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Perfect for following hygiene and safety regulations for food service, the Food Safety Day Labels offer a practical solution for food labelling. Sally Santacruz of the Australian Institute of Food Safety writes that many people consider it their right to take home any food leftover after a restaurant meal. Many Australian restaurants have begun to ban the popular custom of allowing diners to take home uneaten food – but this doesn’t necessarily mean the practice is illegal. According to each state’s food board, it’s actually up to the restaurant, but they do recommend erring on the side of caution. Although some restaurants may be reluctant to provide take-away boxes, consumers in Australia are legally permitted to doggy-bag their own meals if they’re willing to run the risk of food poisoning.
At the time our work was published, I said, “With leftovers, people need information the moment they pull that container or clamshell package from the fridge. We concluded that a safe food handling label for take-out food was a promising value-added investment for restaurant operators as long as the stickers were used consistently and employees supported the initiative. Also, always bring the clamshell to the table and let customers add their food, rather than taking the plate – and the customer’s germs – into the kitchen. Faced with the threat of food safety litigation in a highly competitive industry, foodservice establishments must take proactive steps to avoid foodborne illness.
Consumer demand for convenience food, coupled with evidence that consumers do not always engage in proper food-safety practices, means that take-out food from casual dining restaurant establishments can lead to food safety concerns. It was found that labeling is viewed as a beneficial marketing tool by which restaurants can be differentiated from their competitors based on their proactive food safety stance. A diner who asked for a ‘doggy bag’ to take home her half-finished meal was surprised to be asked to sign a legal waiver.
The complicated form is being issued to customers at a restaurant part-owned by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc before they can take any of their food away with them.
Brasserie Blanc in Oxford refused to allow the diner to take home her unfinished tarte flambee – a pizza-style dish – before she agreed to indemnify them ‘from and against all claims, losses, liabilities, damage, costs, charges, fines, penalties and expenses’ that could arise from her eating it at home. The restaurant said the document was designed to stop diners from suing it if they took the ?11.80 dish home, failed to store or refrigerate it properly and became ill. Firstly, they must ‘ensure that all applicable licensing laws are complied with’ and ‘ensure that no sales of liquor are made on the premises’. Brasserie Blanc said the form is a standard one provided by environmental health officers and used by many restaurants.
Restaurant critic Richard Harden, co-founder of Harden’s London Restaurants guides, said: ‘I would never ask for a doggy bag in the first place.
Assessing management perspectives of a safe food-handling label for casual dining take-out food ?01.oct.09? Maybe that’s an additional warning required for those Styrofoam containers or clamshells, popular for leftovers and take-away food. We developed safe handling labels for take-out food and showed those stickers can help restaurants and food providers distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. The doctors warn the plastic softens during the heating process, and could be sliced through during the act of cutting up a bite-sized portion of food. Supermarket Guru picked up on our food safety stickers for takeout food and suggested it was one way retailers could turn food safety into a competitive advantage, and wrest takeout business from nearby restaurants.

Which was exactly one of our thoughts when we began experimenting with food safety stickers about five years ago.
As take-out food continues to increase in popularity, new research from Kansas State University has found that safe handling labels can help restaurants and food providers distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace. The researchers concluded that such a safe food handling label for take-out food was a promising value-added investment for restaurant operators as long as the stickers were used consistently and employees supported the initiative. Nine children and three women from a village in the Galilee who attended a wedding celebration Sunday ended up Monday evening at the emergency room with diarrhea, fierce stomachache and vomiting. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that at a farm in Manteca, in San Joaquin County, workers smack labels onto watermelons freshly cut from the vine, each sticker bearing a unique string of letters and numbers that identifies where they were harvested. This new code, called the HarvestMark, is being developed by the Redwood City startup YottaMark Inc. In advance of any legal mandate, a few growers have started putting HarvestMark codes on products like plastic-packaged grapes and strawberries, as well as watermelons. Food such as takeout or takeaway, that is initially prepared in a restaurant but is consumed in an individual’s home, may be a venue to target with safe-food handling messages.
The research paper describing that work has been accepted by a peer-reviewed scientific journal and will be published in the near future. However, the public health types in Dubai discovered over the weekend the same thing we found: most consumers and restaurateurs like the idea. The Dubai Municipality is planning to encourage all restaurants in the emirate to issue advisories to consumers on safe handling of takeaway food. The decision follows a similar initiative by a popular south Indian restaurant group that attaches red stickers to its takeaway bags at its two outlets in Dubai. He said the modified versions of the advisories will include the temperature at which food items have to be stored and the duration within which they have to be consumed, depending on the types of ingredients. After the tragic death of Nathan, 5, and his sister, Chelsea, 7, in connection with home-delivered Chinese food in June, the importance of food safety should have come into sharp focus for restaurateurs in Dubai. The establishment’s haughty and self-serving culture is absolutely disgusting and leaves me with very little faith in the safety of its food.
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Research has found that Food Safety Labels on take-out containers can help restaurants stand out in the marketplace.
For additional sizes and shapes see our Round and Oval, Square and Rectangle, and Special Shape Roll Label pages.
With a self adhesive backing, these shelf life labels ensure your kitchen only serves food safe for consumption. There’s currently no law in Australia that would prevent restaurants from offering their customers take-away containers for leftover food.
These authorities suggest that the containers be dated and the customer is given instructions on how to safely store and reheat the food.
A purposive sample of 10 foodservice managers was then used to evaluate the use of the label on take-out products. In our opinion, supermarkets have failed so far to truly differentiate themselves in prepared foods and easy takeout.

Safe food-handling stickers could add professionalism to the displays and confidence in consumers, and make the prepared foods section a more frequent destination. Any new sticker would have a different phone number and website than those depicted (below) and would be based on research tailored to a specific operation. They then worked with 10 restaurants in Ontario to provide food safety stickers for take-out food and subsequently interviewed managers about the utility of the stickers. The Jerusalem Post reports that seven of the children and two of the women had to be hospitalized for observation. Amil Aga, epidemiological supervisor at the hospital, reached the conclusion that the leftovers had been left outside rather than in refrigeration for several hours until the extended family got home. Masad Barhoom warned people that during the hot summer months, store raw and prepared food under proper conditions to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Depending on the grower’s records and what the farm chooses to reveal, the system could detail the date and part of the field where the product originated.
Put a url on the sticker so concerned shoppers can check out a web site with video, not just about where a commodity was grown, but about food safety standards, and real-time test results for water quality and product sampling. Earlier this decade, both Chicago-based Francesca Restaurants and Boston-based Buca Di Beppo Restaurants reported anecdotal success placing food safety labels on containers of takeout food. A municipality official applauded the group’s move and said the civic body intended to support such initiatives by other restaurants as well. Ben Chapman is an associate professor and food safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University. Customers will appreciate this helpful information - and the chances of a customer consuming unsafe food are minimized. Some restaurants are taking this advice a step further and asking those who wish to take home leftovers to sign a legal waiver. Semi-structured in-depth interviews focused on the level of concern for food safety, the value of labelling take-out products, perceived effectiveness of the provided label, and barriers to implementing a label system. It lists the temperature at which the box should be stored, reheated, and guidance on when to discard. This is one value-added step that could help food stores retain the takeout volume that fell in their laps when the economy cratered, and people curbed their restaurant visits. PowellAbstractFaced with the threat of food safety litigation in a highly competitive industry, foodservice establishments must take proactive steps to avoid foodborne illness. The label we developed is right (above) and left (note, the phone line and web site don’t work anymore). Now it's easy to provide practical information, such as how long that box has been in the refrigerator and whether the food is still safe by placing these handy Food Safety Labels on all carry-out boxes. Interviews were audiotaped and transcribed, and the data was interpreted using content analysis to identify and develop overall themes and sub-themes related to the areas of inquiry.
They didn’t really earn the windfall, but they got it, and now they have to address consumer concerns about food safety in order to burnish their image as takeout sources.

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