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The Food Quality Management Master of Science study programme offers an integrated approach to the study and assessment of quality processes in the agrifood chain through an exclusively developed techno-managerial approach.
Here you can find the general programme outline for master Food Quality Management and more detailed information about courses, theses and internships. Read more about how the Master Food Quality Management is related to other programmes and what makes the Master Food Quality Management at Wageningen University unique. Interested in the programme Food Quality Management?Find out more about the specific admission requirements and application procedures. Read more about your career perspective and opportunities after finishing the programme Food Quality Management. Friends recommended Wageningen as one of the best universities in the world in terms of agri-business research. Visiting Wageningen University is the best way to meet students and experience student life. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
From its modest beginning in 1921 until today, Utz production has grown to millions of pounds of snacks each week in their four Hanover, PA manufacturing facilities. As the volume of products shipped increased, so did Utz’s concern about ensuring the integrity of every bag of snacks. The INNOVATIONS and BENEFITS: WEPCO is known for its innovative way of solving material handling challenges. WEPCO’s innovative thinking also significantly improved productivity in the Utz facility. The DETAILS: Each carton packed in production receives a bar code label containing product, customer and shipping data.
Cartons that pass correctly through the X-ray system descend on a spiral conveyor through a bar code reader, then onto a Hytrol two-sided narrow belt sorter which diverts cartons onto one of 14 gravity-sort lanes, as determined by bar code. Our Quality Control teams uses state of the art equipment and technology to validate the integrity and purity of all incoming raw materials as well as finished products at our facility.

Students share their experiences with you about the master Food Quality Management and student life in Wageningen.
There are several activities your can attend: you can visit an open day or be a student for a day.
Food safety became an issue for us,” says Jeff Fuhrman, vice president of engineering. The system, installed summer 2010, conveys finished cartons through an X-ray system which detects the proper product weight and quantity of each SKU. In addition to straightforward cases of bagged product, various sizes of plastic jugs containing cheese balls and snack mix had to be conveyed to the X-ray system via Hytrol roller conveyor.
Working with Hytrol, they devised a way to not only solve Utz’s food safety problem and improve product quality, but also streamline operations, free up DC floor space, and improve productivity. Previously, product was cased and palletized at the end of each packaging line, then transported out to the warehouse. The cartons accumulate onto one of eight Hytrol EZ-24 conveyor lines and are elevated 17 feet by eight impressive United Sortation System hi-speed vertical reciprocating lifts. The company intends to add automated case packing and palletizing and six additional vertical lifts in the near future.
All equipment and filling areas are sanitized daily as well as germ tested before each run.
For Utz Quality Foods, food safety means nothing but product in every bag of potato chips, pretzels, cheese curls, tortilla chips, popcorn, and party mix.
Now, cases (or individual jugs) are transported by conveyor to a central palletizing operation located just after the X-ray machines in the warehouse. They are then merged onto a main conveyor line, conveyed around a 90-degree curve onto a mezzanine, and delivered to the X-ray detector.
We check everything from the label being straight to the final product active ingredient levels. This two-year MSc gives you the chance to analyse problems using both the social and life sciences.

Fuhrman explains, “We are looking for foreign objects, missing product, seasoning conglomerates, and incorrect weights. WEPCO chose to use NEDCO table-top conveyors similar to those used in bottling operations to transport the jugs securely through the X-ray machine to the palletizing operation. It was this kind of inventive thinking that originally convinced Utz to award the contract to WEPCO. The bar codes of the cartons have already been scanned and product SKU information sent to the X-ray, which detects proper product weight and quantity for each SKU. And the Utz company intends to install systems similar to this in its other manufacturing plants. This is complimented by our extensive Standard Operating Procedures and QC regulations which include but are not limited to the list below. This allows you a higher level of approach on the topics of food quality, quality management, quality design, quality control, quality improvement, quality assurance, quality policy and business strategy.
We even located the X-ray equipment on a structural mezzanine leaving the floor below for the palletizing operation. Paulsen asserts, “We competed for this project against several very capable system integrators. And for clean, quiet operation above the packaging floor, they utilized Hytrol Conveyors new EZ-24 low voltage powered roller technology. The system captures an image of each carton, making it easy for employees to identify which package in the carton has a problem,” Fuhrman explains.

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