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Insiders say that in order to prevent it or to make the brunt of it less extreme, the industry should preemptively regulate itself. When I was a merchant account rep, the hardest part about selling a deal was competing against account reps that only pitched the Qualified Rate on 3 tiered pricing.
Sean Murray is the founder of deBanked, a 10-year veteran of the merchant cash advance industry, a casual Lending Club and Prosper investor, the co-founder of Daily Funder, an alternative lending speaker, consultant, writer, and enthusiast. Today more than ever, food quality and safety are a constant concern for consumers and public authorities alike. Fulfilling these consumer requests while controlling and managing any associated risks is a growing challenge as complex supply chains and distribution channels are multiplying on a global scale. Successfully meeting these challenges is crucial to staying competitive, protecting your organization's reputation and enhancing your brand image.
Bureau Veritas Certification offers a wide range of certification services that will help your organization meet growing requirements and higher standards in Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility. With 28 April marking World Day for Safety and Health at Work, the APA is celebrating members working in workplace treatment and injury prevention. Encompassing the diverse roles, se¬ttings, and professional development opportunities within occupational health physiotherapy, we feature members working in various realms, from education to business to clinical practice.
With the plethora of high risks that are prevalent in the mining industry, Specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapist Bronwen Otto, FACP, duly understands that her role’s gravity and scope can often appear quite intimidating. But in her second year as Health and Wellbeing Manager for Australian Mining, a business unit of Thiess Pty Ltd, she speaks passionately about her responsibilities. Previously working as a clinical physiotherapist in the Hunter Valley, Bronwen realised that the majority of her clients were coalminers. Questioning how she could help prevent these individuals from getting injured in the first place, she began to get involved in the field of occupational injury prevention, a career move that literally led her to the source of the problem—and into the mines. Bronwen says it’s beneficial to also have knowledge and experience of safety to ensure it is integrated with health management. Now in her head office role, Bronwen highlights fatigue, whole body vibration, workplace injuries and personal health conditions as the principal issues she deals with on a regular basis.
Rolling out such an initiatives this year, Bronwen asserts that the scope of her role within Thiess is quite progressive, and encompasses a wider focus by the organisation on preventative health.
Now the Managing Director of a multi-million dollar technology company, Jenny Legge, APAM, has experienced quite the career overhaul throughout the past decade.
Initially developing her business, JobFit Systems International, while working in her private practice in 2004, the Queenslander has seen her business endeavour evolve into a successful and internationally recognised software program. Supported by a network of around 200 health professionals in Australia and overseas, Jenny contends that the system has been successful in attracting this wide spectrum of users due to its accessibility, interactivity, non-static and progressive database, and more generally, its holistic approach to matching and comparing worker capabilities to job demands.
Jenny has continued to maintain her physiotherapy commitment to evidence-based practice continual professional development by conducting a reliability and validity study of the assessment tool as part of her Master of Ergonomics and subsequent PhD. Now at the University of Adelaide, his role primarily revolves around overseeing a post-graduate occupational health and safety education program.
The allied health manager for Corporate Health Group (CHG), a large occupational medicine business based in Adelaide, the responsibilities of Martin van der Linden, APAM, traverse across all aspects of the occupational health sphere.
He specifically notes the vast array of employers that CHG deals with on a regular basis, including industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, health, retail, mining and agriculture. Heavily involved in specialist ergonomics, she began working with the Courts Administration Authority (CCA) in 2009. Exhibiting the diversity evident throughout the occupational health and safety realm, Jo’s ergonomic work has also led to her involvement in art conservation practices.
With an international reputation, Artlab is the specialist art conservation arm of Arts South Australia, and is responsible for the conservation work for the museum, art gallery, and landmark pieces of art across the state. Jo says that on commencing her work with Artlab, she became abruptly aware of the great physical demands that an arts conservation role entailed. Looking back at her roles with the CCA and Artlab, Jo sums up what she believes to be the most fulfi lling aspect of her work in the fi eld.

At Washington Fruit we are committed to supplying safe, responsibly farmed and processed fruit that meets or exceeds industry standards. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) a€“ Good Agricultural Practices are a collection of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agricultural products, while taking into account economical, social and environmental sustainability. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem approach to crop production and protection that combines different management strategies and practices to grow healthy crops and minimize the use of pesticides. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) - The HACCP system as applied for food safety management uses the approach of controlling critical points in food handling to prevent food safety problems. In addition, our products are tested monthly by an independent 3rd party lab to verify their safety. Standards provide the knowledge that organisations need to succeed, and deliver it in concentrated form. Organisations of all sizes use standards to compete more effectively, from small businesses to multinationals and governments. The fastest and easiest way to access multiple standards and ensure you always have the latest version. We have worked in more than 50 countries to deliver technical assistance projects which support their quality infrastructure systems and help them to compete and trade in global markets. Do you have the expert knowledge to help us shape existing standards, would you like to comment on a draft standard, or perhaps become a BSI author?
We represent the UK in discussions about European and international standards, and decide whether the UK should adopt these standards.
Food safety is the main ingredient in the recipe for success in your restaurant and the restaurants you visit. It is important that restaurant owners conduct or assign to a trusted manager or co-owner the responsibility of regular self-audits. Every business, not just restaurants keep a rigorous cleaning schedule that their employees complete on a daily basis. This is an early step that needs to be taken by the owner and then continued every few months but is very important.
There are many different ways to ensure you provide the best dining experience available to your visitors.
7 Things to Savor at Lucca CafeJuly 19, 2016 - 2:02 pmThe restaurant industry is always changing, and new trends are popping up regularly. Restaurant Social Media Lessons to Learn from IHOPJuly 6, 2016 - 7:46 amSocial media has quickly become one of the best ways to promote just about any business. 5 Restaurant Startup TipsJune 7, 2016 - 10:39 amStarting a restaurant business from the ground up can be a great experience, but there are also plenty of opportunities to make a mistake. Pizza Hut Removes Artificial PreservativesJune 1, 2016 - 2:46 pmIn light of the news that Pizza Hut will remove artificial preservatives from their recipes, it’s time for restaurants everywhere to consider the same. 5 Restaurant Entrance Tips to Maximize its Appeal Working Capital for Start-Ups – Why Is This So Important?
Many health and social care workers have a role in the provision of food in a safe manner and in the nutritional wellbeing of people they support, whether this is through the delivery of direct care, catering or domestic duties.  Ensuring the appropriate Food Safety training is provided helps employers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to comply with their requirements. These resources will assist the learner by guiding their learning and supporting them to gather the necessary evidence to attain this level 2 qualification. Attend regular sessions with their assessor, where information and guidance will be given, targets set and evaluated and assessment of evidence gathered by the learner will take place. Provide the assessor with opportunities to observe their working practices, to assess that they know how to put their knowledge into practice. We find this personalised regular contact ensures a good working relationship with between the learner and assessor and helps maintain our excellent attainment levels.
Consumers look for assurance that their food is derived from sustainable resources with limited impact on environment and local populations. Utilised by organisations throughout a wide range of industries, from security to manufacturing, the system is now patented in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA.

Looking back at her career transition from traditional physiotherapy to occupational health and safety, Jenny highlights how the change enabled her to become more proactive in her treatment of clients. Her role was to analyse the ergonomic qualities of courtrooms across South Australia and formulate a template for an alternative design.
Currently, the CCA have developed a fully operational prototype courtroom in the Adelaide Magistrate’s Court, with the intention to roll out the concept to other workstations. They can offer a set of powerful tools to make your organisation more innovative and productive. They help organisations to improve their performance, reduce their risk and help them be more sustainable.
Take a look at the options for the development of an industry standard backed by BSI’s consensus building process.
While the outbreak has put the food safety in a national spotlight, it should’ve always been a serious concern amongst restaurants everywhere.
These audits should happen at least once a month and include many different aspects to ensure food safety. When deciding where you get your ingredients, you should know where they’re coming from first. However, if they get sick or even worse, develop a disease that can be traced back to your restaurant, then your business is at risk. There are many different ways social media helps and IHOP has recently taken advantage of the medium.
That’s why a business plan is crucial when creating not only a restaurant but a successful one.
Pizza Hut is not alone in this movement, Chipotle is using only non-GMO ingredients, PepsiCo will be switching up their labeling and Kellogg and General Mills will also be removing antioxidants. It requires us to go out of the clinic and look at some really amazing places and work in some fantastic locations … but still use those core skills and knowledge that are central to our profession. The health and safety of your patrons should always come first and be of the highest priority. While cleaning should be done regularly, there are ways to manage this so you don’ need to clean everything, every day.
If at all possible, visit your supplier and see how they keep up with food safety regulations. LUCCA is a prime example of what happens when a restaurant brings trends and elements from a big city to a suburban area. Instead they ingrained 1 line closes in their brains such as, the best rate in the industry, wholesale rate, and the direct rate. It is the responsibility of every restaurant owner to ensure their food safety regulations are up to par with not only requirements but with their patrons. Keep records of each aspect of the audit to see what needs to be fixed and what is working well. When starting your business, plan everything out to keep food safety at a high priority and if you need assistance, contact us for a helping hand.
Providing delicious food and a great atmosphere counts for nothing if your food is causing illness amongst visitors. Other areas like walls, exteriors, doors etc may only need to be cleaned weekly or every other day. A merchant hears 9% holdback and might think that means 9% APR, but it’s on a deal with a 40% factor over 6 months. Then when a competitor offering a 18% factor over 6 months comes along with fixed payments, the merchant sees the rate as being double, even though the cost on the deal is less than half.

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