible. A list of registered training organisations can be found on the NSW food Authority Website.

A notification form must be completed and forwarded to council before 1 October 2011 or penalty infringements may be issued.

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