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As an authority on the latest scientific research, regulatory data and market trends, Leatherhead Food Research is ideally placed to deliver training courses that provide the knowledge and skills that are essential to success.
Please note: The reviews of Leatherhead Food Researchoffered in Leatherhead are the personal views and opinions of learnpipe members and in no way, represent the views of Learnpipe Enterprises Ltd. Our Food Consumer Research and Expert Sensory Panels provide product feedback that is low cost, flexible and instant.

Panel sessions are conducted at our Dublin City Centre location, or remotely at suburban locations if required. A competitive pricing structure and unique web interface are important features of the service. Our mission is to generate and disseminate knowledge of the molecular properties and interactions of key food components within the food matrix during industrial processing and digestion of foods as well as developing biochemical tools in order to improve the quality and healthiness of foods and food.

Leatherhead provides a comprehensive programme of technical conferences and seminars that are firmly aligned to the issues of the day and the main training needs within food and drinks companies.

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