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Located on the third level of VivoCity and covering 27,000 sq feet, Food Republic offers customers glimpses of life during the 1900 to 1940s period when the climate in Asia was one of political uncertainty and the simplest things in life were greatly treasured. Every decorative detail of this latest 900-seater food atrium is aimed at recreating an atmosphere of nostalgia. Of the 27 stalls at Food Republic VivoCity, 3 are mini restaurants and 2 kiosks strategically situated within the atrium all designated areas where diners can enjoy their local favourites.
With a recipe passed down from her grandmother, Madam Ong Qiu Lian set up her first stall selling delightful homemade noodle soup in 1988. Specializing in fine Indian vegetarian cuisine, the stall sells quick North Indian lunches, and of special mention that are unique to its stall are – Paper Roast Dosa and Channa Bhatura. Located on the basement, Food Republic welcomes customers to its cavernous atrium spotting a theatrical atmosphere that exudes a surreal feel of being in the middle of a stage set-up.
With many different delicious Singapore-style hawker fare coupled with live entertainment and music performances, Food Republic at Westgate is all set to excite, entice and entertain locals, business professionals and families alike.
Made twice daily, Li Xin’s fishballs are made with yellowtail only and kept chilled in cold water but never frozen.
Sporting a new character, fusing fresh food and ingredients in its decor and theme to give a creative contemporary feel to the whole dining area, Food Republic at 112 Katong makes dining an inspiring experience where diners get to enjoy great tasting local delights while observing chefs churning out their creative food creations.
For diners who are passionate about eating, look forward to local veterans such as Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice, Thye Hong Fried Hokkien Mee, Fu Lin Tofu Yuen and Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles serving their sumptuous delights. If you’re craving for some authentic Japanese noodles, Menmaru is serving up delicious homemade Japanese Kake Udon and Ramen at Food Republic Shaw House. The revamped Food Republic which spans 23,000 sq feet and has about 800 seats, is now open to serve up favourite snacks and meals from 23 food stations, 3 mini restaurants and 1 kiosk for visitors. If you are a fan of Fried Prawn Noodles, Char Kway Teow and Fried Oyster Omelette, then this stall is touted to have the best.
Located at Basement Two at nex, this Food Republic has an enchanting and warm feel of a modern contemporary kitchen.
With a 20 year old secret recipe handed down from her parents, Mdm Ningsih has a humble ambition to localise Indonesian cuisine in Singapore and promote the true authentic taste of Indonesian cuisine to Singaporeans. With a total of 17 stalls and three mini-restaurants among its tenant mix, Food Republic at Causeway Point serves up endless options for foodies and sets up to 700 to cater to large hungry crowds. One of the key features within Food Republic at Causeway Point is Caffe Republic – a chic ‘60s style mod cafe showcasing popular Western coffees like cafe latte, cappuccino, espresso and long and short macchiatos.

Satisfy your cravings for traditional food as we serve up a slew of award-winning, decades-old local favourites like The Hong House Beef Noodle and Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle.
Everything at this stall is lovingly made from scratch – from the handmade yong tau foo to the excellent broth used to cook the yong tau foo. Food Republic is celebrating Singapore’s 51st birthday at our Capitol Piazza outlet with $5.10 treats for everyone!
From 19 July to 31 August 2016 (weekdays only), Washoku GOEN will be hosting its Ultimate Curry Time Trial Challenge (Available at Parkway Parade and City Square Mall atrium) and Ultimate Salad Time Trial Challenge (Available at Parkway Parade atrium only).
Recommended dishes include the Signature Big Prawn Noodle with Pigtail + Pork Rib, or Crayfish Hor Fun. A hit since stepping on the shores of Singapore, Pepper Lunch Express offers do-it-yourself fare with fresh ingredients served on a special electromagnetic iron plate. Foodies can now savour tantalising local delights and popular Asian favourites in a comfortable setting at this one-stop dining destination right in the heart of the city. Housed within the expansive 12,174-square foot atrium are 11 food and beverage vendors, of which nine are well-regarded food brands from around the region. If you’re craving for some authentic Hong Kong noodles, Hok Kee is serving up delicious famous noodles awarded as one of the ‘Ten Best Delicacies in Yuen Long’ since 2000.
For a decade, Thunder Tea Rice has been serving the Hakka Dish with a twist of local’s flavour here in Singapore. Diners eat in thoughtfully conceptualised surroundings that are built with aged wooden beams, floor tiles and roof shingles. With exciting performances in the pipe line, patrons can look forward to be entertained while they dine. In line with a professional kitchen outlook where kitchens are fitted with clear glass, this 400-seater food atrium that exudes an air of class and space is located at Level 4, occupied 16,000 square feet and housed14 stalls and 2 mini restaurants.
The restaurant stations and 60s-inspired kiosks curving around the perimeter of the space are accented with chengai wood individually sourced from Asia Pacific and mosaic tiles filled with Southeast Asian inspired motifs. It is welcoming with an array of memorabilia such as cookbooks, baking utensils and home-help magazines filling shelves located around the food atrium.
Possibly the first of its kind within a local food atrium, it also offers warm Belgium waffles with a choice of 18 tantalising gelato ice cream flavours.
Amidst other delectable food offerings, we have robust flavours from Padang Raya and Shami Banana Leaf Delights.

Taiwanese owner, Mr Henry Liu’s fried dumplings burst with generous amounts of meaty fillings that will leave your mouth watering for more. Come on down to indulge in a variety of selected Star Dishes of Asian delicacies at just $5.10 starting from 21 July till 31st August! Come on down to our atrium at Parkway Parade or City Square Mall to put your fastest eating skills to the test!
Designed with a modern palette of cool blue and muted wooden tones, the spacious dining enclave presents a relaxing ambience that will surely enhance any visitor’s dining experience.
Embark on a gastronomic journey through Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia with concepts such as Hok Kee Authentic Hong Kong Noodle & Congee, Ah Yat Kitchen, Delhi 6 Express and Bara Bara, alongside a gamut of perennial Singaporean hawker favourites dished up by Balestier Bak Kut Teh, Capitol Hokkien Mee, Capitol Bak Chor Mee, Little Nanyang and Huat Huat BBQ. Contained within the walls of 30,000 square feet of land space, is a seating capacity that holds 1,000 seats, 22 food stalls and 4 mini restaurants.
The high ceilings of Food Republic are illuminated with hanging light fixtures within old bird cages. The clever use of props such as lush stage curtain drapes, vintage play posters, and bright spot lights enhance the theme of a theatrical interior. Retro tables and chairs provide comfortable seating (spot the “cinema on wheels” too, used by traders in the past to hawk movie screenings).
Popular hawker stalls such as 3rd Generation Laksa & Prawn Noodles, Thye Hong Fried Noodles and Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles can be found here. The spacious food atrium with a breezy white garden concept features a light-coloured, airy and elegant design concept, giving diners a sense of serenity as they tuck into their meals. Along the lines of its modernistic theme, the flair for stylized space is designed to give the entire dining area an illusion of depth and spaciousness, boasting of a boldly elegant and futuristic dining ambience.
Furthermore, the staff are aptly dressed in uniforms adorned with suspenders and paperboy caps to match the theme. Customers will still find their much-loved traditional and authentic local cuisines served up by their favorite hawkers all housed under one roof.

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