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Historically it takes a motivated individual to apply the science to explore any new problems or outbreaks. This is particularly interesting in light of the December 2012 shut-down of the MDP (Microbiological Data Program) lab system. The implication is that the new food safety laws will provide scientific prevention strategies for both domestic and imported foods, at the production and processing levels.
In January of 2013, the first specifics started to come out relating to the hazard analysis and risk-based preventative controls. A major issue of concern for people interested in food security and local production is the way regulations relate to scale.
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The aim of the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering qualification is to provide candidates with knowledge of the basic food safety practices that is essential in the catering industry. The achievement of the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering qualification will enable learners to identify how to make changes to catering practices in order to improve the safety of catering services. About PROSECPROSEC Consultancy Ltd management team comprises of Ex Military personnel who have developed their Security, Surveillance and Training knowledge through years of 'in the field' experience in specialised units, and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to ensure you are provided with the most up to date information, techniques, equipment and services in this diverse industry.

Like many other public health laws, food safety regulations are usually reactive, coming after an incident serious enough to elicit public outcry. Intentional adulteration is economically motivated and needs to always stay one step ahead of the science of deduction. This lab system, strangely part of the department of agriculture’s Marketing Service division, was the only place where food products were routinely screened for biological contamination.
I laud them for trying to move from reactive to preventative methods, which have worked well for many public health programs. It looks like the FDA is going to have to form strong partnerships with local and state public health services in order to have the man power to perform their inspections.
This includes the hazards and risks to food safety presented by food operations and personnel together with cost-effective, practical control measures.
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer to save your preferences, and in some cases allow this website to function correctly. One major scandal was the adulteration of milk used in Chinese baby formula with melamine in 2008. However, I must admit that I feel some trepidation about the ability of the FDA to implement this new plan in a timely fashion. Of course, with the budget issues still up in the air, it is difficult to tell how well the new food safety regulations can be enforced or if adequate training and manpower will be available.

Some producers are exempt from examination if their produce is typically cooked before being eaten, for example. In order to tell if milk is watered down, it is tested for nitrogen levels (protein is nitrogen rich). It will require establishing a whole suite of scientific detection and monitoring techniques, and then training the enforcement body in how to apply them.
Importers, for instance, will have to rely on third party inspectors to certify production and quality. My personal hope is that the FDA will show some flexibility and discretion in creating new precedents for enforcing regulations relating to small scale niche farmers. It is also interesting to note that in this whole huge document only a very few sections actually apply directly to science-based prevention methods in large scale food production.
It will be interesting to see what kind of action can be taken if there is a failure in a third party based international system. While no melamine-contaminated baby formula was found in the United States, it certainly increased awareness of the potential hazards faced by a food system where ingredients can come from all over the world—and well outside the realm of the FDA’s or USDA’s production inspectional jurisdiction.In 2011 the Obama administration passed a new food safety bill, the Food Safety Modernization Act.

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