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Food Addiction Treatment and EffectsThe most recommended treatment for food addiction is food abstinence or moderation. Food Addiction Medical RecognitionUntil now, food addiction is not included in DSM V and is not recognized as a diagnosis.
Consequences of ObesityObesity comes with many consequences including the increased risk of many physical and psychological problems. Obesity CausesThere are many factors responsible for obesity such as- Lack of physical activity and Unhealthy diet. ObesogensThe obesogens are chemicals found in food and environment that affect the normal functioning of the hormones and metabolism leading to obesity.
While at one end of the world we have a hunger crisis at the other end we have an obesity crisis. In 2012 scientists estimated that in 2030, 1 billion of the people of the world will be obese. Sometimes BMI is used to classify the weight of a person. The problem is that people who are very muscular have a high BMI and they don’t have an excessive amount of body fat. The waist circumference of 102 cm or higher in men and 88 cm or higher in women means obesity.
Simply put people get fat because they intake more calories than they burn via physical activity. Considering the fact that most of the day today activities are machine driven and the number of jobs that involve physical labour has dropped, it’s no wonder the physical activity has declined.
This type of lack of physical activity affects the burning of ingested calories which in turn gets stored in body in the form of fat. Thus in the interest of exhausting all the calories that are ingested it would be suggestible to avoid too much dependency on machines and devices and let the body take charge. In the past many nutritionists recommended people to replace the carbohydrates with proteins. The second type of consequences includes the economic impact of the growing rate of obesity.

When it comes to losing weight people tend to think about the weight loss as a process of achieving the “ideal” weight.
Obesity is related to many factors and most of them are related to the lifestyle of the people. In this paper, we compare PRI-CoLBPg with two baseline algorithms and some related methods proposed in [15]. In [15], some features for food recognition are described by exploiting the spatial relationship among different ingredients (such as meat and bread in a sandwich). The food items are represented by pairwise co-occurrence statistics between local features of the different ingredients of the food items.
Thanks Shuling Yang for providing some experimental details and some training configuration data. One of the effects of the food addiction is laziness which just like the high intake of food leads to obesity. And according to recent studies nowadays obesity has overtaken hunger in terms of how many people are affected by this health problem. Unfortunately in the same 2012 year FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) reported that the number of the obese or overweight people exceeded 1 billion count. Most of the times that’s because some sources refer to obesity while other sources refer to overweight and these two terms are different but people tend to use them interchangeably and then confusion arises. This status is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and is becoming a serious cause of concern.
And this situation includes the situation where a person gained weight by accumulating muscular mass. Eating too much junk food and having too many carbonated beverages lead to a diet high in fats, carbohydrates and sugar. It means people should replace white bread with full grains bread and white rice with brown rice . Their only aim is to share their opinion on the concerned topic, and help the reader understand it better.

In [15], they use Semantic Texton Forests(STF) [48] to create pixel-wise soft labels for the images, and then the created pixel-wise labels are used to make pairwise statistics between different ingredients of the food items. First, many foods with similar appearances and similar ingredients are assigned to different categories in the PFID dataset. In the estimation for 2030 the number referred strictly to obese people while FAO report included both obese and overweight people. This clearly indicates that when it comes to weight management its not about reducing the caloric intake but its more about burning calories. It is even worse because a low carbs diet makes people weak and makes them lose muscle size. Then obesity affects productivity of the obese people and increases the costs of transportation.
Studies have proved that weight loss between 5% and 10% also can improve the health of the person a lot.
Good or bad, Right or wrong is solely readers decision and should be taken under the guidance of a medical expert. Second, the training and testing data are acquired in different days and the training data has strong viewpoint change.
With same kernel SVM method, PRI-CoLBPg obtains 87.3%, which outperforms traditional bag-of-SIFT feature for about 32%. And once this process begins then this is a progressive cycle of good health and losing weight. The GIR global ingredient histogram method achieves 19%, and the performances of local pairwise features range from 19% to 28%. The best performance achieved by [15] is 28.2% by using orientation and midpoint category joint pairwise features.

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