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I would venture to say that most people KNOW that processed food is bad for them and that if it carries a label it should probably stay on the shelf.  But what about the whole foods we consume?  The produce and meat? The USDA ‘s National Organic Program (NOP) regulates the standards for any farm and it has to be certified by an accredited certifying agency in order to carry the seal.  Organic produce does not have to carry the seal although you may see it on there sometimes.
Organic farmers also have to have a system in place that wards off the “accidental” contamination of their crops by outside sources.  A certified organic farm is not allowed to be within so many miles from a conventional farm. Unlike organics, there is no certifying agency to define who can use the definition or description of local.  Generally speaking, local food means food that was grown close to home. The Food Technology, Safety and Quality Diploma Program is designed to help students develop a hands-on approach to food safety and quality, while allowing them the opportunity to earn food safety certification. This program is equally beneficial to those who want to complement their pre-existing skills and knowledge by upgrading.
Food safety certifications are necessary to work in many food and beverage related environments, including for food and beverage servers, people who work in food preparation and people who work in an institutional setting, as well as large scale food manufacturing. At Elyianda, we understand that the overall responsibility for food quality and food safety is shared by all segments of the food system, including the various food industry sectors, government regulatory agencies, and consumers in general.
And because we give first priority to the need for high quality and safe foods, we monitor and supervise health, hygiene, and technological criteria at the stages related to Elyianda's role in food transport, commercialization and utilization stages, as much as we can, keeping in mind the ongoing development of food processing methods, modernization of the equipment and diversification of the food range.
Our quality control activities consist of inspecting, testing, and monitoring associated with raw materials control, process control, and finished products control to determine whether the quality and safety requirements are fulfilled. Hello and happy Tuesday to you all, Once again the fitness world is divided into two bitterly opposed camps. 80% of your caloric intake should come from whole foods prepared by you or someone you trust. 10% can be processed awesomeness such as Gummi Bears or licorice, especially after a demanding leg workout.
Food quality is another concept of crucial importance in understanding consumer attitudes to organic food. It is evident that expectations of product quality are as high for organic foods as they are for conventional foods. While you know to reach for a grape instead of grape drink, do you know which grapes are of higher quality than others? Studies show that organic foods have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally grown counterparts. Organic farming practices reduce pollution (air, water, soil), conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Look for the sticker label on the produce.  The label contains a series of numbers, which tells us about the food. If a farm wants to go from conventional (using chemicals, pesticides and GMO foods) to organic, it typically takes 7 years for this to happen. Genetically modified food, also known as genetically modified organism (GMO), is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.  Basically man gets in the way of nature.

This could be in your own garden, your local community, your state, your region or your country. More money goes directly to the farmer, instead of to things like marketing and distribution. Fruits and vegetables are harvested when they are ripe and thus full of flavor and higher nutritional density. The program incorporates the specialized knowledge and skills required to implement the fundamental principles of quality assurance.
The AAPS’s integrated approach affords students with the foundation and knowledge to develop, implement, and maintain the food safety program using tools such as GMPs and HACCP to ensure that products comply with national and international safety and quality standards. Many employers also have a preference for candidates who can meet a high caliber of skills and standards for food safety and quality.
Recent trends in global food production, distribution and preparation call for increased emphasis on hygienic practices at all levels and for increased research in food quality in order to ensure safer global food supply. The food industry has both the legal and moral responsibility for providing customers and consumers with foods that meet all established quality and safety requirements. At Elyianda, we ensure that our products are in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture.
This concept also needs to be opened up, and its specific contents must be investigated thoroughly in any given context. Indeed in some cases the expectations are higher for organic foods, and there may be additional quality features where organic food is concerned. The perceived better taste of organic food is raised in several studies, both in Italy, Denmark and the UK (and in studies from other countries). In addition, people with allergies to foods, chemicals or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods. These chemicals are widely used in conventional agriculture and residues remain on (and in) the food we eat. In addition, organic farming is better for birds and small animals, since chemical pesticides can make it hard for birds and small animals to reproduce and can even kill them. During this time, the soil has to rest and nothing can be grown on the land so that all of the chemicals are gone and the soil is given time to heal, reabsorbing nutrients and minerals from the environment that it has been stripped of. Depending on where you live, during large portions of the year, it may difficult to find food grown very close to home at places such as a farmer’s market. Additionally, possession of the right qualifications can also help a person with industry experience advance their career, including training others.
As we have learned from the Snickers diet, where subjects ate nothing but 3 Snickers bars a day and lost weight whilst bettering their cholesterol, you must consume fewer calories than you use up.
A number of definitions have been suggested and applied, some of them technical, others less so. Thus several concepts referring to “inner” food qualities that are assumed to have importance for human health are used in connection with organic food (see, for example, Jensen et al.

Both Italian and British studies indicate that quality aspects relating to appearance (size, uniformity etc.) are not considered very important by consumers buying organic food. The soil must be contaminate free as well as the water supply, trucks, equipment and everything else that touches this food.  These products cannot be genetically modified either. Studies have indicated that children who consume primarily conventional foods contain much higher amounts of these chemicals in their systems than children who primarily eat organic foods.  The full potential of damage these fertilizers, pesticides and such are doing to us is just beginning to surface.
Many of these items, especially fruit are then transported to a warehouse and gassed in a large chamber in order to ripen before they head off to the grocery store. Also, the crops have to be rotated regularly to give the soil time to rest and insure it is not depleted of nutrients. A 5-digit number that begins with an 8 is genetically modified.  Only 4 digits on the sticker, tells us it is conventional produce (not organic).
The soil is then tested, and if all of the tests are satisfactory, the farmer then can begin growing their organic crops. Unfortunately, some of the side effects include decreased flavor and juiciness, lower nutrient levels and various other changes. Or the food is highly processed in factories using preservatives, irradiation, and other means to keep it stable for transport and sale. Unfortunately, not only do they contain the gas that us used, they also aren’t allowed to reach their full nutrient potential because they are ripened off the vine. Detailed records must be maintained on file so that all elements of the crop can be traced and verified.  As consumers, all we have to look for is the organic seal of approval. GMO products have undergone only short-term testing to determine their effects on humans and the environment and should be held suspect. So why bother with organic eggs and milk or hour long cooking sessions; just give me three shakes a day and I am good to go? The truth is that you would lose weight but you would be miserable due to hunger pangs and cravings. Some quality definitions treat the quality of a food product as equal to the sum quality of its parts, while others reject such an equivalence (see, for example, Klett 1986), claiming that the emergent properties of the whole go beyond the sum of the parts.
Methods of measuring the vitality of the food (picture-developing methods) (Schwenk 1991, Balzer-Graf and Balzer 1991) and its structural energy (Popp 1991) have been developed and used in research on organic food quality. A holistic approach to the measurement of food quality, suggested by Meier-Ploeger and Vogtmann (1991), includes social, psychological, environmental and political dimensions.
In keeping with this, the review indicates that consumer attitudes to the quality of organic food vary between countries and in different contexts.

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