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Safety CommitmentAt Arabian Food Supplies, ensuring food and workplace safety is the responsibility of every team member. We comply with food and workplace safety regulations that relate to the industries, geographies and venues where we operate.
We ensure that our purchasing through authorized suppliers, as well as our handling, cooking, service and storage practices, contribute to the safety of the food that we prepare and serve. We regularly train our people on their important responsibilities to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and service environment. We frequently review and enhance our food and workplace safety standards, practices and programs. We ensure active ownership from our people, and encourage participation from our clients, customers, partners and other stakeholders, to play a role in achieving our safety goals.
We foster a culture where all team members are well supported in their ability to reduce safety risks and prevent incidents, injuries and food borne illnesses. We ensure that everyone has the right and obligation to stop and question any job that causes concern about their personal safety, the safety of others, or the safety of our services. We have a wide selection of Health and Safety Signs in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues. We have a wide selection of First Aid Products in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues. We have a wide selection of Evacuation Equipment in stock, ensuring Full Compliance with the HSE and other Risk Assessment related safety issues. In House provides high quality support in health and safety and food hygiene, focusing on schools and catering (including restaurant groups and contract caterers). At In House we always look to provide clear, practical advice and we pride ourselves on our customer support which we like to think is second to none.

We work with our clients as part of a team to ensure that safety standards are set and met, and legislation is complied with.
In House has particular expertise in the education sector, catering industry, hotels, restaurants, healthcare and conference centres. Throughout your service period we’re always only a phone call, fax or email away, to deal with any question about safety or hygiene.
This food health and safety course accredited by City & Guilds is written specifically to cover those hazards associated with food production and food retail. Users of the Health and Safety for Food Workers course will be allowed to spend as much time as they require studying the course.
The UK and Middle Easta€™s leading supplier of compliance, work-based learning and apprenticeship training materials.
If you would like to speak directly with a Highfield representative please call 0845 2260350.
You must add a MINIMUM of 250 books to your basket in order to qualify for FREE custom covers. Ideal as an induction and awareness booklet on essential elements of health and safety for all food handlers. This addendum lists the changes that have been made to the latest version of The Essentials of Health and Safety in Food Premises booklet. Our business is extremely diverse as one of the top Racing & Hospitality venues in the UK. We empower and expect everyone at Arabian Food Supplies to take pride in their role of providing safe food delivery and safe service environments.
However, our activities are not limited to these sectors as we also work with a range of other industries such as hotels, universities, hospitals, leisure facilities and conferencing venues.

Organisations need to be sure that their hygiene and safety systems are adequate, and being followed by their staff at all times.
We’ll provide you with a friendly, efficient and effective service, saving you time and worry. Under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act employers have many responsibilities including training employees in the fundamentals of health and safety. It will help with due diligence should an accident occur, but it is important in your accident prevention planning. With clear and amusing illustrations throughout, the amount of text is minimized to make for a really user-friendly booklet. Includes a short test to demonstrate the book has been read and to use for training records. Through the shared commitment of our leadership, our teams, and the strength of our policies, standards and processes across Arabian Food Supplies, we live our safety promise every day to provide quality assurance to those we serve.  Safety, quality and excellence are core values that define Arabian Food Supplies and how we earn the trust, confidence and respect of our stakeholders and partners. In House are trusted, professional advisors in health and safety, food safety and hygiene.
It will help you meet the demands of audit and inspection and is written to National Occupational Standards. As an indicator only, if the user ran straight through the course without stopping or repeating pages, it would take about 2 a€“ 2 and a half hours. For our busier Events, Ben is always on hand to source excellent additional Managers to Support our operation.

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